Thursday, December 01, 2005

KABOOM! Then, Violet

Pink is the new Blog would like to formally welcome Violet Ann Affleck into the world ... we are pleased to know that proud mama Jennifer Garner finally exploded out the baby that she has been carrying around in her belly for eons:

It was so nice of daddy Ben Affleck to be right there in the thick of the everything throughout the whole birthing. I hear he wanted to run out and get a cup of coffee at Starbucks but Jen wouldn't hear of it. He is so whipped. [Source]

Congrats to Bennifer for coupling up and creating a new human for us all of fuss over. It is much appreciated.

Kate Is The Bomb

Well well well well ... what have we here ... is this Kevin Federline, pimp daddy extraordinaire, walkin' around with a manbag?

Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with men carrying manbags but I never figured that K-Fed would be down with walking around with a bag. I wonder what he carries in there ... a day planner, a PDA, a compact and packs of smokes? He is so street! [Source]


Lost has been on fire this season ... I keep expecting the show to slow down and drag a bit (like it did at the midpoint of last season) but so far there's been a lot of good stuff in these new episodes. We finally know what Kate did that made her a fugitive of the law:

Okay ... the black horse thing was weird ... Was it a dream? Is it real? It was very Twin Peaksy but interesting nonetheless. We now know that Kate has parent issues (just like Jack, Sawyer, Ana Lucia, Locke, Shannon ... and prolly everyone else on the mysterious island). For me, the focus was more on the film reel that was pieced together by Ecko and Locke. When Ecko showed Locke the missing piece of the Dharma Initiative film reel I about flipped out ... the possibilities were endless! I guess I was a little miffed that the only thing that was added to the orientation video was the warning that the computer was NOT TO BE USED AS A COMMUNICATION DEVICE ... which is exactly what Michael was doing at the very same time. Are we supposed to believe that Walt is out there playing on another computer at the same time that Michael is fooling around with THE computer? Is he hanging out in chatrooms looking for someone to cyber with? It doesn't make sense .... also, is it relevant that the message came thru at 51 minutes until the button had to be pressed again? AHHHH! What is going on??? The next episode of Lost looks just as exciting (who is Ecko really ... will we find out?) but I'm not sure how long we will have to wait until we get to see a new ep. [Source]

Incidentally, did anyone notice Sayid show up in "what appeared to be military or war footage on a TV in Kate's dad's army office". Interesting ...

Okay ... moving on ... Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were unable to attend the LA premiere of Brokeback Mountain Tuesday night but they did manage to make an appearance at the IFP Gotham Awards:

They looked very happy together ... Michelle looked great considering she just gave birth to a baby. Heath and Michelle will both be on hand for the NYC premiere of Brokeback Mountain next Tuesday ... but sadly Jake Gyllenhaal will be unable to attend. He'll be in San Francisco working on his new movie Zodiac. [Source]

Paris Hilton is also in NYC to unveil her new line of $100,000 watches ... just the thing for that pesky person on your Xmas list who is just impossible to shop for:

Isn't it interesting that the watches are analog and not digital? The presumption is that Paris is able to use them as well. Yes, very interesting indeed ... [Source]

It wasn't long after Paris was finished with her unveiling that she picked up her pooch, put on her wrap and hit the boutiques of NYC to do a little shopping ...

... that girl sure is a shopaholic ... I wonder where she gets it from? [Source]

Ah yes ... the apple does not fall far from the tree. Here are some pics of Kathy Hilton loaded down with a bunch of bags from her little shopping excursion:

Don't they have people to carry their shopping bags? Ick! How incredibly gauche! [Source]

Oh look ... the other Hiltons are also in NYC along with Paris ...

They look like such a lovely bunch. What a happy family. [Source]

Jessica Simpson has taken to wearing her wedding ring on a chain around her neck:

It is kinda sweet. I can't make fun of her for lamenting the ruin of her marriage. I suppose it's not impossible to believe that Jess and Nick might get back together. I suppose it's not too farfetched to believe that perhaps they are going thru this whole "separation" thing in order to draw fire away from them if they do get back together ... like it's a big ploy or something ... man, you just can't really believe anything in Hollywood, can you? [Source]

Wow ... Mariah Carey really loves dead animals, don't she?

Mimi has been putting on a few lbs. lately ... which is unfortunate for the animal kingdom 'cuz that means more little critters have to die. [Source]

Jessica Alba likes taking fashion risks:

I do give her snaps for the novel idea of wearing a scarf like a tie ... but it just looks like she's trying to make oversize clown ties the new thing ... which is just silly. [Source]

Keira Knightley was on hand for the British Independent Film Awards wearing a dress that was quite form fitting:

Yeah ... that dress looks wrapped TIGHT. She looks a bit like a burn victim wearing bandages ... or maybe she's just trying to make mummification all the rage. Maybe if she couples this look with the tie-scarf it would work? [Source]

Here are some pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar running around doing some shopping:

She always looks so great ... I <3 her to death! [Source]

Sarah Jessica Parker is spending some time in Paris, France ...

... I believe she is in town to do some Xmas shopping. [Source]

People magazine is reporting that Kelly Clarkson has coupled up with her OKie tourmate Graham Colton ... and that they've been an item since July:

He is such a hottie! I'm so happy for her ... Kelly rules and it's nice to know that she's getting some good lovin' while she's busy touring the nation. You go, girl! [Source]

Pink reader Josefine has sniffed out the JC Clothing commercials that Mischa Barton and Adam Brody star in:

Josefine writes: The thing that they are saying (Mischa trying, but not really getting it right) "Till dig från mig" means To you from me! Ahh, I loves it! [Source, thanks Josefine]

Kate Moss has made her comeback ... she is on the four different covers of the new issue of French Vogue magazine:

Fashion Week Daily has the inside scoop on what went down at the photoshoot. She looks so regal ... so much nicer without the top pony tail. [Source via Source]

And finally, I came upon this very cute picture of Jake Gyllenhaal from the LA premiere of Brokeback Mountain ... and I just had to share:

Hmmm ... I wonder if he was winking at anyone in particular. [Source]

The News:
Last night was so chill, so fun ... Jeff, Adam, Jon, Jim and I got to hang out and watch Lost ... sometimes, it's the simple things that are the most fun. Today is my last full day in LA ... I'm flying back home in the early afternoon tomorrow ... but tonight, don't forget, I'll be at the URB magazine Loose Tooth party at Joseph's Cafe playing some music to dance to:

I'm gonna be teamed up with Randy and Moss (the creators of the the most amazing t-shirts around) for my set at 11PM. We plan on playing some fun tunes to bop around and dance to. Fun fun fun ... that's the game plan. Come on out if ya get the urge.

That is all for now ... I'm audi.


World AIDS Day, 2005

December 1st is World AIDS Day. This year has been a rough year for everyone ... all of the natural disasters that have occurred all over the world have really taken a toll on everyone ... but we must not let this day go by without calling attention to the plight that AIDS still wreaks on all of us:

MTV Europe has set up the website that has lots of useful information including AIDS and HIV facts, finding help and how you can help. Bristol-Myers Squibb is donating up to $100,000 to AIDS causes for every candle lit at today. Click HERE for more information on how you can participate ... it only takes a second. There is TONS of information out there on how you can help make a difference today. Silence = Death. We must never be silent.