Saturday, September 10, 2005

Get Some

Wonder of wonders ... my issue of US Weekly actually arrived on time yesterday (I usually have to wait until Monday for it to arrive) ... this week's issue of US Weekly has a few outtakes from the Elle magazine photoshoot featuring Britney Spears:

I still can't get over how weird she looks with that short, curly hair. I am definitely not a fan of that look ... but ... here are even more outtakes from that photoshoot:

Hopefully this will be the last we see of this Britney look.

Here are a couple more pictures from the Hurricane relief party at Forbidden City last Thursday in LA ... check out DJ Ben M. rockin' the 2's:

Aww, check it ... Jilary showed up to offer their support for the Hurricane relief party as well. Billy Martin from Good Charlotte also attended the shindig with Joel Madden and Hilary Duff. Rock on ... more money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Whoops! It looks like Alicia Silverstone had some trouble walking in her high heel shoes after the GQ magazine party earlier this week:

Hmmm ... or was it all the free booze at the GQ party that caused the fall?

Paris Hilton is in New York for Olympus Fashion Week and it looks like she is enjoying her new Motorola Pink RAZR:

Sweet! I love mine too! [thanks Beth]

Heidi Watch 2005 continues with the following warning:

Yeah ... she's gonna blow any second now. There are going to be babies everywhere!!!

Jennifer Aniston looks pretty happy in these pictures:

It's nice to see her happy and smiling for the cameras. Yay!

Check out these awesome and interesting pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal from W magazine:

What an interesting photoshoot ... head on over to Towleroad for a little synopsis of the W magazine article.

Here is the first look at the commercial that Madonna shot for the Motorola ROKR iTunes cell phone:

How appropriate that Madonna's first single is called Hung Up AND she's doing commercials for a cell phone. I think she should record some awesome ringtones for people to purchase for their phones, too! [via Drowned Madonna]

Paris Hilton is on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. In the interview she tells the magazine how she longs for the simple life, for real:

Notice how well she portrays herself as "not sexual".

Not to be out done, Nicole Richie is featured in the new issue of Ocean Drive magazine:

Okay, maybe Nicole got out done a little bit since Vanity Fair is a more popular magazine than Ocean Drive ... but she was photographed in her bra at least! That's more than what Paris is wearing on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Our favorite hoochie mama, Mariah Carey, is on the cover of Esquire magazine's Music Issue:

Okay, let's see ... lots of cleavage ... she's only wearing underwear ... and she's on her back in 2 of the pictures ... yeah, that's our Mariah!

Lil' Kim has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to sell a t-shirt for the charity The Door. The Door is NY's premiere youth development agency. Check out these pictures of the window display at the Marc Jacobs store in NYC:

The shirt, entitled Marc Jacobs Loves Lil' Kim, is available at all Marc Jacobs stores. Rock on ... I have to get one of these shirts. [thanks Matt]

Ugh ... this picture of Hulk Hogan and Lizzie Grubman was sent to me ... and I actually lost my eyesight for a couple of hours ... and now I want to share the NSFW horror with all of you:

Click above if you dare, you may be sorry

Be warned, it is NOT a pretty sight. I wonder if Hulk's wife Linda knows about this picture?

Yay! has chosen Pink is the new Blog as its Celebrity Blog of the Week:

Holla! [thanks IHeartPink]

And finally, the staff at VH1's The Fabulous Life sent me this picture with their own sign:

Aww ... I <3 everyone at VH1! Mark, thank you so much for sending in the picture!

The news:
So Erik and I had a nice date night last night ... we had an awesomely bad for our arteries dinner at Outback Steak House and then headed off to see a movie. It turned out that The Exorcism of Emily Rose was sold out so we had to see The 40-Year Old Virgin instead:

OMG ... we loved that movie. I was a little worried that the movie would not be funny (considering I did not particularly care for Anchorman) but this movie is freaking hilarious! There were so many funny parts ... Erik and I were laughing the whole time. I absolutely loved the ending. Great, great movie ... you have to check it out if you've not seen it yet. Trust me, it's funny.

Today I am gonna hang out with my mom for a little bit and then Sarah and I are spending the evening together. I hope you all have a great weekend.

The fun and goss will return on Monday, tomorrow's post will be a serious one.


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