Friday, September 02, 2005

Thank U All, For The 4 Millionth Time!!!

Our dear Spederline have been holed up in a recording studio for the past few days (weeks, even) working furiously on Kevin Federline's debut album ...

They better get something done ... I'm not sure if all that confinement is good for their relationship. If you head over to the official website for Fantasy, the new fragrance by Britney Spears, you will be able to sign up for the newsletter ... Britney will write personal emails to you, y'all:

Hi, this is Britney Spears. I just wanted to personally let you know about my new fragrance. It's called fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS and it's completely magical. It was created with all kinds of enchanting scents and flavors like lush red lychee, golden quince, sensual woods and exotic kiwi. It even has a hint of cupcakes, white chocolate and jasmine in it. Check out for some special stuff you won't find anywhere else.


I feel so special now!

Yesterday we saw the pictures from Britney's Elle magazine photoshoot ... today we have the magazine cover:

She looks like an alien! Forget the Photoshopped arms, what the hell is wrong with her face?! Something's awry with her eyes ... she looks very weird!

Joel Madden (from Good Charlotte) has updated his official blog again:

Aww, it's like old times again ... blogging back and forth. How fun!!!

Beyoncé, the absolute model of feminine modesty, really skanked it up at the World Music Awards the other night:

It was nice of her to let her crotch say goodbye before Destiny's Child finally disbands.

Orlando Bloom likes going to the beach:

And we like when Orlando Bloom goes to the beach. Who knew? [via]

Check out the first picture of Soleil Moon Frye and her new daughter Poet Sienna Rose:

I can't believe how much Soleil still looks like little Punky Brewster. I know that Soleil's hubby is the dude who works on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher ... but does that mean that Soleil and Demi Moore have to be B.F.F.s? I guess it does.

Paris Hilton was in Toronto yesterday to promote her new fragrance, Paris Hilton for Men:

Boo. With enough warning I might have made the trek up to Toronto to see her for myself. Ah well ... I need to thank Mike for sending me his personal pictures. He has a lot more pictures of Paris in Toronto at his site, Bring The Noise.

Lindsay Lohan can be all pretty and normal by day ...

... and then all street walker-y by night. You gotta love her range.

Nicky Hilton and ::shudder:: Kim Stewart have been chosen to be the new spokesmodels for the Australian company Antz Pantz. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of their photoshoot:

Oh Nicky, Nicky, Nicky ... your stock is about to plummet into the toilet. I'm sure Antz Pantz are cute and all but that association with Kim ... Pull out, girl ... while you still have the chance. [thanks Lani and Alex]

Kristen Cavelleri, our fave biatch from MTV's Laguna Beach, is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

LOL! You just KNOW all those other Laguna biatches are SEETHING with jealousy. Poor LC ...

Hey, why do you suppose Paul Walker is getting all measured and stuff?

I wouldn't actually mind using the calipers on him ... yeah ... it looks like tough work.

Eva Longoria spent the night out with one of her "friends", Mario Lopez:

Damn, she has got A LOT of dude friends, don't she?

David Beckham knows how to train hard:

While I'm sure that standing around and looking pretty is aerobically effective, I'd prefer if he did more stretching and stuff.

Whoa! It looks like Mary Kate Olsen's real twin has been found:

Does Ashley Olsen know about this? [thanks Tracey]

The owner of CBGB, Hilly Kristal, is vowing not to leave the property without a fight:

ROCK ON! Don't give up without a good fight ... CBGB is a national landmark ... it needs to be protected!

And finally, what is up with all the beefy men in Hollywood getting all dolled up for movies or photoshoots?

Cillian Murphy is playing Patrick "Kitten" Brady in the upcoming movie Breakfast on Pluto. Christian Bale has no problem getting all gussied up for a photo shoot ... neither does Brad Pitt (from an old photoshoot). I have to admit, hot dudes in drag do nothing for me AT ALL but I to commend their bravery for publicly embracing their feminine sides. Kudos! [thanks Gookie]

The news:
Yesterday was a great quiet day of doing nothing ... I loved it ... but sometime in the middle of the night Pink is the new Blog had its 4 millionth visitor:

What can I say?? I'm utterly floored. Thank you all so much for having fun with me on this site. When I started blogging I just wanted to create something that I thoroughly enjoyed ... it makes me so happy to know that there are so many other people who enjoy the site as well. I'm still having a blast ... and I hope you all are too. Holla!