Thursday, October 13, 2005

Grove Is In The Heart

Okay ... so Lindsay Lohan found it necessary to seek out medical help after her car accident ... we saw her dancing walking around with a bandage (wrapped over her clothing) indicating that she was suffering from some sort of pain ... but apparently the bandage can be used for more than just wrapping a knee ... it can also be used as a disguise:

C'mon, Linds ... how long are you going to be upset with the paparazzi? [Source]

Yay ... apparently not for long ... here are pictures of Lindsay doing some shopping and I think I do see a hint of a smile on her face:

No bandage in sight, a smile on her face ... I think that things are finally starting to get back to normal for L. Lo. [Source]


Is it just me or was anyone else kind of disappointed with the episode of Lost last night? I know that Hurley is one of the most beloved characters on the show but he just came off as a whiney biatch last night. Boo hoo ... he won the lottery ... boo hoo ... things have to change when you come into millions of dollars. What the eff EVER!

And actually, the Hurley story wasn't even the most disappointing thing about the show ... we learned in last night's episode that the people who captured Michael, Jin and Sawyer are the other survivors from the plane crash. It's amazing how primitive they all looked when they captured our survivors but in last night's episode they just looked like normal ol' people. The revelation that the other survivors were living in another hatch should have been more shocking than it was. [Source]

Did y'all notice that there was a different Dharma Initiative logo inside the new hatch?

Our survivors found The Swan hatch (3 of 5). I wonder which hatch this one is. [Source]

Personally, I liked the little Walt cameo from Hurley's dream sequence:

When he drank from the milk carton and I noticed Walt's face I knew he was dreaming. [Source]

I suppose I know that every episode can't be amazing all the time but I just feel that last night's episode fell flat. Were we supposed to be shocked that Rose's husband is white? Whatevs.

One other Lost thing ... a couple of Pink readers sent me this picture:

I think it's plausible that these are the same people ... I can see a slight resemblance ... whatever could scientists from the University of Michigan want with a "special" child like Walt? [Source, thanks Emily & Angie]

More Lost tidbits: click HERE to watch the Orientation video as many times as you like. Click HERE for a new "official" Lost website -- it's freaky as hell! At first I got polar bears ... now I get a mouse ... what do you get?

Nicole Richie was spotting doing some shopping at The Grove outdoor mall in LA yesterday:

Now y'all know that I love me some Nicole ... and y'all know that she is fond of taking fashion risks ... but c'mon ... is she serious with those boots? They look like she bought them at a souvenir shop at the Arizona airport. The Motorola Pink RAZR is HOT (obvs) but the boots are not. Incidentally, I was at The Grove last night ... but it was well after Nicole was there. [Source]

Victoria Beckham was on hand earlier this week for the Pride of Britain Awards:

I am shocked at how normal she looks ... well, more normal than usual. Sure her ribcage is poking thru her chest skin in that second picture but she doesn't look as heavily botoxed as she normally does. Perhaps she is human after all? [Source]

Rachel McAdams is a very beautiful girl ... that is why it pains me so that she was photographed in such an unflattering manner. Here are a couple pictures of Rachel at the Shop Girl press conference:

Not only could you make a fortune selling ads on her forehead but that dress looks like it doesn't fit her right. At least I like the shoes ... that counts for something, right? ::waits for 150 hate-emails from devout Rachel McAdams supporters:: [Source]

Check out this very cute picture of Denise Richards carrying her new baby girl Lola:

Lola's got some cute little chubby cheeks. It's a good thing she's too young to start starving herself to look thinner. [Source]

Check out Jared Leto on the cover of Strut magazine:

He looks great ... I like the jacket ... the poses are a bit much but he's a rocker now so he has to show off his more aggro side. [Source]

Hmmmm .... the girl in this picture with Jared backstage at one of his shows looks awfully like Lindsay Lohan, don't she?

She's walking around town with his mark on her foot ... why don't they just come out and say that they're dating? [Source]

Brad Pitt is such a manly man that he was chosen to play the tough outlaw Jesse James:

... but he wasn't always such a manly man ...

I dunno, I don't think this is a good color for him ... maybe he should try something in a light blue ... [Source]

And finally ... those Laguna Beach chicks are everywhere ... here they are all made up for US Weekly magazine:

Click above for full size image

Alex H. looks so much better ... Kristin looks okay ... Jessica looks scary. [thanks Melissa]

Yesterday was a very busy day ... I had a meeting on the Fox TV lot and ran into Pink reader Renee. Jim and I had lunch at the Fox commissary which was kind of surreal ... afterwards we got to hang out with some very cool peeps at Warner Bros. Records. I was allowed to preview Madonna's new album -- the first single, Hung Up, is amazing! Trust me ... the song is going to blow up ... every club will be playing this song very soon. I can't wait!!! All in all it was a hectic day ... but fun nonetheless.

Last night I went to the movies with B and his super-sweet girlfriend ... they graciously invited me to tag along ... we went to see Two for the Money at The Grove:

The movie was fun ... Renee Russo was amazing. I had a blast.

Today ... more meetings ... they never end ...

Tonight we are planning on seeing DJ Ben-G do a DJ gig ... not sure where it's gonna be just yet ... but that's where I'll be.

I'm out. Posted 12:20 PM PST