Saturday, November 26, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Jessica Simpson has flown home to Texas to try and enjoy the newly born holiday season ...

Obviously she doesn't look happy ... which is very sad. I hope she can find comfort with her family during this rough time for her ... Here's hoping that papa Joe doesn't screw up her life any more than he already has. [Source]

On the other end of the spectrum, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon appear to be having a grand ol' time with their children in Canada:


They look like they are happily enjoying the new snow. It's nice to see that this Hollywood family is still going strong ... [Source]

Courteney Cox looks very happy to be enjoying time in the warm sun as she spends some time alone at the beach:

I'm with you Court, I hate the cold snow and would do anything to be able to just lie around at the beach. [Source]

Tom Cruise is hard at work filming his next movie, Mission Impossible 3:

The poor chap looks like he's busy trying to pass a kidney stone. [Source]

Tom has brought his woman Katie Holmes to China with him so that he can keep an eye on her ... I mean, so that he can be as close as he can to the love of his life ...

She looks a little rough ... and I'm not buying that forced smile that she's wearing. Oh TomKat ... what does the future hold for the 2 of you? I can't wait to find out. [Source]

There is no mistaking that this is Janet Jackson desperately trying to get back her slim and sexy body:

You've got a looooong road ahead of you Miss Jackson. I wish you well as you try and deal with the holiday dinners that are coming your way. [Source]

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe ... here is a picture of L. Lo getting her picture taken with a huge painting of her idol:

I think this is a cute picture ... she's like a regular person taking a fan picture. I wonder why she didn't just buy the painting outright? [Source]

And speaking paintings ... a British artist has found inspiration in Kate Moss and her infamous drug scandal and has created some interesting paintings that have gone on display in London:

Says the artist: "She's like Mona Lisa; she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but something comes through her eyes. ... There's a bravery in Kate's eyes." There may be bravery in her eyes but there is also profit in using her likeness. [Source]


Kirsten is home for the weekend and a bunch of us got together last night to eat desserts and drink spirited cocktails ... we also played a couple rounds of Guesstures which is always a good time. But alas, Kirsten is already gone ... we won't be able to see her again until she comes home for Xmas.

There is a lot of snow on the ground here in Detroit today ... I am not a happy camper.