Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Butt ... Lemme Explain

Too many Manhattans ... too many martinis ... sorry for the delay ... let's get to it ...

It's been way too long since we've had a proper Spederline sighting. Britney and baby Sean Preston are heavily secured within the confines of their mansion ... hidden away from all cameras ... which really sucks because all we get today is Kevin going out to pick up a pack of cigarettes:

I mean, I guess we should be happy with what we get ... but K-Fed in a wife beater, warm-up pants and his stupid little pony tail just doesn't have the same luster that it once did. Well, okay ... it never had any luster at all but it was tolerable. Boo! C'mon Spederline ... give us something to care about. [Source]

Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and co. were out in New York City for the premiere of the movie of Elizabethtown last night:

Kirsten does not have flattering boobs ... and that dress makes them look worse ... and don't even get me started on that haircut. It's almost nice to see a somewhat sober-looking Rufus Wainwright at the premiere as well. But, that smarmy open shirt-thing that he always rocks is just terrible. Homie needs a make-over in the worst way. [Source]

In other premiere news, Charlize Theron, with long-time boyfriend Stuart Townsend, was on hand for the premiere of North Country in LA:

I'm not sure how I feel about the bouffant hair-do but she does look nice overall, even tho her dress is very similar to Kirsten's dress. Charlize looks much better betwixt the two of them. Having seen the trailer for North Country I think it's a safe bet that Charlize is well on her way to another Academy Award nomination. As for Stuart ... well, someone needs to make sure that her awards stay nice and shiny ... it's a very important job ... not just anyone can do it, you know. [Source]

In other Charlize news, there were rumors that she and Stuart got married over the weekend ... it turns out that it was her mother, Gerda, who got married and Charlize was merely on hand as the Maid of Honor:

It's nice to see that her mom can find happiness again, considering what she went thru with Charlize's father back in South Africa. Here's hoping she has a long and happy marriage. [Source]

Michael Jackson caused a ruckus when he emerged in London last weekend:

MJ wrapped up his children's heads and took them to see the musical based on the movie Billy Elliot. In fine, creepy fashion, MJ fell in love with the child actors and invited them back to his hotel room for a party. That's our Jacko! [Source]

Here is a picture of David Beckham after having arrived back in Manchester, England:

He looks a bit sad ... I'm sure he's still worried about little Romeo. I hope the kid gets well again so that Becks can go back to being all smiley and hot again. [Source]

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden continue their Excellent European Holiday in London, England:

You gotta love the glasses! Nerd rock baby! Wassup, wassup! Wassup, wassup! [Source]

Here are a few pictures of our fave Laguna Beach girl (Go, Team Kristin!) Kristin Cavalleri and her new beau Brody Jenner at club Element:

They look happy and all that crap but there's something wrong with our Laguna darling dating outside of the real O.C. I bet poor Stephen is near suicide over the sight of these two ... or maybe he's just getting' reeeeeallllly desperate ... the poor dear. [Source]

Sienna Miller, freshly shorn of her long locks, picked up the biggest, ugliest pair of boots ... got herself all bundled up and hit the airport:

With boots like those, surely she is off the furthest, most remote arctic corner of the world. Either that or she's got really f*cking stupid taste in shoes. [Source]

Heidi Klum took newborn baby Henry out for a stroll earlier this week:

It's too bad she gave the baby the Michael Jackson treatment and hid his face from view ... we need to see how cute he is! [Source]

Check out this new picture of Colin Farrell's son James with Colin's babymama Kim Bordenave:

At first I couldn't see the family resemblance but upon further reflection ... you can tell that he is obviously Colin Farrell's son. [Source]

Here is our first look at the cover artwork for Madonna's new single Hung Up:

It's weird, Madonna is usually the mother of invention ... I can't believe that she is happy with recycling Gwen Stefani's old look. [Source]

Do any of you have the Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD set? If so, are you aware that there is a hidden featurette that showcases a cut scene of Jesse Metcalfe showing his booty?

You're welcome. [Source]

Designer Tom Ford is famous for always wearing his trademark black (boring) suit ... so imagine my surprise when I discovered that Tom decided to lose the clothes and get all nekkid for W magazine:

Who knew that balding dudes could look so sexy? [Source]

Demi Moore is on the cover of French Vogue magazine:

Er ... I'm all for taking fashion risks but ... seriously ... she looks freaking ridiculous. I cannot believe that she wanted to be photographed in Katie Holmes' wedding dress. [Source]

Here is one more picture of Alan Ritchson in his pre-Aquaman days:

Magazine beefcake, catalog beefcake, bridal party beefcake ... what can't the man do?! [Source, thanks Peggy]

And finally, Fashion Week Daily has picked up on my loving nickname for Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan Mischa Barton -- The SkeletwinsTM:

That's hot. [Source, thanks Lisa]

Les News:
Yesterday was so fun ... I got to hang out with a good friend for a little bit. We had a fun sushi lunch (we ordered too much but had fun trying to eat it all) and then just hung out and talked for a while. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful California afternoon.

For dinner, Jim and I met up with some new friends. Lisa, Jack and Dallas took us out for dinner at the famous Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills. It was nice of Wilmer Valderrama, Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke to come out as well ... I have to tell you ... it's very surreal having dinner at a restaurant only to turn around and see Keira Knightley standing right next to you. Stuff like that doesn't happen in Detroit, y'all. We had an amazing dinner ... I hope that I'll get to hang with trio again soon.

We ended the night at The Abbey for martinis, martinis, martinis.

I have a VERY fun activity planned for today for which I am very excited. Not sure what's goin' on tonight ... but I'm sure it'll be fun.

I'm out. Posted 12:37 PM PST