Friday, December 09, 2005

Marry, Marry

Okay ... so I've heard from 2 different sources (thanks J and Diana) that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have married or are getting married in Sarasota, FL today. They are apparently doing the deed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The rumor has even hit the radio ... so I guess we'll wait and see if it's really true:

Along with the surprise wedding of Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan (her married name was Luciana Barroso), could there really be 2 secret celebrity weddings in one day?

Are we really this lucky?

UPDATE: I guess we're not that lucky ... Access Hollywood is reporting that this rumor is not true. Boo!

It was fun while it lasted :)

I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier

Interesting ... it looks as if Kevin Federline has been crashing all over the place ... well, it's nice to see that he's got friends (in low places) that are willing to loan him use of their couch while he goes thru this "thing" with La Britney.

Hmmm ... he's not staying at home with Britney and Sean Preston ... he's no longer staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel ... now he's sleeping on friends' couches ... HMMMMMM ... could it be? Yeah, I'm not believing any of it until US Weekly announces another WORLD EXCLUSIVE that says that Spederline are really dunzo. [Source]

King Kong had its UK premiere in London last night ... all the principles were there:

Naomi Watts looked great ... Adrien Brody was looking quite handsome ... I am actually excited for this movie ... it looks like it's gonna be a mix between Jurassic Park and Romeo and Juliet ... with a big ape. The movie is a bit over 3 hours long ... which is odd because director Peter Jackson isn't known for his sweeping epic movies. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Mariah Carey at the official announcement of the Grammy Award nominees yesterday:

Yeah, it's pretty safe to say that Mariah has been having a great year ... unless she wins the Nobel Prize or gets sainted by the Pope I think she's pretty much wrapped up all the accolades for this year. But who knows ... there are still weeks left in '05. [Source]

Paris Hilton knows that all of her partying comes at a price ... and there are times when that price has to be paid ... check it, Paris had to go in for a "procedure":

Colon Hydrotherapy is the shizz, y'all (literally). Now that she's all emptied out she can hit the upcoming holiday parties guilt-free ... and ready to load up again. That's hot. [Source]

But, it's not all maintenance for Miss Hilton ... she's also got work to do ... with only 16 days left for Xmas shopping she's got her work cut out for her:

Um, isn't she looking a bit like Kimberly Stewart in that second pic? Zoinks! [Source]

Ashley Olsen, meanwhile, is in NYC doing her Xmas shopping:

Nice, nice ... [Source]

... and Jude Law is STILL doing his Sienna-please-don't-leave-me shopping as well:

Yeah ... I think Sienna Miller is gonna have one righteous Xmas this year. Incidentally, Jude's little boy (who looks like a little girl) is supercute. He looks a lot like he was fathered by MJ from The Real World: Philly. [Source]

Ben Affleck has been doing a different kind of shopping ... he's been buying up everything in site for his new baby daughter Violet Anne:

How much do you want to bet there is some sort of Red Sox baby thing inside that box. [Source]

Ben's B.F.F. Matt Damon has announced that his chick, Luciana Barroso, will give birth to their baby next summer:

Hurray! Congratulations! ... and all that stuff ... but doesn't Luciana look a lot like Ally Hilfiger from the MTV show Rich Girls? Just a random thought ... [Source, thanks Mirian]

UPDATE: US Weekly is reporting that Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso were married this morning:


POSTED: Dec. 9, 2005 1:24 p.m. EST

UPDATED: 1:43 p.m. EST

NEW YORK -- Us Weekly has learned exclusively that actor Matt Damon, 35, and girlfriend of two years Luciana Barroso, 30, got married this morning in New York City in a brief ceremony officiated by a justice of the peace. Damon's publicist Jennifer Allen confirmed the wedding to Us. Sources tell Us that Damon and Barroso, a former bartender who is about three months pregnant and has a 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, exchanged vows in front of Barroso's daughter Alexa. A source at New York City Hall confirms to Us that the couple wed this morning inside city hall. "They did it real quick and then started calling all their friends with the good news," says a Damon pal. "It's not a secret. They're telling everyone."

On September 12 of this year Damon's rep confirmed to Us that the couple had gotten engaged and had begun planning a wedding. Damon, a Massachusetts native and longtime pal of actor Ben Affleck, is currently shooting The Good Shepherd in New York with co-stars Robert Deniro and Angelina Jolie. Damon and Barroso share a $10.3 million Miami Beach mansion. When asked by Us last month about his engagement Damon said, "I'm excited about it." Of his pending fatherhood, Damon told the magazine, "I have longed for [kids]."

Hmm ... didn't Ben Affleck quickly wed Jennifer Garner after it was announced that she was pregnant? Indeed, love is in the air. [thanks Amy]

Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace share a couple of mints for lunch:

See, and once again I'm seeing someone else ... Kate looks a lot like Pamela Anderson. Maybe I'm just tired ... or delusional from all the sick. [Source]

Mischa Barton is workin' hard ... she's doing all she can ...

It ain't easy sellin' Keds to kids ... well, to any cool kids that is. [Source]

Either Madonna doesn't have a sense of humor ... or she just didn't get the joke ... check out these screencaptures from a video of Madonna ripping up a fan sign at a recent Tokyo promo concert:

Obviously the sign is an homage to her song I Love New York. Head on over to to download the clip and watch for yourself ... the report is in French German but you get the gist of the story anyways ... unless you speak French German and then you're all set. Oh la la OH- Scheiße! [Source]

Venus Williams wears thong underwear:

I am very sorry that I am now privy to that information. [Source]

What's this? David Beckham walking around holding his back?

Is he hurt? I looked around from news of an injury but I couldn't find anything ... I hope he's not messed up or anything. I'd hate for him to have to stop running around, all sweaty, in his little soccer shorts. [Source]

Ahhh, it's a magical day when a new Louis Vuitton store opens for business ... here is Gisele Bundchen flexin' her mad scissor sister skills at the ribbon cutting of the new LV store in Hong Kong:

It's so beautiful. Can't you almost hear the seraphim singing above? [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen opens up in the January issue of W magazine: has a major portion of the story online. It's an interesting read ... she talks about how painful it is to see Stavros Niarchos hook up with Paris Hilton, she talks about dropping out of school and she also talks about her love of Sigmund Freud and "feeling sexier" again. I guess I always thought the Olsen Twins were pretty much interchangeable but it appears they are more different than I thought. Although I am not surprised to learn that she drinks about four "giant" Starbucks drinks a day (alternating between chai and skim lattes) and "several" Marlboro cigs. That's a lot of caffeinated tobacco she's got goin' on. [Source]

Wilmer Valderrama has signed to play Francis "Ponch" Poncherello in the movie version of CHiPs:

Hmm ... no stretch there. [thanks Deb]

And finally ... if you live in a select city (i.e. New York or LA) don't forget that Brokeback Mountain opens today:

The old dude at Boondocks has already seen it ... I think he liked it. [thanks Jeff]

Les News:
Erik and I spent a pretty quiet night at home last night ... we were to supposed to meet up with Mike for his birthday. I was feeling better and so was Mike ... but a 6" snow storm was on its way and Mike decided that we shouldn't risk the trek. I'm sure we'll get to hook up with him to celebrate soon.

Yeah, so Erik and I just picked up some food and dessert, played a few board games and just enjoyed each other's company. It was really nice ... it reminded me of the old times. He is so the best. He's really good at taking care of me and I am very fortunate to have him in my life.

One last thing, Andrea and I would like to wish Robin a Happy Birthday today. Robin was the superhero at Blogger that helped save PITNB when it went down a few months ago ... I am eternally greatful ... I hope you have a super duper Happy Birthday!

I'm out.

PS: A little bird tells me that Brad and Angelina are in Sarasota, FL today ... they couldn't be trying to attempt a secret wedding, could they? Shoot ... at this point ... nothing would suprise me.