Friday, December 02, 2005

Hey Mr. DJ, Put A Record Playlist On

AHHHH ... the life of a Supastar DJ is really rough (and by Supastar DJ I mean dude who has to press play on an iPod) ... it was a late night last night ... and I have to be on a plane in a few hours ... so let's get to it ...

We all know how much I loves me the Britney ... and I hope she is having a fabulous K-Fed free birthday ... but can we just talk about Jamie Lynn Spears for a bit? Our little JL is growing up so fast ... check out this awesome picture of her lookin' all hot and shizz (calm down Thigh Master):

She looks amazing ... and I really hope that 2006 is gonna be her year. We were teased early on this year with the promise of a debut album ... but hopefully next year. I'll be waiting!!! [Source]

Charlize Theron looked amazing at the premiere of Aeon Flux last night:

Her skin is flawless ... it's like ... porcelain. I'm not sure if Aeon Flux is gonna be a hit for her (the movie studio won't even let anyone preview the movie to write a review) but I'm thinking Charlize ain't really worried about that so much. Hot! [Source]

GQ magazine threw its Men of the Year party at Mr. Chow last night in Beverly Hills ... and all the hot chicks came out for the shindig:

I love it ... the original SkeletwinsTM reunited for the event ... Jennifer "Man of the Year" Aniston was also on hand for the party. Mischa Barton seems to have left Cisco Adler at home ... Hmmm ... isn't that interesting? You mean he doesn't own an outfit for a black tie event? [Source]

Pamela Anderson was on hand for the MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam party in honor of World AIDS Day:

Say what you will about Pam but she's awesome for really supporting the causes that she believes in. It's awesome that she uses her boobs for good and not evil ... and isn't that really the way it's supposed to be? [Source]

Yay! Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman are friends again ...

... which isn't all that thrilling actually ... but yeah, maybe if they hooked up that would be kinda cool. Well ... until you get a mental image of the 2 of them nekkid in bed and then suddenly ... yeah ... bad, bad idea. [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are back home in LA ... and they needed to satisfy their hunger (to be photographed and talked about) by going out to The Ivy at midnight last night:

Aww ... they look so happy and so ... WHAT A MINUTE!!!!! WHERE DID KATIE'S BIG BELLY GO?! Didn't we *just* see her with this huge protruding belly (even her belly button was poking out)??? Oh, I see ... she forgot to wear her fake belly cuz, you know, she's prolly not really pregs. SHADY SHADY!! [Source]

Mariah Carey was in Germany this week to appear at the Bambi Awards ... here are some pics of Mimi accepting her Bambi for Pop International Artist and performing We Belong Together:

The woman is boobs on heels. I love her! Congrats Mariah!! [Source]

The Bravery paid a visit to TRL UK this week ...

... and they looked so thrilled to be there. Sam Endicott is so indie ... I can't believe he got talked into doing TRL ... I also can't believe he got talked into wearing that GAP sweater. [Source]

You know ... I love Liv Tyler ...

... but I am not a fan of her feet. [Source]

Colin Farrell is such a surly brute but I bet he's fun to party with:

I love the hat, I hate the cig ... can't you just hear him going HEH HEH HEH in the second pic? [Source]

Here are some fun pics of Lindsay Lohan:

See, this is why you SHOULD ALWAYS grab a handful of napkins whenever you get a food or drink product. It just makes sense. [Source]

We haven't seen Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony out lately but here are some new pics of the pair hanging out with their dog:

Marc still looks zombified and J. Lo is still cute. Yup ... well, it was nice checking in with them. [Source]

Orlando Bloom seems so into his chick Kate Bosworth ... look how he lovingly gazes into her eyes ...

... and then has her go away so he can finish his cigarette. That's love, y'all. [Source]

Check out this picture of Madonna and Green Day hanging out backstage in Germany at Wetten Dass ...? a few weeks ago:

They don't look like they have much in common ... although they both released political pop albums about America. Maybe they'll do a collabo or something ... maybe American Idiot Life? [Source]

Check out these kickass pictures of Cisco Adler doing what he does best ... whatever it is that he does ... as best he can ...

You know, I would've never figured him for a stoner. Look at that ... you learn something new every day. [thanks Pink Lover]

Benjamin Mackenzie stars in the new indie movie Junebug ... and here are some promo movie pictures of the lad:

There are like 50 pictures in the whole set ... it's like they kept taking pictures because they couldn't get it right. I'm not a big Ben fan ... but I can see his appeal in a few of these snaps. [Source]

Oh look it's Avril Lavigne* on the cover of Elle magazine!

*Please note that I am kidding ... I do know that it is Scarlett Johnasson ... thank you. [Source]

And finally, here are some awesome Laguna Beach pix sent to me by Pink reader Ella:

It's nice to see that Morgan and Christina still exist out there ... somewhere ... and it's also nice to see that Jessica has a trade to fall back on when all the Laguna hype dies out. [thanks Ella]

Les News:
Okay ... so let me just say that I was very nervous about last night's party ... I am no DJ but I do know what I like to dance to so I just really hoped that the night would be fun for everyone. I think we succeeded in having a really fun dance party. Check out the pictures of Randy, Moss and me hanging out at the DJ deck:

Yeah ... doesn't it look like I knew what I was doing? Thank gawd I got to do this DJ thing with Randy and Moss ... Randy was the mixer betwixt our 2 iPods and did a fabulous job of segueing the songs into one another. Moss would play a kickass song (Pulp or Guns N Roses) and then I'd pull out the pop (Hilary Duff) or indie rock (Von Bondies) ... I think we did a fab job of playing some fun music. Here are the songs that I played:

Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
Hilary Duff - Beat of my Heart
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head
Tegan & Sara - Walking With A Ghost
Madonna - Sorry
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
BEP - My Humps (by request)

Randy and Moss played an equal number of songs ... but I can't remember off the top of my head what was in their playlist. They did play some Lohan in response to my Duff ... yeah, we're coo like that. It was so fun ... there were so many other songs I wanted to play (Prince, Fischerspooner, OK GO, Dannii Minogue) but the hour went by so fast ... hmm ... maybe I could get used to this DJing thing after all?

I got to meet some amazing people last night and got to hang out with my dear friends ...

Thank you all for coming out and dancing with me and my friends. I know that I had a good time ... and the dancefloor stayed pretty packed all night:

Who knows ... maybe Randy, Moss and I will be spinning at Ibiza next year!

Well LA ... thank you so much for having me ... again ... it was fun. I fly home this afternoon so I'll be comin' atcha back in Detroit Rock City.



La Brit Brit Turns 24

I have to give a big birthday shout out to my fave pop princess, Britney Spears, who turns 24 today:

Thru thick and thin ... I <3 U totally. Happy Birthday ... dump Kevin.