Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sean Preston Spears Federline, Finally!!!

See ... this is why I should never, ever leave my computer ... I go out to dinner and come home to find out that pictures of Sean Preston Spears Federline have hit the Internets ... here is the cover of the new issue of People magazine with Spederline, the full version, on the cover:

This is picture is a full size, clearer version of the tiny picture that leaked the first time and started the whole uproar last month. The kid is cute ... Britney looks happy and Kevin ... well, his corn rows are tight and he's set for life ... what more could he ask for?! [Source]

Whatever! It's about damn time this picture came out ... but doesn't it seem timely that the picture is being released the same week that Xtina's wedding pictures are due to come out ... Oh Britney ... stealing Xtina's thunder ... again.

Coming Out

What a year it has been for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ... at the end of 2004 Brad and Jennifer Aniston were wrapping up their marriage but claims were made that it had nothing to do with Angelina Jolie. Then in the Spring Brad and Angelina were photographed on the African coast having a nice little holiday ... from then on out Brangelina were spotted hanging out together all over the world with and without her children ... Brad was even photographed alone with her children ... taking Maddox to school, playing with Zahara. And now, finally, Brad and Angelina seem to be telling the world that they are indeed together by making their first public appearance together last Saturday at The Muhammad Ali Center's Grand Opening Gala in Louisville, KY:

Whew! Finally! Well, I'm glad that's been settled ... so when's the wedding? [Source]

As if appearing together at a Gala wasn't enough to further solidify the get a roominess of these two, it appears that they are looking for a new residence to share in the Washington D.C. area:

That way Angelina can be close to Capitol Hill should she feel the need to testify about anything ... and so Brad can be close to Angelina and her kids. [Source]

Speaking of celebs and their kids ... let's move on to the cutest celeb family around ... yesterday we saw Reese Witherspoon frolicking at the beach with her diaper-clad son Deacon ... and today we see Reese, Deacon and Ava all bundled up for the cold NYC weather:

So after some playtime in New York ... [Source]

... it was time to ship off the kiddies to Toronto, Canada so that daddy Ryan Phillippe could tag in and entertain the children:

Witherppe is the cutest family ... but it appears they've gone back to living separate lives again. No worries, tho, I'm sure they'll be back together by the time their movies are wrapped and ready to premiere. [Source]

Well, well, well ... it looks like Nick Lachey has a new friend ... a female friend ... an older female friend?

They look pretty chummy with that champagne ... don't they? [Source]

Oh look ... Nick can get chummy with anyone it seems ... here he is at the Ford 400 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup waving a flag ...

... and posing with Miss Florida. Oh Nick, you cad! [Source]

Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is back home hanging out with her personal assistant friend Cacee ... who must be a very good personal assistant because Jessica decided to buy her a brand new car:

If I remember correctly from The Newlyweds ... Cacee was kind of annoying. BUT ... she's been with Jess for a long time and I suppose she's worthy of a car ..? Maybe the car is supposed to ensure that Cacee won't leave Jessica for Miss Florida? [Source]

In other Simpson news, Ashlee paid a little visit to The Late Show with David Letterman:

And I see that she decided to wear the worst possible outfit. I bet papa Joe Simpson picked it out for her. He seems pretty hell bent on ruining her career. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Ashlee Simpson performing in Atlantic City, NJ over the weekend:

Little Ash is sangin' her heart out ... but you know, she needn't try so hard ... I mean, is she seriously wearing a tie? Erik and I are going to see her here in Detroit on December 3rd ... hopefully she'll be as good as she was when we saw her back in March. [Source]

Jared Leto appears to have problems ... check out homie at a recent in-store appearance for 30 Seconds to Mars:

I wonder if he's raging against low album sales. [Source]

Avril Lavigne has been straying from her punk rock roots lately so it's nice to see her get back to her base once in a while. Here are a couple of pictures of Avril doing some shopping on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills:

Nothing says "I'm still a punk rock chick" like wearing a Ramones t-shirt with Chuck Taylor Converse shoes and $499 jeans ... while shopping in Beverly Hills. Rock on! [Source]

What have we here ... has Jennifer Love Hewitt found herself a man? Is she a woman in love? Well, to look at her in the first picture you wouldn't think so ...

... but she sure seems to be pretty close with the dude if she's swapping spit with him. Hmm ... I wonder who he is. In any regard, I hope J. Love is happy with this new dude ... and I hope Ghost Whisperer doesn't get picked up for a second season. [Source, Source]

Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner have reached a new plateau ... they are now being photographed together ... while doing very normal, semi-boring things:

I know that Kristin has got some projects in the works ... but what does Brody do? Is he working on anything? [Source]

Ugh ... Sienna Miller and Jude Law have GOT to be kidding us with this ridiculousness:

They look like rejected backup dancers from a DEVO video. Blech ... it must be love. [Source]

Oprah Winfrey was on hand at the 2005 International Emmy Awards where Oprah picked up the Founders Award which was presented to her by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

These 2 powerful woman would be dangerous if they every actually became B.F.F.s. Can you imagine if they teamed up to run for the Presidency? That would be hot. Anyways, congratulations Oprah ... I'm very happy that you received another award because you just don't have enough stuff. [Source]

Here it is folks ... OK! magazine has secured the rights to the official wedding pictures of Xtina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman:

The issue hits newwstands this weekend ... um, isn't it weird that Jordy didn't even bother to shave for his wedding day? [Source, Source]

First thing ... there is such a magazine as Elle Man? And secondly, David Beckham is on the cover?

Of course he is ... who makes a better Elle Man than our sweet Becks? Lord, his eyebrows are plucked to death! [Source]

And finally, did y'all get to watch the 3D episode of Medium last night?

My friend Joe got me a pair of official Medium 3D glasses (the real red and blue lens kind, not the fake kind that VH1 put out for their I Love the 80's 3D series) and I DVRed the show. I've never watched a full episode of Medium before ... I prolly won't watch it again ... but 3D is cool and I'm glad I caught it. [Source]

Les News:
Last night Erik and I decided to pop by the Cadieux Cafe to meet up with our friend Karen ... she and her friends were featherbowling and we decided to come out for a quick drink ... well ... I also decided to partake of Cadieux's all-you-can-eat mussels special ... and managed to have 3 heaping bowlfuls of the slimy little buggers ... I know ... I hate myself too ...

It was so good to see Karen and Amanda again ... we do not hang out nearly enough ... hopefully next time we can hang out at a place that won't let me eat mussels until I need to puke.

In case you're wondering, the adorable baby is Clementine ... and the last time I saw Amanda, Clementine was still inside Amanda's belly.

I am going to finish Anne Rice's new book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt today ... I have to say that I've enjoyed it thoroughly ... I may have a review soon.

I'm out.