Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Was Made For Dancing

Madonna took New York City by storm last night in order to personally bring her new single, Hung Up, to the masses. First up, Madge loaded up her entourage and went to hang out with the hipsters at MisShapes:

My girl Gurj was able to snap this awesome picture of Madonna as she entered the club. [thanks Gurj]

Matt from the blog You Know Music was also there and has this to say about Madonna's appearance at MisShapes:

She showed up 12 people deep in three vehicles wearing an amazing around the neck blue dress. The club is very small and more of a hipster hangout than the big clubs in the Meatpacking district. Because of this they don't have backdoors or secret entrances. She walked right in through the front door. As soon as she came in the crowd went crazy. She went up to the DJ booth and said a little hello and then introduced her single.

OMG ... that sounds so fun. Pink readers Diane and Jeremy were also in the hizzy and they graciously share their pictures with us. I bet the gang at MisShapes went Apeshits when Madonna walked into the building. How much do I love that Stuart Price is wearing a pink shirt! [thanks so much Diane & Jeremy]

UPDATE: My boy Andrew sent in his Madonna pictures from her appearance at MisShapes last night:

I especially love these pictures because you can see some of the MisShapes gang having so much fun in the melee. But where's the Ultra Hot One in all of the hub-bub?! [thanks Andrew]

BUT, her Madgesty wasn't done there ... next up she hit The Roxy:

It's cool to know that Madonna still cares enough about her fans to go out and party with them still ... even if for just a little while. With a husband and family it would be easy to understand why she might shy away from doing things like this ... but Madonna is a club girl at heart ... she's been partying for years (decades, even) it's not really that surprising that she would take the time to hang out with her peeps on the dancefloor. [DrownedMadonna]

The buzz generated by this album is really infectious ... I cannot wait to have the album in my hands ... by all accounts, it sounds like it's just a balls out, wall-to-wall party record. I can't wait to hear it all in its entirety.

Okay ... let's move on ... Paris Hilton seems to have dug her claws deep into her latest male companion. Check out these pictures of Paris getting all cozy with her new beau Stavros Niarchos:

I don't really see the attraction. It has to be because he has more money than she does. It would explain her "true love" for Paris Latsis as well. Paris Hilton could, theoretically, pull the hottest guy ... and yet she goes after these semi-average looking, insanely wealthy guys instead. I guess you can buy love. [Source]

Speaking of pulling hot guys ... check out these pictures of David Beckham chillin' at a tennis match with a new friend:

Hmmm, I wonder what's going on. It's not very surprising that Victoria Beckham isn't around ... HMMMMMMMM. This new dude is kinda young, ain't he? [Source]

So Quentin Tarantino is still gettin' in Shar Jackson's pants? Seriously?!?!

I do not understand these 2. They make the oddest couple ... it must be their common love of existentialism or Sartre that keeps them together. [Source]

Whoops! It seems that that picture of Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston holding hands WAS A LIE!!!!

So Vince was actually holding hands with a body double? That's it ... Vinnifer are over ... we were wrong all along. Boy, were we suckered. [Source]

Tori Amos is on the cover of the September/October issue of Malibu Times and she is looking HOT:

The article doesn't actually mention Tori very much ... but the pictures do rock. [Source]

And finally, Mariah Carey is on the cover of the new issue of CosmoGirl magazine:

Once again, Mariah wants to remind you that you can never be too old to be a CosmoGirl. [Source]

Yesterday afternoon I got to spend a lot of time with Tracey and the EXTREMELY beautiful princess Zakiya. I cannot believe how much that baby has grown. She's so beautiful that you just can't stop looking at her ... which is why I was at Tracey's place until midnight. We had a great dinner at Conor O'Neill's and then went back to Tracey's to talk and play with the baby.

On my way home from Ann Arbor, I swung by Ben and Sam's housewarming party ... I only planned on staying for a little bit but after hours of singing 90's pop songs and TV theme songs to bongo drums ... well, I didn't get home until well after 4 AM.

Erik comes home from East Lansing this evening ... and I can't wait.

And I guess that's about it ... I'm out.

PS: I'm hearing rumblings that Pink and Carey Hart got married in Las Vegas last night ... news should be definite one way or another soon. [thanks Deanna]