Monday, September 26, 2005

Peek At Boo?

Hurray!!! Hoorah!!! Huzzah!!! Yippee!!! We finally have our first look at the crowned prince himself, the precious Spawn of Spederline, the man we've all been dying to have our first look at ... Sean Preston Federline ... well, maybe:

That is definitely Britney and Lynne Spears ... holding something ... it could be Sean Preston ... or it could be a dog ... people don't normally cradle dogs like that (well, some do actually) but those wiley Spears ladies might be playing around with the paparazzi. Shoot, they could just be holding a wadded up blanket for all we know. Eh, it's close enough for me ... BEHOLD SEAN PRESTON FEDERLINE, y'all!!!

From the sounds of it, baby Sean is a very cute baby:

Well, not that you can really tell how cute he is by the information that Jamie Lynn Spears gives on her official website.

In any regard ... let's assume that the baby is really, really cute (what's the theory about how a baby born to unattractive parents will turn out to be sickeningly cute?) and let's hope that Britney has the good sense to NOT let his father, one Kevin Federline, be the boys stylist ... just look at what K-Fed looked like when he was but a lad:

Wow ... and we thought that Kevin looked bad now. His look has really, REALLY improved over the years ... and that is so incredibly sad. [via]

In other news, Xtina Aguilera celebrated her still-single status with a group of friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for her bachelorette party weekend:

The rumor is that she is going to get married next weekend. It has to be close ... and it's sure to be more hyped up than Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's wedding.

Madonna was in France this past weekend with her hubby Guy Ritchie for the promotion of his new movie, Revolver. Check it out ... Madge is walking around without her arm cast/brace/whatever:

Blah ... she's still wearing that ugly hat but she looks happy and healthy so that rocks. Here is the lovely pair at the Paris premiere of the movie:

She looks great ... her outfits work much better without that cast/brace thing. [via]

Hip-Hop producing superstar, Jermaine Dupri, opened a new restaurant in Las Vegas called Tao ... and he invited many of his closest friends, including girlfriend Janet Jackson) to attend the opening:

Yeeeeeah ... I'm not sure how many people Janet Jackson is sneaking into the party underneath that tent but wouldn't it have been easier to get all those people on the guest list? Anyways ... as bad as Janet looks ... Da Brat looks ten times worse. Are you kidding me with that zoot suit? Aren't stripes supposed to look slimming? You've gotta give it up for Ashanti ... she's got hot curves, a hot dress and she looks amazing.

You know who else looked great at the Las Vegas Tao opening ...?

... our homegirl, Mariah Carey! Even you Mariah haters have to admit that the chick looks pretty fly. The dress ain't too hoochy ... her shoes ain't too skanky ... she looks great! [via]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent some time over the weekend riding around town on their motorcycles:

I know that, technically, they're not riding hogs ... but the caption Go Crotch Rocket Wild didn't have the right flow. Anyways ... I love it! Angelina is teaching Brad how to fly airplanes and Brad is teaching Angelina how to ride motorcycles. These 2 will be together forever ... especially since "forever" in Hollywood means at least 6 months.

Er ... what do you suppose Jay-Z and Beyoncé are doing in this semi-NSFW-but-there-really-is-no-explicit-action-in-view poolside picture?

Maybe she's looking for a piece of gum in his shorts pocket?

Gwyneth Paltrow is usually a vision of stunning beauty ...

... unless she's doing her best Olive Oyl impersonation. Maybe she's taken all she can stands and can't stands no more ...

My, my ... how quickly that Ron Weasley has grown ... I wonder what is going on in this picture of Rupert Grint and some chick?

I know ... maybe she was looking for a piece of gum in his pants pocket. There is an awful lot of gum chewing in Hollywood. [via ONTD!]

I dunno know why ... but I really like this picture of David Beckham:

Believe me, I am no fan of winter ... and I really hate wearing sweaters and hats ... well, I suppose I just like the picture of David Beckham then.

Our fave girl on MTV's Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari (Go Team Kristin!), is featured in the new Hot Issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Oh look, the poor dear seems to have lost her clothing:

Er ... why is she not wearing any clothes? I suppose when "fame" calls you have to come running ... and leave your clothing at home ... I'll have to remember that :)

On the other hand, Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars seems to be heeding fame's siren song with her clothing fully in tact:

She looks great in these pictures from Flaunt magazine. I may not have been a fan of her Emmy Idol performance of the TV theme song to Fame at the Emmy Awards last weekend but I am a K. Bell fan ... rock on, chickie! [via yumesuke]

Er ... Sarah Jessica Parker has been known to take many beautiful and stylish pictures ... but this particular picture from In Style magazine looks awfully familiar ... now where have I seen this look before ...?

Yeah, that's it. Boo! I have 2 words for this picture -- hor-rid! Blah!

Nicole Richie is never one to shy away from taking chances with her look. She is a trendsetter, a fashion maven ...

... a huge KISS fan? I just never knew she was a member of the KISS Army. Maybe she should have gotten her make-up cues from Gene Simmons and not the deceased drummer Eric Carr.

Evangeline Lily makes a pretty cute crossdresser in these pictures from In Style magazine:

She looks amazing in this suit ... Da Brat, take notes.

Here are newer and different Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie posters:

Sarah, Mark and I were able to see the newest Harry Potter movie trailer yesterday in front of Corpse Bride and I have to say ... it looks like Goblet of Fire will be the best Harry Potter movie yet. If I come across the trailer ... click HERE to see the trailer! [thanks Bee]

Jason Statham wasn't always a hot Transporting and Revolving actor ... he was once a hot aspiring high-diver:

Oh look, we can see where he keeps his pack of chewing gum. [via FamousMales Forums]

Paul Walker is on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine:

Ha! I love how Men's Fitness has become the new supermarket gay porn mag that it is.

And finally, I was contacted by the Temple University student who interviewed Alex M. from Laguna Beach for an interview of my own ... check it out:

Click above to see full size image

Erin, the interviewer, was so fun to talk to ... I felt like I was speaking with a good friend. Thank you so much for asking to speak with me, Erin. The interview was very fun to do.

I spent most of the rainy day yesterday recuperating from my night out with Sarah, Candice and Mark on Saturday ... but later yesterday evening Sarah, Mark and I went out to go see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride:

Overall, the movie was very cute. It was stunning to watch (the detail was amazing) and the story was fun ... Obviously this movie is going to be compared to Burton's masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I'm not even going to go there. It's a cute movie and a must-see for any Tim Burton fan. I wish the songs were better tho ... none of them are really memorable to me. Ah well ... it's a cute movie ... check it out.

My preparations for my NYC trip are continuing ... I really want to see M.I.A. at St. Andrew's Hall on Tuesday night but since it's the night before my EARLY flight out to New York the next morning ... I might have to skip it. I haven't decided yet.

There is work to do ... so I'm out.