Friday, September 16, 2005

What's In A Name?

What a crazy couple of days it has been ... we had to know that the birth of Fetus Spears would bring its own maelstrom of activity but you would think that we would absolutely know the baby's name is by now, right? First we were led to believe he was going to be named Preston Michael Spears Federline (the infamous P.M.S.). Then came the news yesterday afternoon that he was really named Sean Preston (Spears Federline). Now, MTVnews is reporting that they have a "source close to Spears" that is claiming the baby's name is actually Christian Michael (Spears Federline):

So now the game to find the name is on; Us Weekly, citing unnamed sources, has said it's Preston Michael, while "Access Hollywood" has reported that it's Sean Preston. Meanwhile a source close to Spears told MTV News that the boy's name will be Christian Michael.

WTF? It seems that Spederline is having a bit of fun with the press ... I wouldn't be surprised if the baby actually gets named something different all together (no one has used the name London yet) ... but I suppose one of these 3 names (or combination thereof) could be the real baby's name. In any regard, Britney is still holed up in her hospital room ... but she has been getting visitors:

Jamie Lynn Spears has already been to the hospital a few times ... probably smuggling in contraband McDonald's, cigarettes and Cheetos. Here is a picture of Britney's hospital room ... check out K-Fed hanging out by the window:

I suspect that there will be no paparazzi pictures of Britney or baby whateverhisnameis until the official picture, which has undoubtedly been sold for millions of dollars, gets released. So we wait ...

Earlier this week Jamie Lynn was in Louisiana, with her mother Lynne Spears, doing work for Hurricane relief. Here are a few screencaps of Jamie Lynn on Access Hollywood speaking out on the matter:

Good for the Spears family! They are just doing everything they can to monopolize the world's press ... Rock on!

We know that Paris Hilton is in São Paulo promoting her new Paris for Men fragrance ... so here are a few pictures:

But hey ... what is a Paris Hilton meet & greet without the requisite nip slip?

Ahhh, there we go. Oh Paris, how I <3 you! Although, I think I <3 you best when you get photographed making a funny face:

Yeah, girl, you're lookin' HIT ... er, I mean HOT!

Lindsay Lohan is tearing up NYC doing her best to be seen at every cool event, in every cool part of town ... here is L. Lo hanging out with Gwen Stefani at the PSP Fashion Show ... and, what's this?? Lindsay is pals with Dan Renzi from Real World: Miami?

They look like the bestest buddies! [thanks Julieta and Sarah]

Anyways, not to be out done by Paris Hilton, Linds had her own little nip slip while walking the streets of NYC:

See that ... she puts on some healthy weight, gets some boobage back and they want to just pop out!

Check out these pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of her new movie Southland Tales:

SMG is playing a porn star in the movie ... I think she's really got the look down ... I bet she borrowed those shoes from Pamela Anderson. [via Egotastic]

Mandy Moore, sporting her new longer, blonder locks, has been spending some time with Zach Braff:

Here's what I don't understand ... how do dudes like Zach Braff and Wilmer Valderrama get these hot Hollywood "It" girls? And both of them have had Mandy Moore! It just baffles the mind ...

Ashlee Simpson paid a little visit to MTV's TRL to debut her new video for her song Boyfriend: At least she's not wearing that stupid-looking braid ... but

Jessica Simpson looks like she's having a bad day:

Does she kiss her mother with that finger?

Here are a couple of pictures of Elijah Wood at the premiere of his new movie Everything's Illuminated:

If his intent was the creep the crap out of us ... I can say he succeeded. He looks like a freak-job!

Just like Britney, Paris, Shania -- David Beckham is also releasing a new fragrance right now ... and here is the promo picture:

I would like to smell David Beckham ... er, I mean smell like David Beckham ... Yes, please. [via Towleroad]

So ... yeah ... have any of you seen any of The Tyra Banks Show? I watched some of it and had a strong reaction to what I saw ...

... apparently so did Tyra.

Michelle Trachtenberg has a cameo in the new video Tired of Being Sorry by the band Ringside:

It looks like she's tired of being remembered as Harriet the Spy. Click HERE to see the video for yourself. [via]

Pink is the new Blog reader Erin McCarthy interviewed Alex M. from Laguna Beach about her burgeoning music career and has shared the interview with all of us:

Click above to see the full interview

It's an interesting read ... Kristin and LC have gotten marginal fame (or notoriety) from the show ... we'll see if Alex M. can achieve the same. [thanks Erin]

Okay, so those pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt in Angeleno magazine weren't great ... but what do we think about these pictures of her in Giant magazine?

I have to admit, she looks tons better. Well, she really only could do better ...

So have you heard that the UK tabloid the Daily Mirror busted Kate Moss as a cokehead on the cover of their magazine?

How gross! Is anyone surprised by this?! Kate has been dating (engaged to, is married to ... whatever) Pete Doherty, who is a well-known drug addict, for a long time now ... I am not surprised at all ... just saddened to see it.

Want to see what Rachel McAdams looked like in high school? Check it ...

I *love* the flowers! The only thing that would make this picture better would be if Rachel was resting her head on a tree branch. That's hot!

I have to give a huge Congratulations to new bride Heidi ... her friends tell me that she is a huge Pink is the new Blog fan:

Hello! She posed with a PITNB sign in her wedding dress! Loves it! Much love, Heidi ... I wish you a marriage that will outlast Brad and Jen Renée and Kenny Britney and Kevin! XOXO

And finally, my main Dave in Toronto (the artist who provided us with the sketch of the celebs at the Brokeback Mountain premiere at the Toronto Film Festival) sent me this awesome sketch of Erik and me:

I love it! He even captured my favorite "picture face". Thank you so much, Dave!!!

Last night I got to hang out with Sarah ... we were supposed to go to a screening of the new Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven ... except en route to the movie we figured out that we were a week late. So, we turned around, ordered a pizza and hung out at her place watching Survivor: Guatemala (the show looks like it's gonna be great this season) and various other things saved on Sarah's DVR.

I am happy to report that things are coming together nicely ... I will have news to share in a couple of weeks. I'm totally excited and scared to death all at the same time. EEP!

And ... that is all for now. Lates.