Sunday, November 27, 2005

Talan Comes To His Senses

Hmmm ... isn't it strange that Kimberly Stewart is already being photographed out and about without her fiancé, Talan Torriero, by her side? I wonder what's going on with that?

Oh ... that's right ... Talan told her that their marriage engagement is dunzo. From Jack Ketsoyan, a publicist for Torriero, the 19-year-old star of the MTV reality show, said on Sunday that the two are no longer romantically involved. Meanwhile, a rep for Stewart, the 26-year-old daughter of British rocker Rod Stewart, told the AP that they "remain friends." Yeah, that sounds about right ... It appears that the drugs that Kim used on Talan have worn off ... finally! [Source, thanks to everyone for the emails]

Brad Dad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (and crew) were spotted arriving in Tokyo, Japan this weekend:

What could possibly bring Brangelina to the Land of the Rising Sun? Was there some catastrophe for Angelina to fix? Developing ... [thanks Kent]

Jennifer Garner is still pregnant despite rumors that she went into labor on Thanksgiving ...

... in case you were wondering. Her due date is supposedly December 5th. Still developing ... [Source]

Paris Hilton has ditched her Motorola Black RAZR and jumped aboard the Pink RAZR bandwagon:

It's about time, Paris. Now that anyone can buy the Pink RAZR I wonder if it's time for me to change phones? [Source]

Here is the weekly dose of hot man straight from the fine fellas at All American Guys ... this week we have a nice chap named Aaron to gawk at:

Hmm ... somehow, hot pictures of hot dudes like Aaron makes the cold Detroit doldrums feel not so bad. [Source]

And finally ... our favorite VH1 commentator and ex-Queer As Folk star Hal Sparks has got himself a band ... head on over to or visit the official My Space profile for Zero1 to hear some of their music:

Hal is so cool ... he's really funny and I love watching him on TV. It remains to be seen if he can pull off a career in music but I'm rootin' for him. Check out the music and lemme know what you think. [Source]

There ain't shizz for news today

Well, I got my errands finished yesterday ... I picked up a new outfit for my Tuesday night engagement so I'm all ready to go ... well mostly ... since I'm flying out to LA early Tuesday morning I want to get my packing done early.

A bunch of us got together to hang out last night at Sarah's to have one last hurrah with Adriana before she goes back home to LA. We played some games and ate ... and drank ... and well, it was the usual hanging out stuff.

Today Erik and I are keeping the whole day to ourselves ... we're off to see the movie Jesus Is Magic this afternoon. I think I see hot chocolate in our futures as well ...

I'm out.