Monday, October 03, 2005

No Sleep Til ... Well, Detroit

SOOOOOOOOOOO late I know ... I'm sorry ... I was butt-assed tired yesterday ... I got home and crashed ... I've already spent hours this morning going thru everything, trying to get re-situated ... blah ... let's get to it ...

First things first ... I have to give a big Happy Birthday shout out to Ashlee Simpson!!!

Our favorite Simpson turns 21 years old today! I hope she has a great birthday ... I hope she gets lots of great presents (like some hot shizz from Louis) I hope she schedules her Detroit concert date soon so I can plan on attending and I hope she never ever gets caught looking a frightful mess while she is out on the town. [source]

Whoops! I guess that was too much to hope for ... what the hell was Ashlee thinking with this ensemble?

I don't know what is going on with her hair ... it's way too white ... but I simply cannot endorse the use of tights. Hellooooo, she might think they're leggings but I think they're horrid. I love ya, Ash, no doubt about it ... but let's lose the hosiery, shall we? [source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. flew into NYC and they didn't call me? What up, yo?

It's unfortunate that they are increasingly looking like they are super annoyed with people taking their picture. I can understand how that can be annoying but SMG is one of my absolute fave celebs ever. I'd hate to see her turn into Cameron Diaz. [source]

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden spent some time together this weekend in LA getting all cutesy around town before their trip to Europe this week:

Our dear Jilary are going to be spending some time together this week to further celebrate her 18th birthday. [source]

Reese Witherspoon took her children Ava and Deacon out for a fun day of shopping:

Er ... does hubby/daddy Ryan Phillippe ever hang out with his fam anymore? It's been ages since the whole family has been seen out together. Ryan is home from filming his movie, Flags of our Fathers, so I wonder what gives? If homie ain't out with his family ... who is he out with? [source]

Aww ... I love Nicole Richie but this picture of her from a post-Emmy party last month is just ... wrong ...

She really does look as if her head is on backwards. Tsk, tsk ... I'm sure this isn't the look she was going for. [source thanks Amanda]

Kelly Osbourne is in Milan for their Fashion Week ...

Hi, white much?! A teensy-tiny tan couldn't hurt. She looks so porcelain ... and the silk dress doesn't help much either. Ah Kelly ... you do have your own style ... you rock it, Miss O. [source]

I don't get why Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen STILL make such a big deal whenever they have their picture taken ... here are the twins trying to become invisible at LAX airport:

I don't get why they don't realize that they look even more foolish when they do things like this rather than just walking along normally. Wait, what the hell am I saying?! I love pictures like this! [source]

Mandy Moore is pissed off, y'all ... the rumors about her being in rehab are really upsetting her ... the rumors may very well drive her to drink!

According to, she is NOT in rehab nor is she having any sort of sordid crisis. She even looked a little peeved at the Ralph Lauren Fragrance Launch this weekend. [source]

I arrived home from NYC and found that a promo copy of Fiona Apple's new album Extraordinary Machine was waiting for me (thanks Piper!). I've heard the original version of the album numerous times and was very surprised at how similar this new released version sounds:

There are some very different production styles between the 2 versions ... but overall the spirit of the album survived in tact. I am so glad that Fiona is finally releasing new material. I'm hopeful that with the release of Machine, she will ready even newer music for release. [source]

Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst are on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine:

I'm getting a little tired of the pony tail thing that Orlando keeps rockin' but I do have to admit that Kirsten looks great on the cover. She actually is showing personality! It's nice. [source]

Theories, theories ... there are tons of theories surrounding just about everything on the TV show Lost ... among the most confounding things about the show is the role that the mysterious numbers play in everything ... but could the numbers actually be as simple as GPS coordinates?

I'm not sure how GPS coordinates actually work, but if this image is to be believed then it looks like the island has been found. [source, thanks Juan]

Here is a large size (pinkified) version of the mysterious logo that is popping up all over the place on the Lost island:

It appears that the thing in the center looks more swan-like rather than snake or sea creature-like. Ahhh ... I cannot wait for this week's episode ... wherever will the logo appear again ... and will Mama Cass Elliot show up on the island as well? [source]

Lil' Kim needs all the support and love that she can get ... it ain't easy being the Queen Bee when you're locked up in a penitentiary ... well now you too can write to her and show her some love:

Kimberly Jones / 56198-054
P.O. BOX 562

What!? Lil' Kim has her own prisoner number ..? Damn, that biatch does have everything! [source]

Dannii Minogue is back with a new single called Perfection and hopefully soon ... a new album:

Yeah, she better hurry with that shizz before Kylie gets totally well and everyone goes back to forgetting that Dannii exists. [source]

And finally, why is Harry Potter doing semi-nude bath scenes in a kids' movie?

Hmmm ... I wonder if they are going to have any steamy locker room scenes between those other, older Wizards ... er, I did not just say that ... [source]

The news:
So my NYC trip is over ... I'm totally wiped out, y'all. I spent the whole week running around and still didn't manage to do everything or meet up with everyone. Thank you all for all the kind offers ... I hope to one day be able to take you up on all of them.

Check out this hot picture of the sexy ladies who create some of the fine MTV programming that we all love to watch and goss about:

Big up to my girl Wendy ... it's starting to get really cool here in Detroit ... it won't be long before I'll be wearing my scarf.

Here is a scan of my TRL photobooth picture ... I asked Nia to take the picture with me because ... hello, she's cute and fun as hell and because I wanted to share the experience with her:

I will never forget this trip ... that is for sure ... I may even have to go back to NYC real soon ...

Last thing, I need to send out some birthday love to Erica who turns 25 years old today ... I hope you have a great birthday :)

Ahhh, this post is so late ... I'm out.

PS: If anyone has a vid clip of my interview with Much Music that aired this weekend please email it to me :) Thanks!!!