Sunday, November 20, 2005

Irregardless Is A Word

I'm not sure why ... but every time I use the word irregardless I end up getting tons of emails and comments letting me know that "irregardless" is not really a word and that I should stop using it. I am not interested in getting into the debate over whether or not the word irregardless is an actual word or not ... I only use the word because it is featured, quite nicely, in the movie Mean Girls ... here are some screencaptures of Lacy Chabert's character, Gretchen Wieners, saying the word:

People ... it's not that big a deal. Who cares if the word irregardless is an actual word or not ... hasn't anyone ever heard of poetic license? Irregardless, the word is used in the movie Mean Girls and that is the reference I am trying to make when I use the word. I'm sure this won't put the rest the intense ire that the word inspires in the Grammartarians out there ... but hopefully it's a start. [thanks to Shane for the awesome screencaps]

If you haven't already, you really should watch the movie Mean Girls ... it's so freaking hilarious ... and it's totally fetch!

Love Is A Burnin' Thing

It's a wrap! Xtina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman have officially tied the knot and are now husband and wife ... here are some pictures of Xtina earlier yesterday, before the wedding:

... see ... I'm gonna be nice and not comment on how Xtina's veil/head piece looks like a crumpled up Jiffy Pop popcorn bag ... since it's her wedding day and all ... Anyways, according to US Weekly magazine the vows were exchanged after 6 PM yesterday evening in a ceremony attended by 130 guests, including Sharon Stone. Um ... okay ... CONGRATULATIONS ... and all that jazz. [Source]

Yikes ... Britney Spears is looking rough in this picture ... I know, I know ... she looks rough in quite a few pictures recently but she looks especially rough here:

It's like ... she still has the ability to dress okay and then she goes and puts on a lace see-thru top and mucks everything up. Someone get this girl a stylist ... please! [Source]

Here is a picture of Britney looking a little bit better ... check out that junk in her trunk:

POW! See, all she has to do is just highlight her attributes and she can get back on top. If she does get that Broadway role in Sweet Charity then she really will have to get into shape really quick -- which is good news. I'm excited ... it'll be great for her to have a project to work on that will keep her in the public eye. [Source]

Unfortunately ... if Kevin gets his backup dancer role in the same Broadway show then he, too, will be out in public eye on a more regular basis. Ugh ... and for some ungodly reason, GQ magazine has determined that K-Fed was worthy of being included in their Man of the Year issue ...

... I have no words. All you have to do is look at his STUPID SOCKS AND FLIP FLIPS ENSEMBLE and see ... it's classic K-Fed thru and thru. Blech! [Source]

In sexier news ... Madonna performed at the legendary UK club G-A-Y last night ... and I am happy to report that she has relaxed on the purple and has jumped on the Pink bandwagon:

Apparently, Madge had a laundry list of demands in order for her to agree to play the club ... but who cares? She's Madonna, y'all! I think she looks so hot in this skin tight pink outfit ... although, it may be time to say bye-bye to the sequin belt already. [Source]

Hee hee ... check out this hilarious picture of Nicky Hilton:

The obvious thing to say here is that "she looks pregnant" but c'mon ... we know that that's impossible ... I think it's safe to say that if your outfit is capable of inflation then you prolly shouldn't wear it out in public. [Source, thanks Chantal]

Mary Kate Olsen has been spending some time with her ex-man David Katzenberg ... Oh, and it looks like she decided to wear her best pair of white tights just for the occasion:

Ugh ... the tights look horrid ... well ... they look bad ... well ... okay, they're not the worst things I've ever seen ... I mean, they're not capris ... and she does look a wee bit stylish ... which is a huge improvement over the bag-lady look she is so fond of. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now before I say something that I will be really embarrassed by ... [Source]

Here are a few pictures of the 2006 David Beckham calendar ... sadly, I've not come across any nekkid pictures of Becks in the calendar but here are the pics anyways ...

Now, y'all know I love Becks ... but I think I need something with a little more less in a calendar ... which is why I'm prolly gonna go with the Dieux Du Stade 2006 calendar (link semi-NSFW). [Source]

And finally, it's time for our weekend hotness ... I have to say ... it's very fun going thru the galleries at All American Guys in order to find the right guy to be the hottie of the week ... it's hard work, let me tells ya ... anyways, say hello to Wes:

It's so damn cold here in Detroit ... and I long for the warm shorts-wearing days ... which is why posting a picture of Wes kinda makes me feel a little bit better. [Source]

Les News:
So yesterday Erik and I were able to do something that we rarely ever get to do ... we spent the whole day together ... alone. We didn't hang out or meet up with anyone else. It was so nice ... I'm still not feeling so great so it was very, very nice just being with Erik all day long because he's good at taking care of me. We ran some errands ... including satisfying Erik's desire to get a new pair of Diesel jeans ... and then we decided to catch a movie ... we saw Walk the Line:

Overall, I thought the movie was great ... the music was amazing ... I cannot believe how much Joaquin Phoenix sounded like Johnny Cash ... I was very impressed. I have to admit, I didn't know much about the life of Johnny Cash ... I found myself constantly surprised as new information was introduced in the film (I had no idea that June Carter is the one who wrote Ring of Fire). Is it wrong that I found it hard to cheer for Johnny when he basically spent much of his life cheating on his wife? I had no idea that Roseanne Cash was not June Carter Cash's daughter ... I think I now understand why Johnny's other daughter, Kathy, is not too thrilled with the way this movie portrayed her mother. The movie did make her out to be a bit of a shrew ... but dealing with a cheating husband is not an easy thing.

Despite all of this ... the movie is very entertaining overall. I was worried that Reese Witherspoon wouldn't be a good June Carter (especially after hearing her sing Juke Box Blues early on in the movie) but I really warmed up to her and her singing. I'm not sure I'd say Oscar-caliber but she did a fine job. Joaquin Phoenix did a superb job ... he's is usually so emotive with his face ... I felt he did an excellent job of doing the Johnny Cash mannerisms in the performance scenes.

In the end, I think the music really steals the spotlight in this film ... Joaquin was able to capture and harness the spirit of Johnny Cash's music and weave it all together to create a great movie. In the end, I think that's exactly what Johnny Cash would have wanted in a movie based on his life.

Today should be a quiet day for me ... Erik is out with VLB and I'm very happy to just be home. While we were running errands yesterday, I picked up a copy of X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse for my PSP (which was on sale at Target). I have been DYING for a kickass PSP game for the longest time ... I never play with the damn thing because I hate all the games. I'm glad to know that they are finally releasing awesome games for the PSP. I may have to venture out and see what else I can find ... any gamers out there have any suggestions for hot games?