Friday, November 25, 2005

Collision Course

The tabloid magazine Celebrity Living is going to press with the hottest scoop of the moment ... Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are "determined to save their rocky marriage" and are ready to adopt a child together ...

... um ... I think they're a wee bit behind the times ... I may have to pick up this issue just for laughs. You know, I've been thinking about this whole Nick & Jessica thing ... it's fairly common knowledge that they've been ready to split for quite a while now but they've pretended (often, very badly) to be happy in the public eye. I am convinced this is all due to papa Joe Simpson's management of the situation. I wonder if he really cares for his children ... he seems to be such a power-hungry freakshow ... I think it's time for papa Joe to just leave his kids alone and let them live their lives without his meddling -- things can only get better from that point on. [Source, Source]


So last night I got to watch this week's episode of Lost from Wednesday night ... and this one turned out to be an Anna Lucia background story ... I think it was clear from her behavior on the island that she has had some weapons training (I actually thought she would turn out to be a mercenary of some sort). It turns out that Anna Lucia was a Los Angeles cop ... with an itchy trigger finger:

Almost every other scene had her hoisting a gun into someone's face or into the camera. We know that the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 all have issues but Anna Lucia has got some really big issues. Her mother is her police captain boss? I wonder if anyone on the island has got a good relationship with their parents? Anyways, while this was a good episode that revealed some new information (Anna Lucia was pregnant before she was shot in the line of duty ... which fueled her thirst for revenge, forcing her to kill the man who shot her) it didn't offer anything major overall to the Lost story. The one thing I noted was that Locke was doing crossword puzzle and the camera focused on the name Gilgamesh. You can get a synopsis of the Gilmamesh story HERE. It's clear that this is meant to shed some light on the happenings on the island ... but at this point, it still seems unclear to me. [Source]

Bennifer are still childless ...

... but the baby watch continues ... [Source]

I wonder what's got Lindsay Lohan so peeved ...

... doesn't she look totally pissed off? Yeah, one moment she's scowling ... [Source]

... and the next moment she's all happy and flashing the peace sign:

It looks like the peace sign is her new thing. Maybe it's time we listen to L. Lo and really give peace a chance. [Source, Source ]

But what do you suppose would drive a girl who is so peace-loving to hit the bottle at such a young age?

I guess we should be happy that she's only drinking beer and not slamming back whiskey ... although, that would've made for a better picture to talk about. [Source]

Nicole Richie appears to have rolled right out of bed, put on her famously oversized sunglasses and went right out to walk the dogs:

Well, at least she had the common sense to go out in public in a very expensive designer nightgown. [Source]

Whenever there is trouble afoot, Angelina Jolie is there! Whevenever diaster strikes, Angelina Jolie is there! Whenever Mother Nature wreaks havoc upon the unprepared citizens of Earth, Angelina Jolie is there!

Angelina (with Brad Pitt in tow) has immediately dispatched herself to Pakistan to offer whatever aid she can for the victims of the earthquake. It's unfortunate that she forgot to pack her makeup case ... nonetheless, she is there to save the day! I'm not sure what she's there to do exactly but I'm sure it will involve stupendous feats of heroicness ... or something like that. [Source]

Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos, collectively known as Parisopolis, are becoming quite the pair ...

... with his ratty hair and fondness for artificially flavored cheese puffs he seems more suited to be dating Britney Spears. Hmm ... wouldn't it be hilarious of Spederline broke up and Britney started dating Stavros? Ye gods ... what a frightening thought ... although, Stavros is a bit richer than Kevin Federline ... [Source]

... and Stavros does have a job:

For the LIFE OF ME, I cannot imagine that there is a photo editor out there who believes that Stavros Niarchos would make a good model. Even with his hair "combed" he looks terrible ... I'm sure his modeling career has nothing to do with the fact that he is a billionaire. [Source, thanks Barbara]

Talan Torriero and LC were on hand to sign copies of the official Laguna Beach book Life Inside the Bubbble ...

... um ... a Laguna Beach book seems completely oxymoronic to me. Even I have no interest in reading this book. [Source]

It is my sad duty to give a Peace the Spork Out to Pat Morita ... who is most famous for his roles as Arnold on Happy Days (the latter years) and as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid:

I contend that he is the one who is responsible for Hilary Swank's stunning Academy Award-winning career (it all started with The Next Karate Kid). Pat Morita died of natural causes in his home in Las Vegas. He will be missed. [Source]

Anna Nicole Smith is just really gross ... and if you need photographic evidence then here you go:

I think these pictures are for her Xmas cards. [Source]

Sarah Silverman's new movie Jesus Is Magic opens in Detroit today for a 1-week limited engagement ... Pink reader Jen was picked to interview Sarah and her friends at the afterparty of the movie's LA premiere ... and she was cool enough to share her pictures with us:

I can't wait to see this movie ... I just know it's gonna be completely hilarious and done in extremely bad taste! The plan is to catch a matinee tomorrow afternoon. [Source, thanks Jen]

And finally ... they said it would never happen ... they told us to abandon all hope ... but I am happy to report that the members of Take That (sans Robbie Williams) are reuniting for a reunion tour!!!!

Tour dates have just been announced and tickets go on sale December 2nd. I wonder if the Take That fellas are gonna dust off their old thongs and bring 'em back for the tour ... [Source]

Les News:
So there is so much for me to do today ... I can't believe it but I'm gonna have to go out and face the crowds of rabid shoppers today ... I just found out that I have to be back in LA on Tuesday for an "event" (details next week) and I need to get an outfit for that event. I don't have much time to get stuff done because I'm flying out early Tuesday morning ... so I'm gonna take my chances and try and get some stuff done today ... wish me luck.

Kirsten is home from NYC this weekend and we're having a bunch of peeps over to welcome her back home. Woot!

I know it's a long weekend for many of you (and for those of you who have to work today, I am extremely sorry) so I hope that y'all have a good one!

I'm out.