Saturday, October 01, 2005

5 Seconds Down, 14 Minutes And 55 Seconds To Go

So last night I made my television debut ... it was a'ight I suppose ... whatevs, I'll get to that in a sec ... let's do the quick goss ...

Say it ain't so!!! Paris2 have really called off their engagement?!? Booooo!

I guess Paris2 will have to settle with going back to being known as Paris1 and Paris1 ... which so doesn't really roll off the tongue as easily. Well, they gave it a good try ... they lasted longer than many people expected ... I guess we'll just have to wait to see who Paris (female) sets her eye on next ...

OOH LOOKIE HERE ... check out Miss Hilton getting all cozy with Stephen from MTV's Laguna Beach at the recent magazine party in LA. Damn, she don't waste no time does she?

What the hell is going on here?! First Talan hooks up with Lindsay Lohan, then Kristin starts dating Brody Jenner and now Stephen pulls Paris Hilton? It won't be long until Jason dumps LC and gets into Jennifer Love Hewitt's pants.

UH OH ... it looks like Nicole Richie found herself involved in a little fender bender:

She looks sooo upset ... I bet she won't eat for days now.

Victoria Beckham is spending some time in Milan, Italy and was seen shopping with Roberto Cavalli:

Check it out, homeboy is walkin' around with an arm brace ... I love it when old queens try to emulate everything that Madonna does.

Posh dropped a lot of dinero all over town ... she even managed to pick up a very expensive camera:

Um, yeah ... It's easy to see that hottie David Beckham married her for her astounding intellect.

Just look at what Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's relationship has spawned ...

Lauren Graham (the mom on Gilmore Girls) and Marc Blucas (ex-Riley on Buffy) have coupled up. What's next? Is Cybil Shepard gonna start dating a younger dudes? Maybe she should hook up with Jason from Laguna Beach.

Aww ... how sweet ... Jesse Metcalfe is still hanging out with his new friend -- who's a boy:

Personally, I think he could do better ... I mean, is Jesse's friend kidding us with that D&G skull cap and plain white t ensemble? Boo!

And finally, I have send a bunch of pink love out to Joel Madden from Good Charlotte:

He is such an awesome guy ... He's always sending me blog love and I really appreciatee his support. What up, J ... we gonna hang when I come to LA in a couple of weeks?

No news rundown for today ... sowwy.

Sooooo, okay ... Best Week Ever ... I really had a great time taping my stuff for that show. You may not believe it but I taped for about an hour and a half ... in all honesty, I knew that I wasn't the greatest. I was very nervous the whole time ... but the staff were so nice to me. I know that WHEN I do BWE again I will be much better. This is just the beginning, y'all. Ya hear that Claudia, Norman, Suzanne, Trista ..? Y'all got my digits ...

Er ... and apparently I was on Live with Regis and Kelly as well. Thanks to for the fun pic. So yeah, anyways, my appearance on BWE is literally "blink and you'll miss it" short but I cannot express how happy I am just to be a part of the show. I must send all my love to all of you for all of the supportive messages and emails. It means so much to me to know that I have so many people in my corner. None of this would be happening if it wasn't for all of you readers out there. So, from the bottom of my heart ... thank you all. Much love and thanks to KarYan and Christina for the screencaps :)

Everyone at VH1 and MTV have been sooo incredibly cool to me this whole week, I really have been having the best week ever. Yesterday afternoon, I got to take a tour of MTV's studios and I even got to take some photobooth pictures in THE TRL photobooth (which I'll scan and post when I get home):

Nia, thank you so much for everything!!! I spent last night hanging out with Oriana, Kelly and the Thigh Master ... we watched BWE and then drank the night away. Kirsten was unable to hang with us because she had to support our hometown boys, Pas/Cal, at their concert.

TONIGHT ... I am hanging out with my good friend Brad and his peeps ... we are most probably going to MisShapes to dance, dance, dance. Ultragrrrl is spinning so you know it's gonna be HOT.

PS: I really appologize that the blog has been so bootleg for the past few days ... NYC is a busy town ... Things will be back to normal on Monday ... you can believe that! I'm out.