Monday, August 22, 2005

Where In The World Is Nicole Richie?

Yay! I got my tiny article for EGO Detroit magazine done (with a few edits this morning -- which is why the blog delay) and now I can breathe again ... well, at least until next month. Let's get to the goss ...

Who knew that Ryan Cabrera was such a huge Britney Spears fan?

I mean, I'm not surprised ... everyone should be a Britney Spears fan! [via]

I do have to admit that I am very annoyed that they are recycling old Britney pictures for her 2006 calendar:

If the cover is any indication, there won't be any new images in the new calendar. The cover picture is from 3 albums ago! Lame.

Aww look, Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas took a few minutes while shooting their new movie to catch up with one another:

Aww ... they're so sweet.

Jessica Simpson took her dad out for lunch:

And while this isn't exciting news in and of itself, I have to point out that Jess looks great! She doesn't need to go flashy to look great ... I like the shoes. She needs to give Ashlee some shopping tips.

Xtina Aguilera spent some time in the park with her fiancee, her little brother and a lot of dogs. It looks like she was in a randy mood:

That girl just can't get enough, can she?

Aww, here is the first picture of Madonna since the accident she suffered on her birthday:

She looks to be in fine spirits. Here's hoping you get well soon, Maddy!

What's this?! Mary Kate Olsen ... actually shopping for food???

Okay, honey can't really be considered food but I commend her for her efforts.

I was able to get my very own Sidekick this weekend so I can be just like Paris Hilton ... and then the biatch goes out and buys a $90,000 $390,000 Rolls Royce!

Boo! I hate playing catch-up with her!

Oh look, not only did Paris get a new toy to play with but she also got a new B.F.F. to play with too, child actress Hayden Panettiere:

She is much prettier than Kim Stewart ... I hope she keeps this sidekick and gets rid of Kim altogether:

Yeah, Kim ... MOVE!

Nicole Richie continues her reign as the skinniest person alive:

Those legs ... wow. The dress looks like it's draped on a wire hanger ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar looked great at a recent BCBG back to school event:

To me, SMG can do no wrong ... but her shoes do get lost in the carpet. Incidentally, do kids actually wear BCBG clothes when they go back to school? Anyways, here are some of the other celebs who attended the BCBG event:

Michelle Trachtenberg wasn't lookin' too hot ... but Paula Abdul looks great! Oh look ... Nicole was there too.

Here is another batch of celebs who attended the opening of the new club, LAX, last week:

Kelly O looks great ... and Nicole was there again ... damn, that girl gets around.

Check it -- Tara Reid attempts classy ..

... and always ends up trashy. But ya gotta love her ... she's fun to watch.

Because so many of you loved the pictures of Carrot Top last week, here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment:

And you say I don't love you guys :)

Check out this promo picture of Jake Gyllenhaal and Gwyneth Paltrow from the movie Proof, which opens next month:

Lucky Lucky Gwyneth! Click HERE to see the trailer for this movie.

Check out these high school pictures of Nicole Evangeline Lilly:

She still looks the same ... even if her name has changed. [thanks JD]

I have to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TORI AMOS:

Today she turns a beautiful ... one year older! Happy Birthday, Tori!

And finally, have you heard of the movie Hellbent? It promises to be the first gay horror/slasher movie. I caught the trailer in front of a movie I saw and it looks sooo fun:

Click HERE to check out the trailer for yourself. The killer in the movie looks a lot like my friend Piers ... which is incredibly creepy. I can't wait for this movie to come out. It will play in Detroit for one week only at the Main Art Theater. Don't miss it!!!

Let's do the news:
Whew! What a weekend it's been ... the Hilary concert was so fun ... but stressing over my article all day yesterday was not. I'm looking forward to doing nothing for a few days ... we'll see if that actually happens.

I'm out.