Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pink Is The ... New York Times

Ugh ... I had the most surreal night last night ... it's actually a story so insane that it would sound totally unbelievable if it weren't true ... but I'll get to that in a bit ... oh and yeah ... I'm still "recovering" from last night so ... yeah ...

Let's get it all going with some Jake Gyllenhaal. Here are some pictures of our fave boy as he takes to the streets of NYC:

It is always nice seeing pictures of Jake out and about but I wish he were out and about here in LA ... then at least there'd be hope for a chance encounter. Le sigh. [Source]

Jake has been doing the talk show circuit lately, here are some screencaptures from his visit to Live with Regis and Kelly which come courtesy of my friends at Our Daily Ripa:

It's great to see him take on the tough questions. Ya gotta love him! [Source]

Holy crap ... it's been a while since we've had a classic Kim Stewart fugly-ass fug sighting ... what a way to spend the weekend:

It wouldn't be surprised if a nest of birds have taken roost in that ratty hair she's got goin' on. PLEASE DON'T GET ME STARTED on the boots ... there isn't enough time to accurately convey what I really think of them ... are there reindeer woven on those boots?!? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Anyways, let's just leave it at saying that they're really effing nasty and call it a day. [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... what have we here?! Miss Haylie Duff has found a new friend it seems:

Hmm ... we never see Haylie out on her own ... and with a man, no less ... I'm not really feelin' the silk slip over jeans thing ... but she looks happy with that dude so I'll cut her some slack. [Source]

Speaking of being happy with a dude ... how about some David Beckham this fine Sunday morning?

Damn, I need to get my ass on a professional soccer team ... can you imagine all the "accidental" things I could get away with doing to Becks on the playing field. "Oh, I'm sorry Becksie ... I didn't mean to poke you there with this ..." [Source, thanks Brandon]

Pink reader Norma sent in a couple of pictures of the filming of the movie Clerks 2 which is taking place down the street from her friend's house in Buena Park California in the OC:

Firstly, Yay! for Clerks 2! And secondly, thanks to Norma for sending in these cool pictures.

Beginning with this post I'm going to feature a weekly hot guy ... I mean, I know I always feature hot guys but this is an excuse to post pictures of really, really hot regular non-famous guys because who doesn't like checkin' out hot dudes ... right? Let's say hello to Brian:

Oh yeah ... I really look forward to picking a new guy each Sunday morning. Hot! [Source]

And finally, if you are so inclined, you can pick up today's issue of The New York Times ... you can flip to the Arts & Leisure section and check out a little interview I did with them:

Click above to read the full article

Or you can click above and read it right here. I have to give much thanks to Peri for sending me the advance scan.

Les News:
Okay... so here's the quick recap of my insanely surreal yesterday ... I was able to have lunch and coffee with Joel yesterday afternoon ... he's so cool y'all ... he's always giving me the best advice and offering any help he can ... he's seriously a hella cool guy and an effing awesome friend. I am so glad we were able to hang out on this trip ... my week days are so booked that I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to connect ... I'm glad we were able to work it out.

Jim and I spent the afternoon hanging out ... and then he had a party that he had to get to ... I almost opted out cuz I wasn't feeling in a very party mood but I decided to go in the end. Jim had talked to Alan Cumming (yeah, that Alan Cumming) earlier in the day and was invited to hang out with him ... so I figured I'd go to the party, Jim could go play with Alan and I could call it a night.

So we get to Ted and Larry's B-Movie themed party (called It Came From Toluca Lake) and proceed to have a nice time ... I got to hang out with Tony and all of his friends:

So yeah ... we're at this party and Jim gets a text from Alan inviting him to a different party ... Jim asks if he can bring a couple of friends along and BAM! Jim's friend Chris and I get drafted into becoming his wingmen ... cool, right? Yeah, it gets better ... so we go to this other party that Alan Cumming is at and decide to leave my camera at home cuz I didn't want to be bothered with carrying it ... BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. It turns out that we were invited to Parker Posey's birthday party! YEAH, THAT PARKER POSEY:

It was the most insane thing ever ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Parker so much ... and she was so sweet ... she told us stories about the filming of Superman Returns in Australia and really made us feel welcome even tho she had no idea who us nobodies were. I was so pissed at myself for not bringing a camera ... believe me, lesson learned ... always carry a camera. My new friend Chris (who is a huge Buffy fan which means we'll be B.F.F.s forever) was able to take a camera phone picture of Parker and me but I don't have it yet ... Alan Cumming also took a picture of us with his digital camera and now I have to have Jim get it from him so I can post it :)

So yeah ... the story ain't over yet ... the party is over by 2 AM and Alan has the skinny on another party for us to go to ... Jim really wanted to go, Chris was out and I was all what the hell ... let's go ...

So we drive Alan to this party in the Hollywood Hills ... pick up a couple of his friends and arrive at the party. People, the house was INSANE! The guy who lives there is the guy who invented the Dry Erase Board ... I swear to God, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. One of the guys tells us about the Dry Erase Board thing and I say to Alan, "That's almost as cool as being the person who invented Post-It notes." And then Alan goes, "Oh, I did that in a movie once," which of course I knew and we all laughed.

The rest of the night was just so surreal ... I found myself overlooking Los Angeles from a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills ... and just realized how far from Detroit I really was. It's so strange the way things work out ... I'm not sure where I'm heading next but I'm very much looking forward to finding out.

Blah ... and that's about it ... it's such a weird and funny story that I had to share ...

I need to go eat so I'm gonna go do just that ... hope y'all are having a great weekend ... I know I am!


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