Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yeah, while Kevin Federline is running around LA looking for his next pack of cigarettes ...

... Miami is being overtaken by MTV for the 2005 Video Music Awards, which happen live tonight:

Hopefully the effects of Hurricane Katrina will not ruin the whole show:

I wish I could watch the VMAs live but I will be at the Detroit Tori Amos concert tonight. Actually, I was so disappointed with the crappy VMAs from last year that I'm not too broken up about not watching the show live. I'm definitely DVRing the whole show (including the preshow) so I'll get to watch it as soon as I get home. [thanks Susan]

Paris Hilton is never one to miss a huge party ... Miss Thang is already in Miami ready to partake of the MTV festivities:

I can't believe she's wearing that dress again ... but it does give us something to play with.

Aww, look at Jakey Gyllenhaal gettin' all shy:

Ain't that cute. It looks a little warm to be wearing a leather jacket ... but his shoes are pretty pimp.

Jesse Metcalfe was spotted with another date recently:

I wonder how much this one cost.

I think this is a great look for Tara Reid:

Since she's always steppin' in it she really should dress the part. Incidentally, I finally caught an episode of Taradise on E! ... yeah ... I really wish I hadn't. [via I Don't Like You In That Way]

Michelle Trachtenberg and her sister had a nice lunch at The Ivy this week:

Do you think they were talking smack about Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Um, what exactly is going on underneath Jessica Simpson's skirt?

I'm not gonna make the "penis allusion" but there definitely is some sort of implement trying to protrude from within her skirt. [thanks Carmen]

I also finally managed to catch the premiere episode of Tommy Lee Goes to College:

Gawd am I a sucker for bad TV ... I loved it! You gotta admit ... Tommy Lee is lookin' old these days but I do admire that he's throwing himself into the "whole college experience". I'm sure it'll make for great TV ... or at least great TV to watch when nothing else is on. Did you know that Steve Perry (former lead singer for Journey) was supposed to be the one starring in this show? He opted out and then they asked Tommy. Interesting ...

The news:
We had a great time at Andy's birthday/bbq yesterday. His mom had the piñata all set up for us ... I'm telling you ... you haven't had fun with a piñata until you've had jello shots come out of that bad boy ... so fun!

Today Sarah and I are off to see Tori Amos ... she plays the Meadowbrook Theater tonight but we are going to attend the meet & greet this afternoon ... hopefully we'll get close enough to get a picture with the Goddess but we'll be happy with autographs:

Wee! Tori Amos shows are THE BEST! I can't wait. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share.