Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home On The Range

With all the news going around about Jessica Simpson and her separation from her husband Nick Lachey, it must really bother little sister Ashlee that Jess is always stealing away all of the attention. It's no wonder that Ashlee will go to great lengths in order to get a little attention for herself:

Hmm ... maybe all of these horrible fashion choices that Ashlee has been making these past few months are a desperate cry for someone to notice her. Hello, I notice all the time ... and it's not a pretty sight! I don't even know what to do with her anymore ... those black tights with those boots ... EGADS Woman! Get thee to a new stylist pronto! [Source]

Ugh ... in other Ashlee news, here are some pictures of Ash and her peeps on the set of her new video for the song L.O.V.E. It looks like it's gonna be a bitchin' video ...

... okay, not really but I do hope it's at least entertaining. Ashlee-Star.com has an MP3 of the Missy Elliott remix of L.O.V.E. I've heard it ... and I'm not feeling it at all but check it out for yourself. Personally, I like the album version of the song just the way it is. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler spending some lovie time together in Maui:

Pink reader Lindsay sent in the first picture (taken by her sister) of Mischo poolside at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui, Hawaii. The other two pictures give us a more clear look at Cisco's face (and the "Kimberly" tattoo on his chest -- EW). Um ... if Mischa Barton is really engaged to Mr. Adler then ... wow ... I just don't see what she sees in him. L.O.V.E. must truly be blind. [Source, thanks Lindsay]

Hmm ... Brad Pitt ended up with Angelina Jolie ... and Jennifer Aniston ended up with Vince Vaughn:

Yeah ... but who's really keeping score? [Source]

Nicole Kidman and Aussie country star Keith Urban maintain that they are "just friends". Uh huh ...

They sure do spend a lot of time together ... time where they are always touchy-feely ... but ... I'm sure they're just friends. Uh huh ... [Source]

Nicole Richie is such a good mommy ... here she is taking the children out for a walk:

I know that when Erik and I have children we're planning on naming them Foxy Cleopatra and Honey Child. Those are just classy names. [Source]

What the hell is going on here?! Kate Moss must be very desperate for work if she's signing on to do photoshoots like this:

Is she supposed to be a washed up showgirl on drugs? Ohhhh, I think I now know why they picked Kate Moss for this shoot. [Source]

Soleil Moon Frye and baby daughter Poet were photographed taking a little walk ...

... what's up with that baby's eyes? She's cute and all ... but there is something foreign about her eyes ... some might say, alien ... she's kinda scary ... don'tcha think? [Source]

Why, Beyoncé?! Why do you have to kill little baby squirrels and mash them into little balls of fur just so your winter hat can have fuzzy decorations?

Why do you let her get away with this kind of behavior, Jigga? [Source]

Pink readers Charlie and Heather sent in these 2 pictures of Patrick Aufdenkamp hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff ... is he the magic bridge that will bring these 2 starlets together?

Hmm ... probably not ... the picture of Hilary looks like an old one but we do know that Lindsay still hangs out with Patrick. So I guess Patrick is squarely on Team Lohan. In any regard, it appears that he is deff the Hollywood "It" Boy. [thanks Charlie and Heather]

There's been much ballyhoo over the fact that Take That are reuniting and going on tour in Europe ... but have you seen what the boys look like these days?

And suddenly, I'm not surprised that Robbie Williams declined their invitation to completely reunite. [Source]

Pink reader Fran sent in these camera phone pictures of Rachel Hunter picking up some junk food at a 7-11 at 3 o'clock in the morning:

I suppose it's possible that this really isn't Rachel Hunter but ... isn't it more fun to think that it is? [thanks Fran]

If you are having a hard time picking out an Xmas gift for that special someone on your Xmas list ... then look no further than Instinct cologne by David Beckham:

It's the perfect gift for that not-quite-out-of-the-closet friend of yours who is just impossible to shop for. [Source]

And finally ... Pink is the new Blog is featured in the Little Brown Book: The Magazine for Bloomingdale's Insiders:

I couldn't be more flattered. I am always so amazed when I learn of a new PITNB shout-out. Thank you Bloomie's Insiders ... I heart you too! [thanks Rebecca, Sarah & Freddy and Nick]

So yeah ... I'm on my way to the airport right this second ... I hope y'all have a great day and I'll be comin' atcha from the West Coast until Friday. Just as an FYI, Brokeback Mountain is having its Hollywood premiere in LA tonight:

It should be a hot time in tinsel town tonight!

I'm out.