Monday, August 29, 2005

You Don't Know The Power That You Have

So ... yeah ... the big news from yesterday, obvs, was the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. Unfortunately for the VMAs I had a date with Tori Amos so I was unable to watch the show live. But I did manage to come across a whole slew of pictures from the VMA red carpet:

I did watch most of the VMAs after I got home from the concert ... I can say that it looked a lot better than the VMAs from last year. I loved Mariah Carey's performance ... The Killers were awesome too! I'll have to watch them again all the way thru but it looked pretty good. [via JJB]

Check out these pictures of Hilary Duff, Joel and Benji Madden walking the streets of Miami:

They look great! I bet hanging out in Miami was insane this weekend ... all those musicians and celebs walking around ... how fun! Arjan Timmermans, from the music blog,was able to attend the VMAs. I sent him some stickers and look who wanted to pose with them:

Rock on! I want to thank him from the bottom of my <3 for taking my stickers to the red carpet. Make sure you check out Arjan's site for his exclusive report from the 2005 MTV VMAs. And if that's not enough for you, check out Egotastic's massive VMA picture post HERE or The Prettiest Pony's blog entry entitled Minutes: The 2005 VMAs HERE.

Jessica Simpson attended a pre-VMA party thrown by OK! magazine ... I wonder where Nick Lachey was?

I don't really like the look ... her hair looks wet and her dress looks like a towel-wrap. She looks like she just climbed out of the pool. Jess did hook up with her hubby for the Ocean Drive magazine party:

And she looked much better. But did you see her at the actual awards? She looked like a deranged serial killer. She looked a mess better than lil' sister Ashlee Simpson tho. I don't know why Ash is going for that June Carter-look with that hair ... but she needs to reaaaaally not do that ever again.

In other parts of the world ... things were happening that had nothing to do with MTV. Angelina Jolie attended a benefit for Haitian refugees:

It was so nice to see Meryl Streep and Wyclef show their support ... but what was Lindsay Lohan doing there? Can she even properly pronounce the word Haitian? Whatevs, good for her for offering her support for such an important cause.

So, Courtney Love was found to be in violation of her probation and she was ordered back to rehab as punishment:

Yeah ... can I get busted for a probation violation and get sent to this place? In any regard, I really believe that Courtney is going to learn her lesson this time.

On the other side of the pond, musicians convened for the Kerrang! music awards. Check out these new pictures of Marilyn Manson and his beautiful fiance Dita Von Tesse:

They are such an odd but happy-looking couple.

Jesse Metcalfe has range, y'all:

Who in Hollywood wouldn't want to hire him?!

Aaron Carter ... man on man ...

I've got 2 words for you: Pro Activ.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are back to looking identical again:


What is this ... check out these pictures of Lindsay Lohan from a shopping trip last week ... does it look like she's gaining back some of her healthy weight?

She looks fuller again! This is great news. I hope she stays curvy and healthy ... and I hope she dyes her hair back to red, too.

Kim Stewart is trying to rock the white sunglasses look:

Girl, please. Paris Hilton and I already did that look. It's over. But you keep on tryin'!

Wes Culwell (from Boy Meets Boy) took some pictures and wrote an article for Instinct magazine:

It's a pretty interesting article. I can't wait until a magazine sends me on a sweet-ass vacation in order to write an article for them. Instinct -- call me!

Oh My Grossness ... someone needs to seriously help Ciara ... wait, scratch that ... someone needs to seriously help us instead!

I think I'm seriously blinded. [via I Don't Like You In That Way]

Let's move on to prettier subjects ... like the 2006 Mr. Gay Competition:

The US needs a representative for the 2006 Mr. Gay Competition ... if you think you've got the goods to represent the U.S. of A. then click HERE and learn how you can apply.

WTF?! I would enter but they aren't looking for Detroit candidates ... but they are looking for Oklahoma City candidates! Boo!

Check this out, Motorola has released an extremely limited edition PINK RAZR cellphone and they are giving it away to the hottest Hollywood "It" Girls ... here is a collage of the lucky folks who have been chosen to receive their own pink RAZR cellphone:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Naomi Campbell and Mandy Moore have just been added to the list as well.

Oh yeah, and Motorola sent me my own pink RAZR too:

I am honored beyond words. I have to admit, this pink RAZR is seriously the coolest phone ever! If you think the RAZR is hot is silver or black ... you obviously haven't seen the pink RAZR in person. Woot!

Pink is the new RAZR!

The news:
OMG OMG OMG! What can I say about yesterday ... it was truly one of the funnest and best days that Sarah and I ever spent together. We decided to try and make the Meet & Greet with Tori Amos before her Detroit show ... we used to do Meet & Greets all the time but we know they can be stressful and difficult and we aren't always very successful getting to actually talk to Tori. But we decided to give it a shot for old time's sake. Man, am I glad we did because we got to meet, talk to and take pictures with the Goddess herself:

There weren't tons of people at this Meet & Greet so most of the people who were there got to spend time talking with Tori. Sarah asked her to play Tear in your Hand at the concert and I got to chat with her a little bit about her daughter's upcoming birthday party in Cleveland (details on that tomorrow). We both got to take pictures with her ... it was truly unbelievable.

At the show we ran into author Neil Gaiman (who is one of Tori's best friends) and we managed to say hello to him. Then Tori came out and gave a truly spectacular performance ... with one of the best set lists ever:

Here is the setlist:

Original Sinsuality
Pretty Good Year
Amber Waves
Doughnut Song
Barons Of Suburbia

Tori's Piano Bar

Karma Police (Radiohead cover)
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Don McLean cover)

The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Baker Baker

2nd Encore

Tear In Your Hand

As you can see she did Tear in your Hand for us ... that along with China, Carbon and Baker Baker ... well ... we had the best time ever. I kept telling Sarah how much it means to me that she and I share our love of Tori Amos with one another ... we always have the best time together.

Sadly, our wonderful day was marred by the fact that Sarah's car died on the way home from the concert. We were at the drive-thru window at McDonald's and it just died. I had to push the car away from the window and into a parking spot. Erik had to come pick us up ... but now she's looking for a new car and I'm confident that things will work out perfectly for her!

Oy! I'm a bit whipped so I'm gonna go chill before I have to head out and do some errands. Piece out!