Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ring Ring Ring Goes The Telephone

Posted 11:59 PM PST

Club Wed

Well folks ... it looks like the wedding of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore was not an elaborate Punk'D stunt after all ... OK! magazine has published their wedding pictures ... it seems that they are, indeed, husband and wife:

First off ... the black and white nature of the pictures make them look creepy ... with all the rumors about the cult-like feel of religions like Scientology and Kabbalah these pictures just seem to add to that weird feeling. Not to mention that Ashton's fedora looks ridiculous. But, I suppose congratulations are in order for Ashton and Demi ... hence forth to be known as Ashmoore. A pregnancy should be announced shortly ... which is sure to piss off Tom Cruise. [Source]

If you like, you can watch footage of the Ashmoore wedding HERE. [thanks Matthew]

Keira Knightley was a beautiful sightly last night at the LA premiere of her new movie Domino:

She looks great in that dress, altho the neck piece I could do without ... I've heard really good things about Domino so I'm looking forward to checking it out. It was extremely surreal to see her live and in person at Mr. Chow's on Monday night. I was in, like, blog heaven ... and I had to play it cool and not act all obvious. Boo! [Source]

Right on cue, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are making sure that they are being seen and photographed every chance they get ... here are some pictures of TomKat on the set of Mission Impossible 3:

Expect to see more pictures of them as the DVD releases of Batman Begins and War of the Worlds get nearer and nearer. I have to go on record to say that I *still* do not believe this "baby" business. It reeks of a sham ... [Source]

Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst made an appearance on MTV's TRL earlier this week:

Orlando looks cute ... but doesn't it look like he's wearing his father's jacket in the last picture? It looks way too big for him. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is still recuperating from her fender bender last week ... here are a couple of pictures of L. Lo maxin' and relaxin' on the beach:

She looks foot-loose and fancy free ... [Source]

... But what is this ..? After her jaunt on the beach, Lindsay went to the Dr.'s office and ended up coming out with her knee wrapped:

I'm not sure what is going on with that ... is she looking for sympathy? Is it part of her legal defense? Well, I for one feel sorry for Lindsay ... I can't believe that she thinks that those leggings are a viable fashion choice! The poor dear ... [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal loves his coffee:

And I loves my Jake. [Source]

Adam Brody loves to surf ...

... or he loves just walking around carrying a surfboard. And apparently he likes to be all bundled up as he walks down the street carrying his surfboard ... see, if he really wanted to be as hot as Ryan Phillippe he would know that he needs to walk down the street half-naked before doing the actual surfing. Duh ... that's the best part. [Source]

Um ... here are a couple of pictures of Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend:

Yeah, I don't get it either. [Source]

Rod Stewart was honored by receiving his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA this week:

I'd love to be happy for him but I just can't forgive him for Kim Stewart. Sorry. [Source]

Pink reader Conor sends in this picture of Jada Pinkett Smith on the set of a movie shoot in San Francisco last weekend:

She looks cute with her little hair bundles. It's nice to see that her stint as a heavy metal rocker hasn't had an adverse effect on her cute factor. At least we know now that she owns a brush. [thanks Conor]

Here are a couple of pictures from the set of X-Men 3:

Yeah, you just know that the X-Men love to make fun of Magneto behind his back. [Source]

Ready for your daily Laguna Beach update? Here are a few pictures that come, supposedly, from Alex H.'s little sister's Webshots account:

Finally ... Gary, Kirstin's B.F.F., gets some love ... the poor thing barely got any screentime ... Hello! He needs to hold it down for the homos! [Source, thanks Caily]

Joaquin Phoenix is lookin' all country in these pictures from Rolling Stone magazine:

The pictures are simple ... not flashy ... perfect. [Source]

Check out this screencapture of rapper The Game from when he was on the dating game show Change of Heart:

Aww ... poor Game ... it looks like he wanted to stay with his woman but she had a change of heart. I bet she's regretting dumping him on national TV now. [Source]

And finally, here are a couple of screencaptures from the UNICEF public service announcement that urges people to stop war ... by blowing up the Smurfs:

Click HERE to see the video in question (the Smurfs get blown up about 40 secs. into the video). Hi, I'm now scarred for life. [Source, thanks Stacy]

The news:
Yesterday afternoon I had the extreme fortune of attending a private screening of the Jake Gyllenhaal/Heath Ledger cowboy love story Brokeback Mountain:

The movie is utterly amazing. The visuals are completely stunning and the acting is superb. I knew that I was going to love Jake's performance but I was unsure about Heath's ability to convey the emotions that story requires. I have to admit that I think that Heath did the better job between the two. The movie is a true love story but is so extremely tragic in scope. Everyone in the movie is completely miserable for one reason or another. Having heard about all the cuts and edits that the movie went thru I was concerned about how "watered down" the story would be. In my estimation, the movie is not sanitized at all. The love scenes are brutally honest ... and believe me ... they are hot as well. I'm trying not to give too much away because the movie is still 2 months away from release. I'll just say that the movie is heart-breaking and poignant ... touching and sad ... and probably destined to be one of the most important films of its day. I have to send out TONS of pink love to Harlan from Focus Features for arranging the screening for me. XOXO [Source]

It's pretty hard to match the excitement of a private Hollywood screening of a hugely anticipated movie ... but being able to hang out with my new friend Piper for tea at Elixir Tonics & Teas on Melrose comes pretty close. She and I have talked for a bit for some time now and it was my extreme pleasure getting to meet and chat with her:

The night was rounded out at Ackbar. We needed to just chill and not do anything too fancy and Ackbar was the perfect solution. We were able to just talk and laugh ... and play a rousing game of Erotic Photo Hunt. Sadly we didn't get high score but it was fun trying nonetheless.

I have a couple of things to do today ... well, it seems like I have a couple of things to do everyday. Jeff, Jim and Jon are really taking care of me while I'm here in LA ... and I'm really having a great time. Not sure what the plan is for tonight ... but I'm sure it'll be fun.

I'm out. Posted 11:47 AM PST