Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Confessions Of A Broken Mercedes

I just received word that Lindsay was in a really bad car accident ... Here are a few emails that were sent to me this evening:

One of my clients called and said she just saw Lindsay Lohan get in a bad wreck. She was in her Mercedes SL65 and hit a van with Mexican writing all over it. Air bags came out, glass all over - that it looked BAD. Paramedic and Fire trucks swarmed the place... It was on Robertson by Kitson. Her car was demolished. [thanks GM]

Lindsey Lohan has just been involved in a car accident. It was just
now on Beverly and 3rd ... keep yours eyes peeled for the details. It
was her black Mercedes and some junky maroon Astro van. Someone was
taken to the hospital ... not sure who.
[thanks Heidi]

Trent....Hohan just crashed her car in front of the IVY..... [thanks Scott]

I sincerely hope that she is okay ... I will keep my eyes peeled for any more information ...

Get Real

Boo ... I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things ... I'm gonna have to adjust my morning routine so that I get back on schedule ... don't you just hate blog lag? Let's get to it ...

Britney Spears cares y'all ... we know this ... she is willing to make huge sacrifices to help those in need. That said, Ms. Spears is opening her closet and selling her personal items on eBay in order to raise money for hurricane relief ... it works out for the fans as well ... I mean, who wouldn't want to own a pair of Britney Spears' well-used flip flops?

Damn! Even I have to gag a little bit at the sight of these nasty looking things ... can you believe the going price at the time of posting is $117!? BLUARGH!!! Wonder what they smell like ...? Well, if you win the auction URINE LUCK ... and then email me and tell me what they do smell like. [Source]

So ... we know that Ashlee Simpson celebrated her sweet 21st birthday this week in Las Vegas ... she really wanted to make it a huge coming-out party so that the world will see the reinvented Ashlee:Ashlee Simpson marks 21st birthday by performing at a Las Vegas lounge

What do you suppose happened to Wilmer Valderrama? Do you think that Lindsay Lohan kicked his ass for spending too much time with Ash? Maybe he got into a feud with one of the Madden brothers? Who knows ... Now, y'all know I'm an Ashlee fan so I'm hopin' that she can pull off this reinvention thing ... she absolutely MUST kick ass on SNL this weekend or she is DOOMED. I guess we'll have to wait and see ... [Source, Source, thanks Kacey]

Awww ... the newlywedded Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki spent some time getting some exercise and getting all lovey-dovey ...

EEK! It has to be love if he is willing to be seen in public with Alicia looking like piss. I know I know, she was out for a run but damn girl ... it wouldn't kill you to wash up a little. Oh, and Happy 29th Birthday Alicia! [Source]

OH HELL NO ... PLEASE tell me that stupid Mischa Barton is not really back with stupid Brandon Davis!

I thought she finally wised up ... she has been spending a lot of time with new, hotter guys ... granted they were all gay ... but still ... ugh ... these 2 are going to be together forever -- no matter how many times they break up ... they're gonna get back together ... [Source]

Here is a screencapture from Kelly Clarkson's new video Because of You:

See ... I knew that Benji Madden would make a kickass cameo for the video. [Source]

Did y'all watch My Super Sweet 16 last night? What is going on this year ... it's all about the latinas this season ... how many quinceaneras have there been this year? Aww yeah ... MTV is holding it down for the latinoids. Anyways ... I think my fave girl this year, so far, has to be Janelle:

She is pretty and bitchy (but not too bitchy) and a little bit bratty (but not too bratty) ... my favorite part was when she had the hair stylist pull the girls' hair so tight that they were squirming and crying in pain -- LOVES IT! Her party actually came off kinda classsy ... she is this year's Ava. Hotness! And, you can check out her My Space profile HERE. [Source]

Victoria Beckham has the worst fake boobs ever:

It seriously looks like she shoved baseballs into her chest ... well, at least she learned how to use her video camera properly. [Source]

Check out Posh on the cover of Prestige magazine:

She better pray that the world never runs out of botox or she will be totally dunzo. [Source]

Now, Jenny from the block Lopez is looking mighty fine in these hot pictures:

Classic J. Lo. Classic latina diva. [Source]

Pink reader Christine has figured out where Nicky Hilton stole the inspiration for her ugly-ass Chick sweater fashions ... from Full House's Michelle Tanner:

If I were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ... I'd sue her ass off. [thanks Christine]

Nicole Richie is doing the retro thing on the cover of 944 magazine:

It's a good look for her ... but facewise she is looking a little more like Stacey Q rather than Twiggy. [Source]

Hilary Duff is on the cover of Hollywood Dog magazine:

Er ... that joke is too easy to make ... but damn, Hilary is so famous that even her dog gets on the cover of magazines ... [Source, thanks Nix]

Yay! Tori Amos has released 2 new official bootlegs for sale on her site:

The first cd is from the Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO 4/19/05 and the second cd is from the Manchester Apollo, Manchester, UK 6/5/05. If you order all 6 bootlegs that will be released then you'll get a box to put all the cds in. That's awesome! [Source]

Pink reader Fatima attended a Laguna Beach meet-and-greet in California and shares with us her pictures:

Hello, Kristin looks hit! That girl looks ragged ... kinda like she's been spending a bit too much time hanging out with Kate Moss ... if ya know what I'm sayin'. [thanks Fatima]

Trishelle is desperately trying to hang on her reality fame by mooching off the kids from Laguna Beach:

It's so sad ... although, I wouldn't hesitate for a SECOND if I got a chance to hang out with some of the Laguna kids ... but not Morgan, Christina, Taylor or Dieter. Check out Trishelle's My Space profile HERE. [Source, thanks Erin]

Viggo Mortensen is on the cover of Mean magazine:

Aww, check it out ... he's lookin' all forlorn and stuff. The Thigh Master and I were able to see A History of Violence while I was in New York last week ... and it sucked balls. The movie is very graphic both sexually (he buried himself up to his elbows inside the woman playing his wife) and violently (you don't want to see what he does to guys' faces when he punches them) and the story is totally pointless. It could have been a great film ... but it kept going ... and it just got worse and worse and worse. My advice, check out Capote instead. [Source]

Here is another screenshot of the GPS coordinates, this time using Google Earth, using the numbers from Lost:

Click above to see full size image

That looks about right ... I'm sure the numbers will play more roles on the show but it's quite clear that they work as GPS coordinates as well. [thanks Mandy]

And finally, while running around town in NYC I discovered that my awesome Louis Vuitton bag is a bit too small for all the stuff that I needed to carry on a daily basis. I might have to trade up for a larger bag ...

Prada is releasing this awesome pink roll bag ... that might be a tad too "pink" for me (if you catch my drift). In any regard, I might need to find something a wee bit bigger ... maybe when I'm in LA. [Source, thanks Christopher]

So last night Erik and I had a great dinner at the Living Room where we were able to catch up with one another ... I missed him so much while I was in NYC. I know many of you were wondering if things were okay between the 2 of us because I haven't mentioned him in a while ... yes, we are fine ... he couldn't come with me to NYC because he is too busy saving the world here at home. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it away from him for a full week when I go out to LA next week ...

Slowly, I'm getting back into the swing of things around here ... I'm trying not to let all the crazy shizz that's going on with me effect me in a negative way ... I'm just a dude with a blog ... and I'm gonna keep on doin' what I have been doin' ...

I'm out.