Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm A Dance, Dance, Dance Machine

Good Charlotte is in Europe on tour but Joel Madden has taken time out of his busy schedule to send me a few exclusive pictures from his Sidekick to share with Pink is the new Blog readers:

Here we have pictures of Joel and beautiful Switzerland. The the third picture is the venue (ruins converted into a concert venue) where Good Charlotte played with The Cure. The fourth picture is a tube of strange-looking Switzerlandish ketchup:

Joel is so awesome to share these pictures with us. He can send me anything, anytime and I'll make sure to bring it to you.

Joel's #1 lady, Hilary Duff, hosted TRL yesterday ... here are pictures of Hil. D leaving MTV studios afterwards:

I love the wig look. It's cute. I wonder if she wears the wig when she performs in concert? You know, Hilary is coming to Detroit this weekend ... I may have to find out for myself.

ALERT! ALERT! WARNING! WARNING! YOU MAY WANT TO AVERT YOUR EYES ... try and keep your lunch down, it's Kim Stewart, y'all:

I don't even know what to say ... but what the fuck comes to mind. She looks like the illegitimate love child of a Conehead and figure skater Tonya Harding:

She is an utter mess! BOOOO!! [thanks Jennifer]

The real beautiful people were at the opening of a new club called LAX earlier this week. Oh look! The SkeletwinsTM were there ... as were the usual suspects:

Strangely enough, Paris Hilton was nowhere to be seen ... Hmmm ... but that's okay ... on another note, it is always good to see Jared Leto out and about.

It is so good to see The SkeletwinsTM, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, together again:

Yeah ... they need to call me so that the 3 of us can pick on Kim Stewart all night long.

Yeah, Lindsay is so busy hanging out with everyone else, I doubt I'll get that call from her. Here she is hanging out with Rumer Willis:

What's up with the pizza? OOH, it must be for Rumer.

Did you know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went to church? Neither did I ... but here's a picture of the newlyweds at the Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA from this past Sunday:

Praise the lord! [thanks Katie]

Tara Reid has a church of her own ... it's called the bar:

Her devoutness is amazing.

Whatthe ... what exactly is going on here?

See, I told you it was so good seeing Jared Leto out and about. Woot!

I don't know about you but a diet of cigarettes and nothing else doesn't seem very healthy ... Oh Mary Kate ...

I gotta give her props for her boots (tho, not with that dress). Frye boots are gonna be the thing this season.

Check out these hot screencaps from the Entertainment Tonight preview of Brokeback Mountain:

I hadn't realized how hot gay cowboys could be ... I need to get me a cowboy hat and some spurs!

Joss Stone is the latest spokesmodel for the Got Milk? campaign:

Hmm, wouldn't it be cool if they did an ad with bloggers wearing the milk mustache? I think it would!

WTF is this?!?

I beg to differ! Thanks to Alexandra for sending this picture all the way from England. It's cute.

Here is the latest Pink fan with their sticker:

While this will be the last week that I will be posting Photoshopped pictures I will continue to post pictures of people with their stickers ... here are today's Pink fan submissions:

Great batch, thank you all!

Les news:
OOOH the debauchery ... Erik's birthday danceparty was awesome! The music was great, the drinks were strong and we even had surprise guests!! Jake was able to swing by the party while driving home from North Carolina! Check it:

Oh wait, there's more:

Man ... it was so fun! We R DJ & The Tranzistor Sisters put on a great party -- it was hot, y'all!

Tonight Kirsten, VLB, Sarah and I are hanging out all night long -- we're doing a movie and Golden Girls marathon sleepover. Erik is leaving for a weekend in Nashville. It's gonna be sooo fun!