Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A 3-Hour Tour ... And Beyond

It is my sad duty to give a Peace the Spork Out to Bob Denver:

Bob Denver, who will forever be rememered as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, passed away last Friday. News of his death was released today ... he will be sadly missed.

Peace out little buddy ... we'll miss you.

Venetian Finds

Things are hoppin' at the Venice Film Festival ... Jake Gyllenhaal isn't just promoting his gay cowboy flick Brokeback Mountain, he's also promoting his new movie with Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins. Here's our homeboy on the red carpet at the Proof premiere:

The boy is just hot. In a suit, not in a suit ... I approve!

Kirsten Dunst hooked up with Orlando Bloom for the premiere of their new movie, Elizabethtown:

Hmmm ... that girl needs to just get over it already ...

... or Jakey-poo is gonna skedaddle.

Love is certainly in the air at the Venice Film Festival ...

It seems that Val Kilmer just couldn't control himself around Robert Downey, Jr.

Whoa ... lookout ... here comes Bennifer ...

... I wouldn't want to be in her way when Jen Garner gets all hungry and rabid-looking ... check out how scared Ben Affleck looks ... the poor guy ...

We all know that it is hard work being a Hollywood "It" Girl ... that is why I'm so glad that Mischa Barton took the time to just relax at the beach. Oh look, it appears that Mischa is losing weight like crazy:

I'm not a fan of ribs ... her jutting ribcage and protruding hip bones look painful.

What the hell was Jessica Simpson thinking?! Did she really think she could wear a garbage bag and make it look chic?

I hope she never wears that ugly thing again ... even if she did recycle that hideous dress into a purse ...

... I think she should just throw the whole thing away.

Colin Farrell teamed up with his Miami Vice co-star Jamie Foxx for a charity auction to raise money for Hurricane Relief. Then he hooked up with Paris Hilton, and any other chicks who were in close proximity, in order to gross out party-goers by letting his chubby belly hang out of his unbuttoned shirt:

What happened, Colin? Drinking all that beer does require exercise ... believe me, I know.

The Olsen Twins know how to roll:

... they do it in style, y'all. Check out this picture of Ashley Olsen and some new dude:

It would appear that those Jared Leto rumors are untrue.

Yeah, I think it's clear that Pink is no fan of GWB:

Rock on, Pink.

Boo! I would have thought that MJ from The Real World: Philadelphia would have realized that he needs a new hair-do by now:

But he keeps gettin' the ladies ... I'm dumbfounded. [via ONTD!]

In other Real World: Philadelphia news, check out these newish pictures of Landon Lueck from his Wax Brand Underwear campaign:

His official website has been updated, the galleries are now functioning. There are some fun pictures to check out.

Incidentally, did y'all know that's how I carry my cell phone too?!

In more underwear news, Jeff Wilson from Survivor: Palau is the coverboy for the new issue of DNA magazine. In this issue he models various brands of underwear:

You know, I'm in the market for new undies ... thank you, Jeff, for this insightful and educational treatise on what new underwear I might want to purchase. [via FamousMales Forums]

Useless magazine has put my MisShapes homies on the cover of their latest issue:

It's a nice cover, but the background would look much better in PINK.

And finally, check out these pictures of LC and Jason from MTV's Laguna Beach -- they look awfully close, don't they?

Hmmmmmmmmmm ... I wonder if there is something going on with these two. Developing ...

Labor Day weekend has come and gone ... today would have been the first day of school for me ... but since I'm no longer teaching today is the first "first day of school" that I will be missing out on since I started kindergarten. Isn't that weird? From elementary school, to junior high, to high school, to college, to grad school to my first big job as a teacher I've always had a "first day of school".

Anyways ... since I don't have to worry about school (in any form) anymore I think I'll find other things to occupy the day. I'm out.