Thursday, September 29, 2005

Best Day Ever

Okay okay ... the secret is out ... today I am scheduled to tape an appearance on VH1's Best Week Ever. I was hush-mouthed about it just in case they decided to axe me off the list ... but thankfully, they've done no such thing. I am SO INCREDIBLY geeked at the chance to be on the show ... I cannot even tell you ... I've been a nervous mess for days now. I tape at noon and the show debuts this weekend (check your local listings). If you like, check out TRL on MTV this afternoon at 5pm ... I think I'm going to skip out on the backstage action and just hang with the peeps in the audience so that I can scream just like everyone else :)

But enough of that ... here is today's (painfully short) post ...

It seems that Spederline has wasted no time working on creating the family they've always wanted ... here is a blurry picture of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline in their backyard ... I didn't know Kevs got pregnant so soon after Britney did:

He looks like he's about 3 months along. [via Stereogum]

This picture was sent to me yesterday ... surely it can't really be Sean Preston, right?

The baby sign looks a little Photoshopped to me ... but we all know that the Internets never lie ... so here you go! [thanks Trish]


AHHHH did y'all watch Lost last night?! What the eff is going on on that island?!? As I said yesterday, I got to hang out with Andy Towle, his boyfriend Dave and their friend Brian at Andy's place. Kirsten and I were treated like old friends -- we drank, ate, laughed, talked ... but when Lost was on we were silently and carefully examining every single thing that came onto the screen ... even rewinding the DVR every few minutes. There was so much new information ... I love the new convention of showing formerly unseen information in subsequent episodes. Um, hello ... what the hell was that thing in the water?

Pink reader Kajsa sent me this screenshot ... It looks like the sea creature has the mysterious DESMA (?) logo on its fin. There is so much to talk about ... I cannot get into everything right now ... But I think it's safe to say that we are going to be getting a lot more information that is sure to surprise and confound us to death.

Here is a picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hanging out in LA:

You know, it is possible that her little slip-up was faked ... But, I've seen Jen in movies and on TV shows ... I don't think she's that good of an actress.

Ryan Philippe is home from working on his movie ... He's back in LA, y'all:

Looks like the first thing he wanted to do was go out ... without his wife Reese Witherspoon. Isn't that interesting?

We know that Naomi Campbell is a fan of getting into fights and brawls ... But what is going on with her ankle:

Did she end up on the receiving end of an ass-whooping this time?

And finally, check out this super sexy promo picture of Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain:

Awww ... He's got a boo boo ... he looks like he could use someone to kiss it and make it better ... Le sigh. [via]

No news roundup today ... Check out Oh No They Didn't! for the latest headlines.

It was my extreme pleasure meeting Andy Towle last night. Seriously, his blog is one of the premiere blogs on the Internet. I have been a fan since the beginning ... and it was so gracious of him to invite Kirsten and me into his home ... and hello ... He's hella cute AND smart ... as if you needed me to tell you that:

We had a great time hanging out last night. I really loved meeting his boyfriend Dave ... he is so fun, very charming and a hoot to watch TV with. Their friend Brian joined us and was very cool as well. He looks a little like Jesse Bradford when he smiles ...

Hopefully I will get to hang out with these guys again sometime this weekend.

UGH! I'm so nervous ... I have to get to VH1 now ... wish me luck!!!

Thank you all for your awesome emails and messages of support. They mean everything to me ... I <3 U ALL!