Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shot Through The <3

Blah ... I am running on like 3 hours of really crappy sleep from the plane ride ... let's just get to it ...

It seems like any time we see Kevin Federline these days he is going into or coming out of a gas station ...

If it's not a gas station it's a place of business that sells either cigarettes, beer and/or lottery tickets. Hmm ... could it be that Britney Spears really did kick his ass to the curb? Ugh ... it's too much to hope for ... chances are he's just being his usual K-Fed self. [Source]


If you haven't seen last night's episode and you don't want to know what happened then you better just scroll past the next set of pictures and check it out later.

Hmmm ... okay, there have been rumors that a "lead female character" was going to be killed off ... I was SURE it wouldn't be Shannon (Maggie Grace) because how obvious would it be to kill her off after they killed off her brother Boone (Ian Somerhalder). Yeah ... well I was wrong (and YOU were right Jeremy!) and just sat there slack-jawed as the episode came to an end.

It's nice to see Creepy Walt come back to deliver another cryptic but really backwards warning to Shannon ... but why her? He only appeared to her (except Sayid did see him last night right before Shannon bought it) which has to have some significance. It was also very cool to see that Ian Somerhalder came back to shoot some new flashback scenes ... now we know why Shannon was such a biatch ... so we feel sorry for her ... AND THEN SHE DIES. Grrr ... So while last night's episode was very important I cannot tell you how excited I am to see next week's episode(s) that will focus on the first 42 days for the other survivors on the island (the tail end plane people). Damn, I hadn't even considered that they could retell what happened to the other survivors ... I love it! Lost keeps on pulling out all of the stops ... [Source]

Incidentally the website now has a sole link to HERE.

Jennifer Aniston played it coy at the premiere of her new movie Derailed:

She has taken up a strict policy of not talking about her personal life ... which means she ain't talking about Vince Vaughn at all. She has been looking really fidgety in interviews lately -- which obviously means she's got something to hide. Personally, I think if celebs just have it out there and just confirm things (obvious things like a couple who were photographed making out like crazy) they don't become such a big deal. [Source]

You know, you would think that Paris Hilton would have "people" to do her grocery shopping for her ...

... it's funny seeing her carrying plastic bags. And what is up with all that junk ... 15 different kinds of cereal, tons of snack bars and a whole lotta mini bags of snack chips. I don't think she really eats that much food ... could it be that she is having some people over to smoke some of the mary jane and she is preparing for the munchie fallout? [Source]

Will you look at this picture and tell me that it is the cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole entire life?

Seriously, there are more than a mere 10 Things to Love About Jake but this puggle business is definitely one of them! SOOO CUTE! [Source, thanks Julia]

Keanu Reeves looks like he had a long, hard day of bikin' ...

Looks rough Keanu. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen can go from glam to sham in the blink of an eye ... here she is trolling around NYC in her best frumpy attire:

If she wore clothing that fit her she would look so great ... geeze, those huge sunglasses just make her look like a midget. OY and that coat ... you could put 4 pairs of SkeletwinsTM and an L. Lo or 2 in there ... would it kill ya to get a tailor, MK? [Source]

Everyone knows that Cameron Diaz hates to get her picture taken ... she is no fan of the paparazzi ...

... which is OBVIOUSLY the smarter way to go ... if she hides her face and makes a big spectacle of the whole thing then she surely can escape getting photographed in a ridiculous manner. [Source]

Do we know exactly how tall Prince William is? Homeboy looks huge!

What is it they say about really tall guys? [Source]

As we all know, Marilyn Manson is coming out with his own fragrance ... you know, cuz he feels that little biatches like Paris, J. Lo and Britney shouldn't be the only ones making the world stink. In order to set himself apart from the pack, tho, Manson is possibly planning on making a unisex scent:

Haven't we learned from CKOne that that is a bad idea? Phew! [Source]

Here is another promo picture of Lindsay Lohan for her new album A Little More Personal (Raw):

Looks like Linds is ready to give Ashlee a run for her money. Bring it bitches! [Source]

Kristen Bell, from Veronica Mars, is lookin' mighty sexy in this month's issue of Giant magazine:

My my my ... it didn't take her long to pose in a skimpy bra-like see-thru thing did it? [Source via ONTD!]

The Harry Potter kids are trying to come off more mature in their next film, Goblet of Fire, here is but an example of their new rough image from a photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly:

That Emma Watson looks like she could kick some serious ass, don't she? Bring it bitches! [Source]

There is never enough time to talk about all the great Laguna Beachness that is always popping up all over the Internets ... so it's fun to talk about in little bits -- here are some of the "men" of Laguna Beach High School from the LBHS yearbook:

Note, all of these guys were left in our girl Kristin's wake except for Jason ... she was smart enough to know not to mess with that jerkface. Talan looks so serious and tough ... but I bet Emma Watson could kick his butt. [Source, thanks Amanda]

And finally the kids at ONTD! found this really, really disturbing picture of Kathy Hilton from the days of yore:

Apparently this photo and others like it are for sale on eBay. What in God's name would someone do with these pictures after acquiring them? ::SHUDDER:: I don't even want to take a guess. [Source]

Whew! Another LA trip under my belt ... I think this one was very productive ... there were a lot of great things that happened on this trip ... and there is much hope that I will be going back to do follow-up meetings with some people. It's cruiseazy I tells ya!

Yesterday I got to be a guest on the talk show Queer Edge that is scheduled to air on Q TV this Friday:

The host Jack E. Jett is totally insane ... I suspect he's a Scientologist or something ... I think it was all of that climbing on the furniture that tipped me off. Actually ... Jack was so cool to me -- we got to chat for a little bit before the show and he really did a great job of making me feel comfortable and welcome. I was very suprised to learn that Kim Coles was the guest host! I love her ... she is such a great comedian and I have loved her ever since the In Living Color days ... it was very cool getting to meet her. Now y'all know that I watched every episode of Kill Reality (mainly cuz it's just a hard show to not watch once you've seen it ... and because Reichen was shirtless a lot of the time ... okay, that's the real reason) and was pretty geeked to learn that Toni Ferrari (Love Cruise, Paradise Hotel) was also a guest on the show. She was a doll! So sweet and very fun!

Yeah, what the hell was I doing on that show ...? Who knows ... I was just very happy to be asked.

After the taping I had to pack and then take one more meeting before flying out ... on my way to the airport Jim and I met up with my new good friend Aaron for dinner and drinks:

Jeff was also able to have dinner with us ... which was really cool because I never get to spend enough time with him when I'm in LA. And that was it ... I had to take the red eye back to Detroit ... and let me tell you ... never EVER sit in the very last row, window seat ... it is THE WORST SEAT to get any sleep in. Blah!

I'm looking forward to going back but it's really, really nice to be home again.

There is already talk of dancing tonight ... Erik and crew want me to go out with them and even tho I'm very tired from the trip I think I'm gonna go with them ...

... but first a long nap. I'm out.