Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hil's Live, With The Sound Of Music

Here are the scans from People magazine that have the story and pictures from Britney Spears' baby shower:

It looks like a fun, if somewhat gaudy, affair. I like the tarot cards ... not so much the Arabian Nights curtains. [via]

You know, it's been extremely baffling trying to figure out why Britney fell so in love with Kevin Federline. But, I came across this animated .gif and it all makes sense now ... Click HERE and wait for the image to load completely and then check out Kevin's crotch area. I think we all get it now ... that boy is swaaaangin' like a monster! Wow! I don't know if this new knowledge of his assets could make me forget his love of socks and sandals ... but I can understand how someone else might not have a problem with it. Wow! [via Famous Males Forum]

Okay, we all know that Good Charlotte played a show in Switzerland the other night (with The Cure) and here are a few pictures from that show:

It looks like a great venue, I'm sure it was a great show!

Hilary Duff is on the cover of the new issue of Jane magazine:

She looks amazing! Hil. D plays a Detroit show tonight ... I may have very good news to share with y'all tomorrow :) [thanks Sarah]

So are Jude Law and Sienna Miller really dunzo or what? She looks pretty upset in this picture:

The report is that they are back together ... but I dunno ... this story is still developing.

Tommy Lee would do anything for Pamela Anderson ... I'm sure his new ad for PETA was done at her urging:

His new reality show debuted on VH1 last night ... did anyone watch it?

Check out this cute picture of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston from the new issue of Vibe Magazine:

It's love, y'all. It has to be.

Here is today's batch of Pink fan submissions:

The last batch will come tomorrow. Thank you all for your submissions ... I may not be able to post them all but I truly <3 them all!

Les news:
The Golden Girls marathon was so fun ... Sarah showed up with cheesecake and everything! We opted out of the movie and watched a few episodes of Sex and the City and then got into our GG marathon. Kirsten was the first to fall asleep ... then VLB ... but it was so fun. We ate lots of junk and laughed our asses off.

Sarah and I got plans for tonight ... hopefully I'll have a full report tomorrow!