Friday, October 28, 2005

One Not So Small Step For Man

Blah ... sorry for the lateness ... I stayed up too late last night ... the days are so short now ... it's already dark by 6:30 PM and it's very depressing. Blaurgh!!!! Let's get to it ...

Woot! Jake Gyllenhaal was in the hizzy last night at the premiere of his new(est) movie Jarhead ... check out these pix of Jakey and his sister Maggie:

I'm very sad to see that Heath Ledger did not show up to support our dear Jake at the opening of his new movie. Geeze, are they taking it back on the downlow? [Source]

Madonna emerges from her pilates class wearing the 1-888-2Confess t-shirt that I wore on MTV's TRL:

Her hair is very Farah Fawcett ... very Charlie's Angels ... she is rockin' that disco diva cum soccer mom look, ain't she? [Source]

Hilary Duff has returned home from her European jaunt:

And she has joined the ranks of the Motorola Pink RAZR users. Now we can be phone twins. The pink RAZR is due to be available for purchase by mid-November at T-Mobile so I might have to move on to my next pink phone. [Source, thanks Vixen]

Paris and Nicky Hilton continue to take their roving party all over town:

All that is missing are the STDs ... oh wait ... [Source]

Awww ... I love it when Brad Dad Pitt spends time with little Maddox:

Taking the lad to school is nice, normal and sweet. That kid has got to be so attached to him by now. Do we expect a Brad and Angelina wedding by year's end? [Source]

Prince William likes playing with the big boys ...

... and the little boys as well. Maybe he should play with David Beckham ... yes ... running around, gettin' all sweaty ... and playful ... on the soccer field ... yeah ... on the soccer field. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett are still goin' strong ...

Once you're infected ... you're infected FOR LIFE. You know ... infected with love and stuff ... [Source]

See ... Dannii Minogue doesn't have to wear sequins and short shorts all the time to look fabulous:

She is so pretty when she's dressed normally. She needs to release her next album soon ... before Kylie makes her comeback. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan and her friend Elmer Fudd spent the day together this week:

Um ... [Source]

George Takei, the man known the world over as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, has come out and proclaimed his homosexuality. I say, good for him!

When asked why he chose to "come out" he had this to say:

You know, it's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen. And then some doors are open and light comes in, and there are skylights and it widens. Brad's my partner, we've been together for 18 years. So, I've been "open," but I have not talked to the press. In that sense, maybe that's another opening of the corridor there.

I can identify with the "long, long walk" thing ... it's not always something that you decide in one moment and then act upon ... it's a process. It can take a long time to be comfortable with who you are ... and it's not always easy. Kudos to George for finding the strength to tell his story because I know it's going to help other people with their own stories. [Source]

Ready for your Laguna Beach update? Yeah yeah, it's just another set of pictures but these kids do get around town:

The trick will be if any of them can make the transition from LBers to something else entirely. Although, if anyone can make a living out of merely going to parties, I suspect this is the gang to do just that. [thanks Doll]

Oh no, it looks like Mariah Carey has finally gone overboard in her attempt at harnessing eternal youth:

Ho Ho Ho. [Source]

Still looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea? The New York Post offers this awesome idea:

It's perrrfect! Man, I wish I could pull this off! [Source]

And finally, check out the November issue of Instinct magazine ... you might recognize one of the issue's contributors:

Click above for larger image

The guys at Instinct asked me to pinkify a couple of their previous covers for the Fluffer section of their magazine:

Click above for larger image

And I happily complied ... Erik and I have been subscribers to Instinct for a while now ... I was very shocked and flattered when they asked me. If you get the chance, pick up a copy for yourself!

I finally got to spend some time with Sarah last night. We chilled at her place for a little while before we headed out to see a couple of movies. First up, we saw North Country. The movie was fine but it wasn't what I was expecting. It was basically Coal Miner's Daughter meets Norma Rae meets Erin Brocovich. I was expecting to be more moved by the story ...

Next, we saw Elizabethtown. Sarah had already seen it and I was curious ... UGH ... it was wretched. There really wasn't one thing that I liked about the movie. I didn't care for the characters, in the least, nor did I care to see how the resolution came about. Trust me ... stay away from this one -- it's really, really bad. On the plus side, Mark's friend Mike Naughton has a bit part (as another cousin) in the flick ... it was cool seeing him on screen.

Erik and I are going to see Kathy Griffin tonight. She's on tour and stops in the Detroit Metro area tonight. We are very excited ... it would be awesome to get to meet her ... after the show I think we are going to the Dethlab danceparty as OSLO ... we still need to pick up our costumes but I have an idea of what we're going to be. Joe, on the other hand, thinks I should dress as something else:

God ... I would be too damn scary dressed as either. Ugh!

That is all ... I hope you have a great spooky weekend ... I'm out.