Saturday, September 03, 2005

Speak Your Mind

Last night NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Pax aired a live Hurricane Relief concert/special that featured actors and musicians (including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Lindsay Lohan, Glenn Close, Richard Gere, John Goodman and Leonardo DiCaprio) donating their time to raise money for the devastated areas of the South. Kanye West had a lot to say on the subject of Hurricane relief and on GWB himself ... and since the show was aired live he was able to say many of the things that were on his mind:

If you were unable to watch Kanye speak live last night you can stream the video HERE or click HERE for a bunch of video download links. Kanye is the man, y'all! [via Stereogum & ONTD!]

In lighter fare, we all know that Paris Hilton graced our friends to the North with a little visit to Toronto to promote her new fragrance ... it appears she also graced them with a teeny flash of her nipple:

Damn, that nipple appears more times than Tara Reid at an open bar ... well, almost.

Xtina Aguilera has broken her middle finger:

Hmm ... any guesses how?

Robbie Williams has always been such a cheeky monkey ...

... folks who attended the EU vs. US celebrity golf tournament, got to see his goods in person. [via Dreamcaps]

Whoa! Remember the chick who played Janice, the outcast "gothy" girl, in Mean Girls? Well it appears that she turned into Haylie Duff:

Whoa! Separated at birth, much? [thanks Chrystal]

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the new issue of Marie Claire UK:

Ugh ... and I greatly apologize to the poor folks in the UK.

Christian Bale has dumped the make-up and gotten all butch for his new movie Harsh Times:

I greatly approve! Yes, please!

Nicole Richie scored a 45-page photospread in the new issue of In Style magazine:

She actually looks cute in a lot of the outfits.

And finally, Victoria Beckham wants the world to know that she doesn't wear underwear when she wears short-shorts:

Click the stars above to see the goods

Um ....

Let's do the news:
Last night Brandon came to town for the weekend and the 2 of us went to see Transporter 2:

Yeah ... Jason Statham is H-O-T. The movie was COMPLETELY unbelievable and I loved every second of it.

We came out of the theater to discover that I left my headlights on ... thankfully my little Beetle is one tough mothereffer ... it started up with no problems. OY! I never forget to turn off my lights ... Ugh!

Today is Sarah's birthday party ... you KNOW I'll have fun pix to share tomorrow!

I'm out.