Thursday, November 03, 2005

T: In The Mix

Please tell me that y'all are still listening to that K-Fed track snippet that leaked yesterday ... yeah, I can't stop playing it either ... it kinda grows on ya ... maybe from now on I'll start calling him "Dad" instead of K-Fed.

In other Spederline news, Britney Spears' new album -- a remix album -- is set to be released on November 22 and will be titled B: In the Mix. Here is the cover artwork for the US and Japanese versions:

I'm not sure how I feel about this artwork ... it looks pretty shoddy to me ... is it wrong that I like the Japanese version, with an old school, hotter-looking Britney Photoshopped on the cover, better than the US version with just the butterfly? Does it really matter cuz we all know I'm gonna get this album anyways. [Source]

Britney's old flame (SIGH ... let's pause to remember the good old days ...) Justin Timberlake has decided to launch his own clothing line called William Rast. Here are some pictures from the launch event:

See ... now Justin is someone who people would want to buy clothes from ... no one is gonna wanna wear anything designed by Kevin Federline! K-Dawg might as well call his clothing line Kevin Nast. Why, oh, why did Britney and Justin have to break up?! Booooo!!! [Source]

Oh Lord ... look out ... the Scientologists got together to party recently ...

... they sure do look nice and normal ... maybe they aren't all as Cruiseazy as we previously thought. They do look like nice people ... yes ... very nice people ... [Source]

Hmmm ... is Ashlee Simpson dating one of the guys in her band? Here is a picture of a very shy Braxton and Ashlee heading into a club:

What is she doing with that hair net?!?!? Yeah, I wouldn't want to be seen with her lookin' like that either. [Source]

Here are some pictures from Ashlee Simpson's recent visit to Much Music:

I guess she was lookin a'ight ... and I guess that's about as much as we can hope for these days. [Source]

Paris Hilton does not believe in procreation:

Thank the Gods above. [Source]

Mariah Carey paid a little visit to MTV's TRL this week:

Too bad she left her humungo nipples at home. Have y'all seen her new video yet? It's H-O-T. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. have decided to forego the nice little jaunts in NYC in lieu of traveling by taxi cab:

That way they keep from stepping into any messes left on the street. [Source]

Whoa ... Hollywood Tuna has uncovered some incriminating pictures of Victoria Beckham kissing another man ...

Hmmm ... so if it's okay for Victoria to kiss men do you suppose it's okay for David Beckham to do the same? Man, I hope so. [Source]

In other Vicki news, homegirl is on the cover of British Elle magazine this month:

That woman is all bones and boobs ... no wonder she's a huge celebrity. [Source]

Here is another picture of Jake Gyllenhaal from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine:

Woot! Andy Towle attended a screening of Jarhead this week and offers his review HERE. I haven't read it yet because I need to see the movie for myself first ... but check it out if ya like. [Source]

James Marsters returns to The WB as Brainiac on Smallville ...

Hey, I didn't want you to forget ... we gots ta support our ex-Buffyverse peeps whenever they get new work. [Source]

And finally ... here is a little bit of Laguna Beachness for your Thursday morning ... I'm not sure if this is real or not ... but knowing Lo, I'm fairly certain that this picture of her nip slip is prolly the real deal:

You're gonna have to click HERE to see the VERY NSFW uncensored picture. You know, they should do a spin-off show that revolves all round Lo and her adventures in college. Wouldn't that rule?! They could call it The Lo Down ... Aim High, Get Lo ... or Lo Blow ... think about it MTV. [Source, thanks Erin]

So last night Erik and I spent our last night together by having a nice dinner with some nice conversation afterwards. I'm really gonna miss him while I'll be away ... he keeps me grounded and makes everything feel safe and secure. I can't wait until this week is dunzo so that I can get back home to him.

So yeah ... I'm off to LA for a week ... I've got some stuff to do ... I'll have updates along the way ... posting may be sporadic but it will come ...

... so I guess I'll see y'all on the Wesside! Holla!

I'm out.