Friday, October 21, 2005

Back In The Saddle

What a great day to get back to blogging ... today we FINALLY have our first look at Sean Preston Spears Federline ... behold, the NEW and IMPROVED Spederline:

Image Removed, click HERE to find out why

The baby is cute but don't he looked totally horrified? That's what having Kevin Federline as a father will do to ya ... especially when you bear a resemblance to him! Britney looks great ... she looks totally content ... and all cleaned up -- but did she have some regret after the pictures were taken? Things are looking up for our pop starlet. It is my understanding that People magazine will print these pictures this week. [via World of Britney and]

Sean Preston's hair doesn't look long enough yet ... but I do see corn rows in the poor kid's future ... that and lots and lots of therapy.

In other Spederline news, it looks like there was a run-in between the 2 men that Britney Spears has been married to. Both K-Fed and Jason Alexander, with date, went to the same club on the same night:

Unfortunately there wasn't any fallout to speak of. It would have been kinda cool if the good ol' boys had gotten in each other's face. If words had been exchanged I'm sure there would'a been chewin' tobacco flyin' all over the place. [Source]

For the first time since her riding accident on August 16th, Madonna got back up on a horse:

David Letterman got Madonna to get up on a horse again to go for a little ride. Click HERE if you missed watching it on The Late Show last night. Good for her! If you fall off a horse (even if you break like 45 bones) then you must eventually get back up on that horse. [Source via ONTD!]Madonna, David Letterman go riding

Now y'all know I love me some Madonna ... she is THE supreme pop artist ... bigger than EVERYONE else ... but what is up with all the purple?

Boo! Well, actually ... not Boo ... purple does go well with Pink after all :) [Source, Source, Source]

Let's move on ... Lindsay Lohan is such a damn tease. First she starts putting on healthy weight (which allows her boobs to fill out again) ... and then she dyes her hair back to its natural, beautiful red color and we are to think that the L. Lo that we all know and love was back ... until she goes and dyes her hair dark brown:

Whatevs ... it's prolly for a movie or some shizz like that but I was just getting used to having our old Lindsay back. Anyways, note the 30 Seconds to Mars wristband in the second picture ... she is such a groupie. [Source]

Nicole Richie was lookin' pretty fab at the premiere of her new movie Kids in America last week:

Her collar and neck bones were all nice and sharpened for the occasion. I'm not sure how I feel about the squashed rat pinned to her dress but to each their own. I wonder if Paris Hilton knows she's missing one of her new rats. [Source]

Okay ... let's first talk about the positive things about this Ashlee Simpson picture ... well, her hair is combed and she's no longer wearing those ugly dreadlock-looking things in her hair ... and the beret isn't all bad, I s'ppose. I would have not chosen leopard-print but ... eh:

Can we talk about the tree skirt she's wearing? It's a nice nod to the 60's modern woman period (a la Mary Tyler Moore) but it looks like she's hiding something. Is she trying to hide evidence of a Wilmer Valderrama baby bump? Nah, I doubt Papa Joe Simpson would let any penis near his precious baby girl ... well, any penis but his own. [Source]

First kissing ... and now holding hands ... surely Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Vince Vaughn's baby by now, right?

I dunno ... I think it would be great if Jen found love again ... but she hooked up with Vince right after Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie while they were making a film together. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE TRUE LOVE FOREVER! [Source]

Aww ... poor Jake Gyllenhaal -- busted for illegally parking his car:

Yeah, I somehow think he's not really sweatin' the $40 parking ticket. But let's just look at the pictures anyway. [Source]

Here is an EXTREMELY cute picture of Heidi Klum, Seal and their children:

Baby Hank looks so cute ... that boy's got some dark hair. They look so content. It's kinda cute to a nauseating degree, ain't it? [Source via ivymiller]

Um ... when did Avril Lavigne turn 40 years old?

She looks great, don't get me wrong, but what happened to the little punk rock girl that stole our hearts? She looks 2 seconds away from morphing into either a Desperate Housewife or Christina Applegate. [Source via Source]

Yikes! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. Do YOU know which Academy Award-winning actress has been hiding 6 toes on one foot all these years?

Click above to see full-size image

Big up to Save Manny for sniffing out this picture. [Source]

If you spend any time at all watching MTV's Laguna Beach then you know that Jessica is not a very smart girl. She tends to make all the wrong choices ... paramount of which was her decision to become Jason's door mat (and worse) for so long. But, it seems that she has finally come to her senses ... she hooked back up with LB has-been Dieter:

It's nice to know that true love can happen for children too. [Source]

Speaking of the Laguna Beach old guard ... I wonder what the elderstatesman of LB, Stephen, has been doing to occupy his time since he was dumped by both Kristin and LC ... let's check in with the lad to see how he's faring:

Yeah, whatever gets you thru the day dude. Smoke one down for me, too. [thanks Alana]

Colin Farrell is on the cover of the new issue of Details magazine:

He's looking especially swarthy in these pictures ... he's got that look in his eye ... like he needs to put his penis in some woman in order to make another baby. I think it's 'cuz he's probably drunk. [Source via ONTD!]

And finally, check out this semi-sexy promo picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar from her new movie Southland Tales:

We know she plays a porn star ... I would have suggested a more suggestive pose ... with less clothing but hey, I just do a dumb blog -- who cares what I think? [Source]

The news:
Yeah yeah yeah ... things have been hectic ... running around all over LA and then jetting cross the country to handle some biznazz in NYC ... but that's all done for now. Being home has been great. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be in my own bed again. I've been able to spend time with our children (Majik, Zoe and Leo) and I've had time to veg on our big-ass couch -- it's nice. I think I have a better grasp on how to handle things when everything comes at me all at once ... just do one thing at a time.

So much has happened since I've been jet-setting around ... the kids at ONTD! managed to capture my appearance on [thanks Barry] Those cheeky monkeys at Queerty even managed to comment on my recent drama-rama ... it's strange to know that I have become the fodder for other bloggers to comment about. I'm just trying to do my thang ... find out a way to be happy with my life and just be.

Hanging out at TRL is very fun ... it is really a one-of-a-kind experience:

I remember the first time that Sarah and I went to NYC we stood outside the MTV studios during TRL and cheered from the outside. That was fun ... being inside is way funner. [Source]

The weather has gotten very cool here in Detroit while I was gone ... I'm trying to get used to dressing more warmly when I go out ... I mean, I'm still gonna wear my t-shirts and jeans but now I have to remember to wear a coat, too. Ah well, it's fall in Detroit ... and that's how we roll.

Erik and I are having a date night tonight ... Adriana is home from LA for a wedding and hopefully I'll get to hang with her at some point this weekend. I'm also looking forward to seeing Tracey and baby Zakiya this weekend as well. Life is good ... I just need to remember that.

I'm out. Lates.