Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Aftermath

UHG ... I'm sorry this entry is SOOO late ... but Sarah's birthday party turned into Boozeapalooza 2005. I'm really tired, still hurting ... but here you go ...

Check out these awesome pictures of Britney Spears from her magazine In The Zone:

Wow ... the Britney we all love and adore. Hopefully this Britney will be back ... someday.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst had a little chat before Jake had to pack up and leave for the Venice Film Festival:

Yeah ... she don't look too happy ... and it's easy to see why ... check out the chemistry between Jake and Heath Ledger at this press conference:

... yeah ... poor Kirsten.

Dad Pitt is spending an awful lot of time with Maddox these days:

Angelina isn't even with them ... Maddox must be hella attached to Daddy Pitt.

Check out these pictures of Ashlee Simpson on the set of her new video for the song Boyfriend:

Boo! It looks like she's filming a scene on 7th Heaven. Bring back the black hair!!!

Paris and Nicky Hilton have chosen their sides:

Which side do you support?

Uma Thurman has decided to tolerate her cheating husband, Ethan Hawke, to make her kids happy:

Aww, that's love, y'all.

Johnny Knoxville oftentimes looks really gross ...

... and then there are times when he looks pretty ok.

Reese Witherspoon looks very Tracy Flick meets Elle Woods in this ensemble:

Smart and sassy ... but a bit boring.

Lil' Kim is partying as much as she can:

... while she can. I don't think they allow fur in prison.

Can you believe this is a picture of Brandon Flowers from The Killers?

I'm so glad I burned all of my high school pictures.

Danny and Melinda, from The Real World: Austin are still very much together:

... and a little bird tells me that she is pregnant. Developing ...

And finally, check out these cute pictures of Ultragrrrl with her boys the Madden twins:

It looks like they had a great time in Miami ... Holla!

The news:
OMG ... last night was too much drinking ... too much fun ...

... today is too much headache. Lates.

PS: Please don't ask about the cucumber. Thanks.