Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Breaking Up Isn't Hard To Do

What the eff?!? Us Weekly magazine is reporting that Nicole Richie and DJ AM have broken off their engagement:


Dec. 7, 2005, 3:19 p.m. PST

LOS ANGELES -- Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Nicole Richie, 24, and fiance Adam "D.J. AM" Goldstein, 32, have called it quits. "They have decided to break off the engagement," Richie's rep Cindy Guagenti confirms to Us. "The decision is mutual."

Sources tell Us Weekly that the pair, who had dated since 2003 and were to wed next year, decided to break up a few days ago. Of her planned nuptials, Richie told Us earlier this year, "I'm so happy. We're taking it slowly."

Wow! I don't even know what to say ... US Weekly tends to have the scoops when peeps in Hollywood break up. This story is still developing but I tend to believe the source. Wow. That is so sad.

In other news, US Weekly is also reporting that Jessica Simpson has hired Jennifer Aniston's divorce attorney:


POSTED: Dec. 7, 2005 1:31 p.m. PST

LOS ANGELES -- Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Jessica Simpson has hired high-powered L.A. divorce attorney Robert Kaufman, who represented Jennifer Aniston in her divorce with Brad Pitt earlier this year, to handle her divorce with Nick Lachey. Kaufman could not be reached for comment. A rep for Simpson would neither confirm nor deny that she had enlisted Kaufman, but a Simpson pal tells Us, "Jennifer handled her divorce with Brad like a lady, in a non-sleazy way, and Jessica wants to do the same."

On Nov. 23, Simpson, 25, and Lachey, 32, announced their separation in a statement to Us after three years of marriage.

When it rains it pours. Well, there are still a few weeks left in 2005 ... I wonder what else is gonna happen.


Chart Attack

Hmm ... is anyone surprised that Kevin Federline's middle name is Earl? Here is a tiny peek at Sean Preston Federline's birth certificate chock full of interesting information:

It would be a shame for Kevin to finally get a firm grip on Britney Spears by providing her with her only child ONLY to get booted onto the street and left with nothing, wouldn't it? Yeah, that would be just terrible. [thanks Nicole]

Las Vegas was on fire last night when the Billboard Music Awards invaded ... and by "on fire" I mean some people showed up, the usuals performed and the regulars won:

The Century Award went to Tom Petty (read his acceptance speech HERE) and Kanye West won the Artist Achievement Award. Mariah Carey picked up the awards for Hot 100 Song of the Year and Hot 100 Airplay of the Year for We Belong Together (which, incidentally, is my jam). Click HERE to see the full list of winners. Ashlee Simpson looked alright on the red carpet ... and I love that DJ AM was busy checking his email while on stage. Did anyone watch the show? We DVRed it but I'm not sure I really want to sit thru the entire thing ... [Source]

Brokeback Mountain had its 47th premiere of the year in New York City last night ... Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway were all there for the premiere ... Jake Gyllenhaal, who is in San Francisco filming Zodiac, was unable to attend:

Yeah, it looks like Sofia Coppola was a little miffed that Jakey poo was a no show. Well folks, that's it for the premieres ... the movie opens in select cities this Friday. Detroit gets the movie December 16. The gay cowboys are about to be unleashed on the public ... and I can't wait! [Source, Source]

The cast of King Kong were on MTV's TRL this past Monday ... and so was Giselle Bundchen:

Kind of an odd pairing if you ask me ... and what is up with Jack Black and his mustache ... every picture I see of him with the 'stache makes him look like he's constipated. It's very disturbing ... at any rate, King Kong opens on December 14th. Visit Towleroad if you'd like to read a review. [Source]

Yesterday, our dear Lindsay Lohan paid her visit to TRL to celebrate the release of her new album A Little More Personal (RAW):

Hee hee, that girl must carry 5 different changes of clothing everywhere she goes ... she gets photographed in an outfit going in and then is seen wearing something completely different once inside. Now that's a diva, y'all. [Source]

Here is proof positive that even Angelina Jolie can suffer at the cruel hands of bad lighting ... the usually stunning beauty is looking pretty harsh in these outdoor pics:

Her normally succulent lips look grossly inflated and her hands look like claws! Harsh light is evil! She looks much better once inside under the soft lighting that we all know and love. So take note people, you don't want to stumble into poor lighting ... otherwise the gay boy you are trying to seduce might take off and leave. [Source, Source]

Reese Witherspoon was on hand for the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Breakfast this week ... and while this sounds like an absolutely THRILLING event the real story is her meet-up with Barbara Walters:

Can't you see how Reese could become Barbara in about 55 years? It's kind of scary actually ... [Source]

Melissa Joan Hart was also on hand for the Hollywood Reporter breakfast event ... she is the latest Hollywood celeb to be on pregs watch:

Will she pop before the end of the year ... gosh, I hope so ... she looks like she's carrying a Mack truck in there. I keed, I keed ... MJH is awesome ... I hope she has a happy and healthy birthing. [Source]

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler must be tired of always having glamorous Hollywood parties or distant tropical vacation spots to go to ... because they seem pretty content taking a little trip down to Blockbuster to pick up some vids:

See folks, celebs like Mischco are just like you and me ... well, not me ... I hate going to Blockbuster. They never seem to have the movies I want when I get there (like Pootie Tang) ... stupid Blockbuster. [Source]

Paris Hilton is happily showing off her latest hickey all over town:

One can presume that this love mark came at the lips and suction of a certain Greek heir that we all know but I suppose anything is possible. Well, if he gives her anything else (wink, wink) hopefully we won't have to see it. [Source]

Mariah Carey, God love her, is one classy biatch:

She's down with just wearing a trenchcoat and her underwear ... that's Outrageous! [Source]

You know ... you really must have everything if you can afford to pay someone to be your straw handler. Can you imagine what a fun job it must be to follow Mimi around ready to insert her straw into her mouth so she can take a sip of something?

This woman looks like she's got it made! [Source, thanks Aimee]

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are always ones to smile for the cameras:

HI GUYS ... we <3 you, too! [Source]

Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars have been in Florida recently and a few of their fans went out to watch them perform and waited in line to meet them ... it appears that Mr. Leto could really care less that any of them showed up at all:

Pink reader Jordan was fortunate enough to get backstage access to see 30 Seconds to Mars and found Jared Leto to be a bit of a let down. He wasn't very nice to the fans and seemed annoyed to be bothered. This is strange ... 30STM is a small band (even with Jared on lead), you would think they would cherish every fan they had. The guys were very cool to the fans when they came to Toledo, OH earlier this year. Hmmm ... [thanks Jordan]

Casey Reinhardt, of Laguna Beach fame, was lucky enough to be featured in OK! magazine recently ... her step mother glommed onto her stepdaughter as much as she could to get into the magazine as well:

Firstly, I doubt anyone wants to see her plasticine stepmother in the magazine at all and secondly, do people still follow Casey since Laguna Beach ended? I had high hopes for her when the second season started ... I really thought she was going to be a fun character ... but she ended up being annoying and wasn't even featured that much. People only seem to care about LC and Kristin (and to some extent Alex M.) but good for Casey on scoring a multipage layout in OK! magazine. That actually ain't too shabby. [Source]

In other Laguna news, Jason appeared at one of the infamous Laguna Beach club parties (this one in Columbus, OH) and managed to give the people in attendance a little peek at his stuff:

Hmm ... he's wearing a belt and his pants still came down, eh? I wonder if he had some help ... I don't think LC was there ... does she know about this? [Source, thanks Melissa]

I may have to ask her ... LC and Jason are coming to the Detroit area on December 16 to attend a party at Sevin the Nightclub. Tickets are available now ... oh you know I'm gonna be there!

And finally, we're gonna have to wait until the new year to get new episodes of Lost but here is a screencap from last week's episode ...

Clearly you can see Sayid on the TV screen in that military office. What does it mean?! It'll prolly be a very long time before we know but in the meantime ABC will be airing Lost reruns ... so you'll have have a chance to watch the eps again to see if you catch something that you might've missed. [thanks Derry and Sara]

Les News:
BOO! Sorry for the posting lateness, I was able to defeat illness a few weeks ago and it seems that damn thing has reared its ugly head again ... I kinda feel like garbage ... but I'm taking Airborne like crazy and I'm doing my best to fight it off. UGH ...

Last night Erik, VLB and I went out to see Aeon Flux:

Many of you emailed me and commented that you, too, saw the movie and quite enjoyed it. I have to concur ... the movie was very fun, looked great and was pretty true to the animated series that has become a cult classic. I totally understand why reviewers are giving the movie such a hard time ... it's very rare for a reviewer to go on record and sing the praises of a comic book movie. The same was true when Catwoman came out ... it wasn't a masterpiece but it was a great, fun movie. I, for one, loved Aeon Flux and so did Erik and VLB ... the story was smart and the fighting scenes were very cool (although, a bit graphic for a PG-13 movie ... I could go a long time without seeing an earring get ripped out of someone's earlobe again).

I am of the mind that people have to see movies for themselves despite what reviewers say. If the movie looks intriguing to you or if you are a fan of Aeon Flux ... check it out ... I think you'll find that you'll be in the "minority" and actually like the film.

Ack ... okay ... I'm totally dunzo ... I need to go drink fluids and eat something ... anyone out there got a good recipe for chicken soup? I need to recoup and hopefully feel better.

Last thing, Women's size SMALL has been added to the t-shirt ordering page. And Team Kristin will be fixed before the shirt goes to print. They were merely oversights.

I'm out!

Shirt Tales

Okay ... so I've teamed up with to put out a limited edition t-shirt for people to purchase. There has been some demand for merchandise of some sort and I am working on a couple ideas for more merch but, in the meantime, Randy and I have decided to create one limited edition t-shirt for sale right now:

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Randy came up with the design and I couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. The face design is made up of words like Jilary, Spederline, Goss, Ashlee, etc. ... I think it's a pretty cool-looking shirt. Orders will be taken up until Friday December 16, 2005 ... after that no more orders will be taken and no more shirts of this design will be printed.

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