Saturday, October 22, 2005

Now You See Him ...

... now you don't. It seems that the story about Britney Spears freaking out after agreeing to have her baby's picture taken was true after all. Britney has decided to sic her lawyers on any website that posts the "stolen" pictures. Ah well ... at least we got to spend all day long yesterday checking out the new kid. And if you really want to see the pix you can probably still find them somewhere on the Internets.

So, to make up for no pictures of Sean Preston here are some pictures of Britney Spears sucking ...

... a coffee drink from The Coffee Bean. These pictures are from last weekend when Britney emerged in Malibu ... it can't be long before proper pictures of Sean Preston come out ... so we have to wait ... again. [Source]

The boys at Oh La La were able to attend the 2005 Best in Drag Show in LA last weekend ... and by the looks of it the place was crawling with all sorts of drag queens:

Yeah ... some of those queens are really scary! [Source]

Rose McGowan has had a pretty interesting week so far ... depending on which story you'd like to believe she was either arrested for a drug-related incident or she was mistakenly taken into custody because of a misunderstanding ... but she's moved on from all of that ... Rose showed up at the Revlon/Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show to Benefit the UCLA Breast Cancer center looking fine and chipper:

Could her whole drama-rama have been a ploy to generate buzz and get people to watch Charmed again? Who knows ... we do know that Rosie is a funny gal:

This picture would have been way more hilarious if she were handcuffed and had her face pushed down onto the ground by the Policeman's boot. Now that would be funny. [Source]

I can't believe that some people still think that Ashlee Simpson is talentless:

Looks like the lass has many talents that we've yet to see. [Source]

It seems confirmed that Avril Lavigne has recently moved into the early stages of menopause:

You know what ... that's totally cool. Even punky girls can rock outfits from Talbots. [Source]

What have we here ...? Jessica Alba and Terrance Howard??? They make an odd couple I think:

It sucks for her that he's got the better shoes ... but she's got the better hat. Hmmm ... maybe they make a good couple after all. [Source]

Here is the first look at the issue of Attitude magazine with Madonna on the cover:

I do love the color scheme but it does remind me of a photoshoot that Kylie Minogue did for her last album. But we all know that Madonna is a Kylie fan so it's all good ... right? [Source]

And finally, news is starting to emerge that MTV is sniffing around the Detroit area in order to bring a season of The Real World here. MTV has even leased a space in Royal Oak, MI for use on the show:

Interesting ... I can't imagine what it would be like if The Real World did come to the Detroit 'burbs. I guess we'll have to see if this really turns out to be the case. [thanks Paul]

Les News:
Erik and I spent a nice quiet night home last night ... we had a great sushi dinner at Noble Fish and then came home for some productive conversation. There is so much going on with my life right now that we had a lot that we needed to talk about.

We did watch the new Madonna movie I'm Going to Tell You a Secret on MTV at 10 PM. He liked it ... didn't love it ... I loved it just as much as when I saw it at the screening last Tuesday.

Today, Erik is going up to East Lansing to spend the night at Jake's and I am going to stay home and relax. I really want to see Tracey and Zakiya but then there's Ben and Sam's housewarming party as well. I'd like to do both ... but I'm not sure how that is going to work out.