Monday, October 24, 2005

Robbie WILLY-ams

Robbie Williams will stop at nothing in order to generate hype over one of his new projects. For years, he has been coyly giving us hints at seeing him in the nude ... and it seems that he has taken that coyish behavior one step further. If you head over to his official website you will see a pretty NSFW flash video of Mr. Williams showing various parts of his naked body:

... before he gives the world a flash of his penis ... by wiggling it around and up and down:

Click the above to see the uncensored image

I, for one, am aghast that he would stoop so low with such a sad attempt at garnering media attention ... Er, I mean I salute him for taking such a bold step forward at garnering media attention. [Source via Oh La La]

Click HERE to see an even LARGER version of the videol

Oh Robbie ...

Love Is In The Heir

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna ... everywhere you look ... everywhere you read ... it's all about Madonna's appearances at MisShapes and The Roxy on Saturday night. There are SO many pictures out there now ... so let's take one last look at Maddy as she plays club queen. Here are a few pictures from the official MisShapes website:

I love it! If you are familiar with the photos usually taken at MisShapes then you can tell that Madonna fits right in with their vibe. [Source] has a whole slew of kickass pictures from The Roxy:

Andy was at The Roxy and he has this to say at Towleroad:

Madonna told the crowd, "You know I have a long history with the Roxy so I only thought it appropriate that I come here to share my new album with you and dance. It all started here with 12 inches. Some girls have all the luck." The crowd went wild of course, and Madonna said, "Are you fucking ready? Ok, let's go."

Obviously Madonna was way more interactive with the fans at The Roxy than she was with the fans at MisShapes. Can you imagine getting plucked out of the crowd to dance on stage with Madonna herself?! It sounds like it was a very fun night. [Source]

One thing is for sure ... Madonna still knows how to create a frenzy ... I suspect there is much more coming our way in the weeks and days leading up to the release of Confessions on a Dancefloor.

Yeah ... so one of the newest couples has to be Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos, who I've decided to call Parisopolis. Check out the frisky pair as they entertain themselves on ATVs down in Mexico:

At first I thought she was just flinging with him in order to create controversy and to piss off the Olsens. But, the more they are photographed kissing and canoodling the more it seems like they've really hooked up. Is it the money or the Greekness? Who knows ... it will be interesting to see what comes from these 2. Does his mother know about her sex tape? [Source]

Pink reader Deanna emailed me yesterday morning to alert me to the fact that Pink and Carey Hart got married in Vegas over the weekend ... and look, Pink dyed her hair blue for the occasion:

Carey assures us that he really, really loves her. I wish them both the best. [Source]

Victoria Beckham is in Los Angeles spending time with her mother (as she incubates another Beckham baby in her tummy?) doing the usual shopping and stuff like that. But, what I need to know is what the fuck is wrong with her sweater?

No wait, the better question would be What the fuck is wrong with her that she would opt to wear a sweater like this? Sorry, the expletive was necessary. Thankfully, Vicki ditched the sweater and chose instead to wear a classy dress. Her mother must hate her -- to let her be seen in public like this. [Source, Source]

David Beckham, on the other hand, is a world away back in Europe busying himself with other company ... check out Becks on the playing field with his new friend:

I find it hard to believe that Becks is missing his wife much while she is away. [Source]

Speaking of dudes who don't seem to miss their wives much while they are away -- here are some pictures of Ryan Phillippe hanging out with his best bud Breckin Meyer:

Does Brecks look uncomfortable being photographed with Ryan to you? Hmmm ... anyways, Ryan is still sporting that full tattooed arm sleeve ... surely it's for a movie, right? [Source]

Renée Zellweger, newly single again, is trying her hand at mastering the lunch meeting:

She seems to have some difficulty with the major concepts but with a little practice I'm sure she'll get it down -- er, the concepts, not the food. [Source]

Devil-woman Shannen Doherty has sunk her claws into a new piece of man ... check out these pictures with her new dude:

He looks so jovial and happy ... they mustn't have been dating for long. [Source]

So, okay ... Ashlee Simpson sings that she "didn't steal" Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend (Wilmer Valderrama) but Ashlee did confirm in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that she USED to date Wilmer but that they are no longer dating. BUT, any time you see pictures from an Ashlee Simpson event -- Wilmer is always there ... he is such a good friend, ain't he?

The question then becomes ... when did Nick Lachey lose his marbles? Is the man on medication or something? Maybe he thinks that if he acts all weird that it will draw attention away from the fact that his marriage is allegedly falling apart. [Source, Source -- thanks Kacey]

Michelle Trachtenberg was all smiles at the Mercedes-Benz 2006 Fashion Week event last week:

I like pulling for Michelle ... I'd love to see her get huge -- fame-wise, not butt-wise. [Source]

Nicole Richie was looking all SkeletwinalTM at the Environmental Media Awards:

I believe she was there promoting such environmental notions as not eating so that other less fortunate people can eat instead. It's a very noble cause. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera spent some time with Jordy and his family picking out pumpkins for upcoming Halloween festivities:

I see that she opted for the Pamela Anderson-size pumpkin over the Nicole Richie-sized ones. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Prince William as he takes on the military entrance tests:

I think the helmet is hot. But wouldn't it be more appropriate for Prince Wills to be all sweaty and shirtless, crawling thru mud and under barbed wire among other shirtless and sweaty dudes? Wait, does that stuff only happen in the US military? [Source]

Pink reader Amy ran into Stephen, from Laguna Beach, at a local bar. Here are some of her personal pictures of Stephen with her and her friends:

That kid is going to miss having a liver in about 3 years. [thanks Amy]

While Stephen is busy drinking his dwindling fame away ... Talan is making connections with already established famous peeps in order to fortify his staying power. Here are pictures of Talan with Brody Jenner (Kristin's new boyfriend) and Jesse McCartney:

So when does Talan's debut album drop? With new music on the horizon from both Talan and Kevin Federline -- I predict that 2006 will be THE best year for new music ever! [Source -- thanks Nix]

Um -- did you know that Foxy Brown is deaf?

Actually, that would explain a lot. [thanks Jon]

And finally, check out these awesome screencaptures from Will Young's new video Switch It On ... it is a brilliant homage to Tom Cruise's movie Top Gun:

The most amazing thing about the video is that Will has managed to take the volleyball and locker room scenes from Top Gun and make them gay-looking! Can you imagine?! [Source]

The news:
I had a glorious day of DOING NOTHING yesterday ... I just layed about, did some laundry ... and then layed about again. Erik got home at around 7 and then we had a late dinner. It was very nice.

Tonight Sarah and VLB are coming over to our place to watch the first 2 episodes of VH1's I Love the 80's 3D. We've got our 3D glasses from Best Buy and are all ready to go!

Last thing, I have to give a big shout out to GRACIE. I hear she is a big Pink fan and I have to send out lots of pink love to her! XO

Annnnnnnnd ... I'm out.