Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ROKR And Scroll

Everything is coming up iPod today! Motorola and Apple have announced the birth of the Motorola ROKR ... a cell phone and iPod all-in-one masterpiece. The ROKR, which will be exclusive to Cingular in the US and will be in stores by this weekend, will have a 100 song capacity and will be fully iTunes functional:

Apple also announced the newest member of the iPod family -- the iPod nano. The iPod nano, available in either white or black, is set to replace the iPod Mini, will weight 1.5 oz. and will be thinner than a No. 2 pencil. It will be THE SkeletwinTM-like member of the iPod family.

If you visit and the ROKR site you'll get to hear a clip of Madonna's new song Hung Up. Click HERE to see the ROKR in action, including the 3 commercials. [thanks K for the head's up]

WEEEEEEE! I am a huge gadget freak ... I don't know which I want more ... but I can assure you that I want both of them already.

So, so hot.


Jamie Lynn Spears is stepping up and offering her help and support of Hurricane relief in her home state of Louisiana. She appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly to explain how she plans to help out herself and encouraged others to help out as best they can as well:

Good for her! I'm so glad she is willing to offer her help and support. Notice how much J-L looks like Britney tho ...

The Internet was all a-buzz that Lindsay Lohan had chopped off all of her hair when these pictures surfaced:

But I think we know now that she did not, in fact, cut her hair at all. Check out her long locks as she struggles to break into her own car after locking her keys inside:

Oh Linds, you need a vacation. [via JJB]

Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie have become quite the new pair around town ... since Lindsay Lohan is putting on (much needed and healthy) weight and Mischa seems to be slimming down ... are these 2 becoming the new SkeletwinsTM?

I suppose only time will tell if these 2 become the new power couple ... but they are spending an awful lot of time together:

Aww ... don't you love it when new B.F.F.s spring up in Hollywood?

Actually, I love it even more when ex-B.F.F.s run into one another in Hollywood:

Awkward ... Nicole Richie running into Paris Hilton ... and yet, they are still going ahead with another season of The Simple Life? I can't wait to watch that mess.

Oh look ... Ryan Seacrest is out with a different chick:

Damn playa ... you've got a new woman almost every night ... but I would recommend that you look more interested when entertaining the ladies -- or people are going to start talking.

Awwww yeeeaaah boooyyyyeeee ... check out Apple Paltrow-Martin gettin' her fr-eak on:

Mama Gwyneth looks so proud. Holla!

Hmm, Jennifer Aniston claims that she and Vince Vaughn are just friends:

Yeah, I believe her.

A lovely Memphis, TN. socialite ran into Christina Ricci at a local eatery earlier this week. Miss Ricci is in town filming a new movie and has been taking in the local nightlife:

It's interesting that Christina is a pretty skimpy tipper. I mean ... technically she tipped appropriately but c'mon ... she could've left a $10 or a $5. Well, her movies haven't been doing that well ... hmm ...

What the hell is going on here?

If Lil' Jon ends up doing a song for either Jessica or Ashlee Simpson I will absolutely die. Yeeee-aaaah! [thanks Pemora]

In other Lil' news, Lil' Kim is moving forward with the release of her Royalty line of watches and clothing:

Despite the fact that her ass is about to be locked up in prison. Eh, I guess more street cred can't hurt sales, right?

I <3 those kids at Oh No They Didn't! Check out what they did to one of Kirsten Dunst's promo pictures for Elizabethtown:

Hee Hee! I wish I had thought of this!

Um, why is Elijah Wood in a gangsta movie?

Is this another ONTD! joke?

Hey you Los Angelinos -- tomorrow night Benji Madden from Good Charlotte will be DJing at Forbidden City to raise money for Hurricane relief:

Sounds like it'll be a fun party ... and for a very important cause ... be there or be extremely square.

Okay ... so a couple people have emailed me saying that the picture I posted of Tom Welling's bulge was a Photoshop fake. And while Photoshop fakes are rampant on the Internets, I contend that this one is not a fake -- first check out the screen caps:

Then check out the actual animated sequence:

If you pay close attention to his nether region you'll see that he seems to be a pretty mighty swinger. Is it fake? I doubt it but I suppose it is possible. [caps and animation via FamousMales Forums]

And finally, I was asked to be interviewed on The Dropcast a couple of weeks ago. The Dropcast is a biweekly podcast that provides interviews and musical performances:

My interview is in the premiere Dropcast podcast which is available at their website or downloadable FOR FREE at iTunes HERE.

I need to give a big shout-out to the interviewers Dan Portnoy and John Gauger for asking me to be interviewed on their debut podcast. Much love guys!!!

The news:
Yesterday was a very chill day ... it's weird ... not having 10 million things to do ... normally we are doing something everyday ... but lately it's been pretty quiet ... and I think I like that.

Quiet is good. Lates.