Saturday, October 08, 2005

Keepin' House

Since today is dubbed Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Trent & Erik day I'll come back with a regular weekend post tomorrow morning.

Even tho I will be flying out for LA tomorrow morning be aware that posts will still come daily while I am on the West Coast ... but that means that I will be operating on Pacific Standard Time. I will do my very best to write my blog posts at the same time every day for me (i.e. between 11ish in the morning and 1ish in the afternoon) but for those of you on the East Coast that will mean 3 hours later.

Last thing ... make sure you set those TiVOs, DVRs, VCRs or whatever you've got so that you catch Ashlee Simpson's LIVE performance on Saturday Night Live tonight:

She'll be fine, everything will be fine ... BUT just in case something goes terribly wrong again you won't want to miss it. [Source]


We Belong Together

2 years going strong ... forever to go!