Sunday, December 11, 2005

It Was Only A Dream

It looks like the bag of Cheetos and carton of cigarettes trick worked ... Kevin Federline found favor with Britney Spears again ... she gave him back his toy ... Booooooo!

... and while it is probably more true that the Ferrari was taken back to the dealership for repair, it was nice to imagine Brit Brit putting her foot down and taking control. Long live Spederline! [Source]

Here is one of the first pictures of Matt Damon as a married man ...

... he was leaving the courthouse where he was married on Friday smiling from ear to ear. As does Ben, so does Matt. [Source]

Meanwhile, in LA that same Friday, Angelina Jolie was busy at a courthouse herself:

While rumors were flying around that she was secretly getting married to Brad Pitt in Sarasota, FL, Angelina was seen going into a courthouse building -- presumably dealing with adoption papers. But there is some speculation that she may have been working on a marriage license ... maybe because she's pregs herself?. It's bound to happen ... sooner or later. [Source]

Nine Inch Nails, Fall Out Boy and others were on hand for the first night of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Xmas concert in LA last night:

Tonight is the second night of the event and will feature Depeche Mode, Coldplay, The White Stripes, The Bravery, Hot Hot Heat and more! Wow ... that's some line-up. Sounds like it's gonna be an insanely fun time in Cali tonight. [Source]

The magical, mysterious, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't baby bump that Katie Holmes has been sportin' has returned ... complete with protruding belly button!

Those soccer games provide quite a nice photo op for TomKat. I wonder if Isabella Cruise's soccer team is winning any of the games they seem to play every other day. [Source]

Here they are ... Paris Latsis and his new corn rows:

K-Fed better watch his back ... there may be a new rooster sniffin' around his hen house. Yo Brit, this one has got mad cheddar of his own! [Source]

Victoria Beckham was spotting doing some super secret shopping in Madrid, Spain recently ... was she shopping for Becks, the boys or herself?

I hate to admit it but I think Posh looks great ... sure, she's still super skinny but the skirt/boots combo is kinda hot. I'm still convinced she's an alien come to invade our planet but today she's a well-dressed alien invader. [Source]

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman's new man, says that he regrets posing in the nude for Playgirl magazine back in 2001 ... here are the pictures that he regrets posing for:

My ... that's a big guitar that he's got there. He says that he was pressured into posing for Playgirl by his record company to sell more albums. I can see how that marketing strategy might work. [Source]

Here is this weekend's hot dude ... say yo to Christian:

He looks like quite a nice guy. Good tan, nice musculature ... yes, he'll do nicely. [Source]

And finally, Survivor Guatemala: The Mayan Empire ends tonight ... it's down to the final four and the ultimate Survivor will be revealed live on CBS tonight:

I don't always make it a point to watch Survivor but this season really grabbed hold of me (I think it was all the Guatemalaness). I ended up watching the entire season and then actually started caring who was going to win a few episodes ago. I cannot TELL you how happy I am that Judd got voted out a couple of episodes ago. He drove me crazy! I am stunned that Lydia (the fishmonger) has made it all the way to the final four. I predict that she will be voted out next (unless Stephenie does not win immunity and then she'll be voted out first, then Lydia). I really hope the final two left standing are Danni and Rafe ... because I would be happy if either of them won. [Source]

The News:
Yesterday evening I got to chill out with my folks at their place before hanging out with Sarah at her place. We were planning on having a late dinner together but had to amend that plan in order to meet up with Erik and Jake for dancing. We had the best time at the SASS danceparty at OSLO:

It's so nice having Jake to play with ... he is so fun. Even when he's breaking hearts on the dancefloor, he's doing it as nicely as possible.

Sarah ... if I do not see the preach picture of you on your My Space profile PRONTO then you are dead to me.

Rumor has it that Erik and I are going to see Narnia this afternoon ...

I'm out.