Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Everything To Me

Boo! Our dear Spederline has gone underground ever since the release leaking of the Sean Preston photos. Britney has, no doubt, holed herself up in her mansion in order to stay out of the public eye. Ah well ... she'll emerge again one day soon ... and that baby can't stay hidden forever, right? Anyways, to tide us over lets check out this picture of Britney's first husband, Jason Alexander, hanging out with a bunch of inconsequential people ... including Trishelle from The Real World: Las Vegas:

It's funny how "fame" works. Do you suppose Jason was just hanging out with Trishelle in order to mooch off her "celebrity" ... or was it the other way around. In either case, it's kinda sad. The only thing that could be worse would be if Jason and Trishelle actually started dating ... talk about your z-listers scraping the bottom of the barrel. [thanks Whitney]

Here are even MORE pictures of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos cavorting on the beach:

The thing that strikes me most is how quickly Paris seems to have moved on. It wasn't that long ago that she was sucking face with Paris Latsis while professing her undying love for him. And not 3 weeks after their engagement ended she is already swapping spit with another dude. Does she really wonder why people doubt her sincerity? I doubt that Stavros really knows what he's in for. [Source]

Don't worry folks ... there is nothing wrong with Lindsay Lohan's lips ...

You see, they're actually not swollen ... you're just watching an episode of I Love Lindsay's Lips 3D. [Source]

Carlos Leon spent some time this week with his daughter Lourdes and her little brother Rocco. It's nice that he is still a part of his daughter's life:

Otherwise there is no way in hell any of us would even know who he is. [Source]

Angelina Jolie is in NYC ... here are some pictures of Miss Jolie with her children Zahara and Maddox:

Call me crazy, but I suspect that little Zahara is going to grow up to be a fiery little hellion. I can see it in her eyes ... she is going to be vicious. And Maddox is going to be her whipping boy -- you just wait and see. [Source]

Here are some new pictures of Avril Lavigne with her fiancee Deryck Whibley. Thankfully she is dressing more her own age ...

... but now it's Deryck who is borrowing his grandfather's clothing. Those shorts ... those socks ... Oy Vey! [Source]

Um ... what, if anything, do the Olsen Twins do anymore? Is their life nothing but dressing in rags, drinking coffee, dropping out of school and raking in insane amounts of dinero?

Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad life at all. [Source]

Reese Witherspoon was on hand for a press conference for Walk the Line ... and she was very emotive:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why she is a highly sought after actress. [Source]

Both Kristin and LC (from Laguna Beach) were on hand for the Style Awards this year ... who do you think looked better?

It's well known whose team I play for ... but c'mon, look at LC's hair! That poodle-do has got to go. [Source]

In other Lagunaness ... Casey Reinhardt has opened up her official website ... where you can gaze upon her beauty or where you can contact her to do some modeling:

My question is ... who is the girl in this first picture? It doesn't even look like the Casey we know and love ... which is actually a good thing. Note that in the second picture she is boobless ... it was have been taken before she received her graduation present. [Source]

Here are some preview photos from the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Awww, it looks like a couple dreams will come true for our fave Hogwart's students -- young love! [Source]

Check out the front and back album artwork for Madonna's new album Confessions on a Dancefloor:

So hot ... I can't wait to get my hands on this album! [Source]

Liz Phair is on the cover of Harp magazine ... the cover photo is kinda blah but the other pictures are smokin':

Her interview is great ... she never backs down from her resolve to make the music she wants to make -- not what other people want her to make. She says:

Some people want me make to make Exile in Guyville every time. You know what? I understand that. I want to see Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy every time-I want to see her do You've Got Mail over and over. But that doesn't mean I have to do that with my music ... Guyville wasn't my production style or my sound, it was me working in the situation at hand. I think I have a lot more in common with Madonna than the Ramones, in terms of trying on different hats musically.

Liz totally rules ... I have been listening to her new album Somebody's Miracle nonstop ... I hope she brings her tour to Detroit soon. [Source]

Jesse Metcalfe is the newest GQ boy:

Man, all he needs is normal-looking (not waxed-to-death) eyebrows and he'd be all set. Sigh. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan is all grown-up and stuff in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly:

She's getting praised for her new role on How I Met Your Mother but all I see and hear is Willow when I watch that show ... which I don't even watch anymore cuz it's gotten boring. Sigh. [Source]

In other Buffyverse news, James Marsters is about to make his debut on Smallville as Brainiac ...

I would be more hopeful about this new role for him except I never watch Smallville. I even missed the Aquaman episode ... ah well, in any regard, I'm sure James won't suck. [Source]

Oprah Winfrey has the power to make anyone buckle and cry on her show ... take Tyson Beckford, for example:

Poor Tyson couldn't keep the secret of his long-lost love child hidden any longer ... oh wait ... that's not right ... oh well, he was crying about something -- that mean ol' Oprah! [Source]

And finally, let us rejoice we children of the 80's ... look what is coming to DVD:

It's gonna be a fun Xmas this year! [Source]

Last night Erik and I went to the movies to see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit together:

Can I just tell you what a cute-ass movie it was?! If you're a fan of Wallace & Gromit then you have to see this movie. Is it wrong that I couldn't stop giggling everytime the little rabbits went WEEEEEEEEEEEE!? Trust me, it's a cute date movie. [Source]

I'm having a hard time talking Erik into dressing up with me for Halloween. I've never been able to dress up for Halloween with a significant other. I think we just handed out candy last year ... I want us to dress up but he's not feeling it ... does anyone have any suggestions? I think if I can find a fun place for us to go he'll be more willing to dress up ... unfortch the We R DJ danceparty on Thursday is no longer an option. That leaves the Dethlab party on Friday or the Halloween Bang! on Saturday. I wanna dress up, damnit!!!!

Okay ... I'm done rambling ... I'm outta here ...

PS: I love the firestorm that brews everytime I use the word Irregardless -- everytime I use the word in one of my posts I get a maelstrom of feedback both positive and negative. Have you checked out the comments from yesterday? Haven't people ever heard of poetic license? Haven't people ever seen Mean Girls? Oy!!!!