Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Low Down, Down Low

BritneyWatch Summer '05 continues ... in today's report ... Miss Spears (elder) spends a lovely day out with Miss Spears (younger) in and around the Los Angeles area:

I love that Britney and Jamie Lynn can get waxed together ... and then go out for fried chicken. It's like, you just don't run into celebs that are so down to Earth, ya know? Thanks for keepin' it real, Brit Brit!

Ashlee Simpson and her new beau made an appearance at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Undiscovered:

It is a little creepy that she's always out with Papa Joe ... in that weird way. Geeze, it would have been cute if Nick Lachey had accompanied her ... but Papa Joe makes it feel ... dirty. IN ANY REGARD, Ashlee's new movie opens this Friday and here are a few preview screencaps (courtesy of Hollywood Simpson):

I don't think it'll be any Crossroads but you betcha I'm gonna go see it!

Contrary to recent tabloid reports, it seems that Paris2 are still very much together:

The seemingly happy couple had a nice dinner together at Koi in LA. They need to get married already ... before they really do change their minds. [via Splash News]

Here are the first pictures of Michelle Branch and her new baby:

They all look so happy! The dude looks a bit old for her but whatevs, love knows no boundaries! Congratulations, Michelle! [via Hollywood Couples]

Whoa ... what was Lindsay Lohan thinking with this outfit that looks very smart, very business casual?

It looks like she borrowed it from her mother.

Claire Danes is such a normal chick:

She's hardly every flashy or showy ... just a girl ... with millions. Must be nice.

Who is this woman? I was unaware that Jesse Metcalfe was courting a new lady:

I hope he kept the receipt. I'd get my money back. [via Splash News]

Yay! I'm so glad that Mary Kate Olsen was finally allowed to shop for sustenance:

And it is so nice of the state of California to allow a 19-year old girl to purchase massive amounts of alcoholic beverages. [via Splash News]

Brittany Murphy is lookin' tres chic in this cute beret:

The eye make-up is just a schmidge much but over all I think she makes it work. I love Brittany lately ... she used to be very Tara Reid-ish and she's really taken a turn for the Rachel McAdams-ish. Yay!

The Laguna Beach kiddies are making appearances ... at events ... and stuff:

Casey is rockin' the fake hair, Alex H. is rockin' the bleached out freckles ... and Stephen and Dieter are just happy that the phone is still ringing.

Sarah Jessica Parker is still a style maven:

Even if she looks grouchy sometimes. Shoot, I'm grouchy lots ... it's all good.

Dolce & Gabbana are facing some criticism for their latest jeans ad that shows a tuft of dude pubes. Personally, I've seen ads in Cosmo and other women's magazines that show a lot more skin without complaints:

Yeah, I'm tellin' ya now ... I'm not complainin' at all. Low-rise jeans are hot!

Kirsten Dunst is on the cover of the new issue of W magazine:

It was nice of her to pay homage to the other Hollywood "It" girls in her photospread.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. is on the cover of Emmy magazine:

I've never heard of Emmy magazine ... or Freddie Prinze, Jr. But, if you're interested, you can check out scans of the article HERE. [via]

Now Alyson Hannigan, I know ... here are some promo pix of her new TV show, How I Met Your Mother:

I am really rooting for her to have a hit TV show. Besides, you've gotta love a show that takes another chance on Neil Patrick Doogie Howser-Harris, M.D.

Charisma Carpenter is joining the cast of Veronica Mars (also known as, Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Next Generation) ... here is a cool promo picture:

She looks hot ... but I really hope she's not playing someone's mother. [via Kristen Bell Online]

Chris Beckman from The Real World: Chicago has found new life as a Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans model:

Chris is a part of the G.I.V.E. campaign. Hmm, no wonder he's not a part of Kill Reality.

And finally, guess who's got the #1 album in the country this week:

Rock on! This album is great ... I'm so glad it's #1!!

The news:
I had such a great time hanging out with Tracey and Zakiya yesterday. I <3 them both so much. My plans with Karen had to be postponed but we're hanging out all day long today.

I've got to jet ... Lates!