Monday, September 12, 2005

Toronto Is The New Hollywood

Okay okay ... it's been an emotional weekend ... but let's get back to the gossy fun ...

Contrary to what some tabloids have reported, Britney Spears was not "rushed to the hospital" and she did not give birth to her baby over the weekend:

Hello! She still needs to milk out a little more publicity before she ejects that kid. I predict, tho, that Fetus Spears will spring forth around the end of the month.

This weekend had 2 big Hurricane relief concerts and specials ... the first came Friday night when all the major networks aired a 1-hour special telethon titled Shelter from the Storm:

It was sooo cool to see all those big name celebs answering the telephones and helping raise money for Hurricane relief. Go Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Saturday night, MTV (and its other networks) aired its own Hurricane relief concert special, titled ReAct Now: Music & Relief:

By many accounts, Trent Reznor's performance of the song Hurt was completely stunning ... as were many of the other performances during the concert special. If you were unable to watch the special you can watch the entire show or a single performance or testimonial online at MTV Overdrive. Click HERE to watch a bonus performance by Trent Reznor of the song Non Entity that did not air during the ReAct concert special.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst and a whole slew of other celebrities were in Toronto this past weekend for the Toronto International Film Festival. But before Jakey got all wrapped up in the festivities, Jake ran into Amber Tamblyn and shared a little secret with her:

Hee hee, now it's our little secret too.

First up, Jake sat down (stood up and laid down) to take some portrait pictures for the film festival:

Yeah ... he takes a good picture, don't he?

After that was finished, Jake met up with his Brokeback co-star Heath Leader (hee hee), Michelle Williams (Heath's pregnant chick) and the rest of Brokeback Co. for the North American premiere of Brokeback Mountain. Native Torontoian, and Pink reader, David Oxley was in attendance and although he was unable to provide an actual photograph for us to see he was able to provide this detailed sketch of the photograph he wanted to provide:

Click above to see the full size sketch

LOL! Look at how good Jake G. looks. Check out the chemistry between Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. It's just like being there! [thanks Dave]

In other Jake news, homeboy is on the cover of the new issue of Out magazine:

The magazine asked him if he had ever been attracted to a man and he replied, "No, but hopefully you can see I'm not afraid of it." That's our Jakey!

Orlando Bloom was also in Toronto for the film festival, check out these pictures from one of his Elizabethtown press conferences:

After he was all press conferenced out, Orlando met up with Elizabethtown co-star (and Jake G. paramour) Kirsten Dunst at the studios of Much Music to spend some time with the folks and fans of Much Music:

If you were unable to watch the show on Much Music make sure you head over to their website where you can watch the entire show on demand ... the site also has other pictures of Orlando and Kirsten.

Guy Richie, with wifey Madonna, was also in Toronto for the film festival. He was there to promote his new movie, Revolver:

Head on over to Bring The Noise to check out more pictures of Guy Richie at the Toronto Film Festival. [thanks Mike]

But, before Guy and Madonna were in Toronto they were back home having dinner with Stella McCartney ... and being seen in the backseats of cars:

I can't believe Madonna is *still* wearing that cast ... Hello, there are other ways of generating publicity ... like walking around town carrying the new, previously unseen artwork for your new album, Confessions on a Dancefloor:

The last picture is a fan sketch of the album artwork that looks just as good as the actual artwork. I predict that Madonna will have *huge* success with this new album ... it's bound to do way better than her last album, American Life. [via]

While Madonna and Guy are busying themselves all over the world, Lourdes is spending quality time with her father, Carlos Leon:

Awww how CUTE, daddy Carlos took little Lola to her dance class. She looks exactly like Madonna did when she was a little girl ... right down to the one, singular bushy eyebrow. But, there is no doubt that Lourdes is going to grow into a stunning woman one day.

Oh look, Jessica Simpson spent a night out without her hubby, Nick Lachey:

It looks like she had a pretty good time.

Why do you suppose Justin Timberlake is reading the Bible on the set of his new movie, Southland Tales?

Weird. He looks very creepy sitting behind that gun, with that fake scar WHILE reading the Bible.

Paula Abdul accompanied Simon Cowell to the GQ magazine awards last week:

They look awfully close ... I wonder if there really is something going on there?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look embarrassed to be seen coming out of the recent Coldplay concert in NYC:

Yeah, I can't say that I blame them. Hey, do you want to know how I know you're gay? [via]

Tom Parker Bowles, the son of her royal Camilla Parker Bowles the Duchess of Cornwall-ness, got married this past weekend and Princes Charles, William and Harry were all in attendance:

Here are a few things to note: Tom Parker Bowles is the spitting image of his mother Camilla (which is hugely unfortunate) but that hasn't stopped him from snagging a hot chick, one Sara Buys, who I'm sure loves him for him and not his close proximity to the British royal family. Camilla Parker Bowles must own only one hat ... isn't that the ugly thing she wore at her own wedding? Princes William and Harry are far too pretty to be seen at a Parker Bowles wedding but it was very good of them to attend nonetheless.

Check out this promo picture of Ashlee Simpson -- doesn't it look like she could beat a bitch down?

I am still not a huge fan of her (blonde!) Elvis-girlfriend hairdo but I get that she's going for that Shangri-Las/50's bad girl-look. I have to admit, tho, that I really like her new song, Boyfriend. I like the guitar riff and the song is catchy as hell. Click HERE to hear it for yourself if you haven't already.

And finally, Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the French magazine DS AND she strutted her stuff down the runway at Olympus Fashion Week:

What a little fashionista! Scarlett was the lead girl at the Imitation of Christ Spring show. I think she looked great as Anna Nicole Smith ... you know, if that was the look she was going for.

The news:
Yesterday was a very somber and emotional day. Erik and I spent the whole day together just because we didn't want to be with anyone else. We had a delish meal at Xochimilo in Mexican Town and then headed off to see Sufjan Stevens play the Majestic Theater:

Sufjan sounds amazing live! I like his cds but he is best experienced live. In support of his new album, (Come On Feel The) Illinois, he is touring with this cheerleader-motif ... and it was so fun. They kept doing cheers and stuff ...

Incidentally, Sufjan is from Detroit and he told us that he was born in Hutzel Hosptial which is right behind the Majestic Theater.

And I suppose that is all for now. Lates.