Sunday, October 30, 2005


Woot! It's only one more day 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween ... one more day 'til Halloween ... Silver Shamrock:

Well ... I think I'm all Halloweened out ... we went to 2 danceparties already ... dressed up again last night (pix at the end of today's post). All that is left is for the handing out of the candy ... I couldn't possibly go trick-or-treating ... right? Incidentally, if you have never seen the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch then you are very VERY fortunate. [Source]

Let's get to the goss ... Kevin Federline has emerged from hiding to burn thru some of Britney's money ... here are pictures of our fave freeloader droppin' mad dollas at Ed Hardy in Santa Monica:

I guess he must have been running low on trucker hats. [Source]

Paris and Nicky Hilton got all dolled up for a Halloween party this weekend ... here are pictures of the girls dressed as a cavewoman and a policewoman:

I think they kinda look boring ... the cop outfit is a bit blah and the cavewoman outfit it just eh. At least Paris let a bit of her underboob peek out from her top. That's hot? [Source]

Paris Hilton attended the Blender magazine's Rock and Roll Halloween party earlier this week and was met by a cavalcade of A-List celebs:

Oh wait ... my bad. [Source]

Pink reader Meghan sent in these pictures of Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie in Winnipeg, Canada:

I love that she was able to get so close to him. The pictures rule, thanks for sharing Meghan.

Tori Spelling seems to have found another, another boyfriend:

Or should I say manfriend? This dude looks a little long in the tooth. [Source]

Here are some great pictures of Ben Affleck:

I can finally see his appeal. [Source]

Here is a picture from Brody Jenner's My Space profile ...

... that Kristin clone standing behind them does not look happy. She definitely has that Team LC jealousy look in her eye. [Source, thanks Nix]

And finally ... I recently received an email from Abercrombie & Fitch alerting me to the fact that they now have their new season's clothes:

I may have to stop by and check it out. [Source]

Les News:
Whadda night, whadda night ... Erik and I hung out all day with Brandon before I had to go to the Gwen Stefani concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. I have to admit that I was very surprised by the show ... it was way better than I thought it would be. Gwen is selling out arenas with just one album! Amazing! The Black Eyed Peas opened up the show ... now, I'm not a BEP fan at all but I went in with an open mind -- and they were better than I thought they'd be. I figured Fergie would be center stage and it would be all about her but that wasn't the case at all ... her ass was usually relegated to the sides of the stage. Wee! And I have to admit that their Humps, Humps song is really growing on me ... BOOOOO!!! I didn't bring a camera but I had my Sidekick and took a few grainy pictures:

Gwen told the crowd that her dad (Dennis James Stefani) and grandparents are from Michigan and that Chris, her keyboardist & background vocalist, was also from Detroit. She had a lot of love for D-town. Here is the setlist:

Harujuku Girls
What You Waiting For
The Real Thing
Rich Girl
Danger Zone
Long Way To Go (dedicated to Rosa Parks)
Wind It Up (new song)
Orange County Girl (new song)
Bubble Pop Electric


Hollaback Girl

Yeah, it was basically her whole album plus a couple new songs. The stage, the lights the dance routines ... it was a killer show.

Okay ... so after Gwen I had to book it home because we had another danceparty to go to. Erik really wanted to dress up as a priest so Brandon and I had a hard time finding costumes that matched ... we ended up going as death:

Yeah ... whatevs. We get to OSLO and immediately liquor up and start to have fun:

It was kind of a weird crowd ... I felt like I was in a Roman Polanski dream sequence ... but we had fun anyways.

And that was basically it ... we partied til we pooped and then went home ...

Did you remember to turn your clock back an hour, you folks in the US who are governed by Daylight Savings Time? If not, it's not as late in the day as you previously thought.

Today is going to be chill ... I don't want to do a thing. I'm out.