Saturday, November 19, 2005

Goin' To The Chapel

It won't be long now ... word on the street is that Xtina Aguilera and her fiancé Jordan Bratman are going to be married today ... here is a picture of the happy duo in their white Rolls Royce leaving the wedding rehearsal last night:

I may not be a card-carrying member of Team Xtina but she has appeared to be so happy this entire year ... congratulations to the happy couple! I wish them nothing but the best ... and a baby girl named Britney. [Source]

Speaking of Miss Britney Spears ... we now know why our homegirl is in NYC all of the sudden ... Britney is in talks to replace Christina Applegate in the Broadway revival of Sweet Charity ...

As if that weren't enough ... Kevin Federline might get some work out of this deal too: "He'd be a dancer in the show," a source tells Malkin. "The producers really want Britney and will do anything to make this happen." Spears was spotted as recently as last night attending a performance of the hit musical. Rats! This means that things between our Spederline must be going well ... But ... um ... can we even imagine Britney and Kevin doing a regular stint on Broadway?! It sounds like it would be a disaster ... and I would love to be able to see it live for myself. [Source, thanks Jeffery and Tracey]

Well well well ... it's been quite a while since we've seen Courtney Love get hauled into court ... but here she is again ... in court ...

... but for a good reason this time. It appears that Miss Love has been behaving herself and is being rewarded for her good behavior. Could it be that Courtney has learned finally her lesson? Ihighlyy doubt it ... but I suppose anything is possible. [Source]

The Killers are featured in the newest issue of GQ magazine ...

... I'm not exactly sure if they are trying to sell motorcycles or if they are doing their Danny Zuko best to try and look cool. OH and wassup Killers drummer boy ... you should go shirtless more often! [Source]

Tom Welling is a big boy ... this we know ... but it never hurts to check out further evidence, right?

Pink reader Logan sniffed out these screencaptures from an older episode of Smallville. Hot! I do not watch enough Smallville, damnit! [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is doing her Latina Diva best to get all kinky in a new 2006 calendar:

I don't know how I feel about seeing our sweet J. Lo all gussied up in leather bondage wear. I have a hard time believing that Marc Anthony would know what to do with a woman in bondage wear. Ew ... that's a horrid mental image I won't be shaking any time soon ... [Source]

This weekend DCKT Contemporary in NYC is opening a new exhibit (which runs until December 17th) of artwork ... celebrity mug shots done in needlepoint:

There is some great stuff on the website ... if you're in NYC and can make it I would suggest checking out the artwork in person. [Source, thanks Dennis]

And finally, Pink reader Ida sends in this scan of a little blurb on Pink is the new Blog in a Norwegian magazine called Woman:

Ida gives this translation: The 'headline' says: When you don't want to work anymore -- We know you hate to work when you're at work so sink down behind the computer screen and enjoy this instead. The blurb translates to this: the some eccentricic guy Trent has made a lovely diary where he serves celebrity gossip, and miles of pictures. These days he's very into pink, which the website shows. Cool ... I have to send out much love to my Norwegian biatches!! XO [thanks Ida & Tina]

The News:
Erik and I went to see VLB in concert last night ... she sang with a choir in Birmingham and put on an awesome show! Afterwards, we all went to the Living Room for pizza and martinis ... and Sarah and Mark showed up and surprised us!

Today Erik has a pair of Diesel jeans he has to procure ... it should be a fun, lazy day.

I'm out.