Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All I Want Is What I Have Coming To Me, All I Want Is My Fair Share

Kevin Federline is a wily one ... he successfully wooed Britney Spears for a reason ... he knows all about her weaknesses ... it looks like he's decided to pull out the big guns and go for full forgiveness:

And you thought it was merely all about the sex. [Source]

A crib was photographed being taken into K-Fed's bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel ...

This is strange ... if Spederline are on the mend then why is Kevin still staying at the hotel? If they are still on the outs, why is Britney letting Sean Preston sleep over? Is she trying to teach Kevin responsibility? Is she making him watch the baby while she goes out by herself? [Source]

Well, not so much, at least not yet ... here are pictures of Britney taking Sean Preston to the mall:

Why is Britney wearing an arm sleeve of fake tattoos? And why is Sean Preston not in a car seat? Why, why, why? [Source via Source]

Moving on ... Angelina Jolie is walking around clearly not wearing a ring of any sort on her finger ...

... and so, we wait ... [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal has taken some time off from filming his latest movie, Zodiac, to fly out with Peter Sarsgaard to promote their movie Jarhead in Germany:

It's interesting that Jake has done no Brokeback promo since the LA premiere of the movie ... not that the movie needs much promo, it's doing very well already with the promo that has already been done. The Golden Globe nominations were announced today and Brokeback Mountain was nominated for 7 awards (Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Ang Lee were all individually nominated). [Source]

Click HERE for the full list of Golden Globe nominations. The awards will be handed out on January 16, 2006.

Nicole Richie is finding comfort with a new friend since breaking up with her fiancee DJ AM:

She is also finding comfort from a good old friend in Mischa Barton who went with her to the pet store. Keep your chin up, Nicole ... [Source]

To help deal with her breakup, Jessica Simpson went to the hair salon to get a new look:

... which basically looks like her old look ... [Source]

... but with much larger lips:

Hey, if plump lips make you feel better about yourself, then I say go for it ... just don't over do it. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Kylie Minogue out and about doing some shopping in London:

She looks so happy ... Kylie has the best smile around. Get well soon, Kyles -- we miss you! [Source]

Beyoncé has unleashed a new fragrance upon the world ... not happy with being merely a True Star she unveils True Star Gold:

While True Star is a representation of Beyoncé's true self, Gold is a representation of Sascha -- her onstage personality. "And this is True Star Gold. Gold is my favorite color, and it, basically, is a reflection of 'Sasha,' who is my personality on the stage. You can see in all the ads: I have the hair blowin', the fierce makeup, the smoky eyes, the mic. It's more sexy. It's more outgoing. It's the type of fragrance you would wear if you had a hot date or you're going out, having a 'Sex and the City' night with your girlfriends." Mona Lisa would approve. [Source]

Prince William has been rollin' with the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team these days:

You never know when a member of the Royal Family will need to be called upon to help out with a RAF mountain rescue matter. A prepared Prince is a right and just Prince. [Source]

The Fugees continue their reunion tour and made a stop in Paris, France this week ... check it, Lauryn Hill is rockin' the afro wig a la Foxy Cleopatra:

She looks great ... I like this look much better than the Tootie from The Fact of Life mushroom hair do she's been sportin' lately. [Source]

Wow ... I am always amazed when I see pictures of Aretha Franklin:

And this picture is no exception ... I ... have no words ... that dress looks like a bed sheet wrapped around her body ... with feathers! Well, at least she's not lookin' as bad as Jody Watley. [Source]

Here is a picture of Ashlee Simpson and her rockin' band ... note how Braxton is up front:

Her drummer must have something against wearing clothes ... not that there's anything wrong with that. [Source]

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving ... the gift of beauty:

It worked for Debra Messing. [thanks Trish]

Colin Farrell's publicist has released a statement stating that he is being treated for exhaustion and a dependency on prescription medication ... and timed just perfectly is the release of the teaser trailer for Miami Vice:

The Miami Vice official website is also open for business. I can't believe that Colin would OD for publicity's sake ... well, it is Hollywood after all. [Source]

And finally, getting back to Kylie Minogue for a quick second ... her new concert DVD Kylie Minogue Showgirl has been finally released here in North America:

Head on over to Amazon.ca to order your NTSC region-free DVD while supplies last. Happily, mine arrived yesterday and I have to say -- it is an amazing concert! [Source]

Les News:
Sarah, Erik, Blaine and I spent the evening hanging out at VLB's place for eats and laughs ... we got together to help her decorate her Xmas tree. To get us into the mood we popped in A Charlie Brown Christmas to get the party started:

Erik and I are not big Xmas people (Sarah is a huge Xmas fan ... her place has been nicely decorated, inside and out, for a while now) but we did have fun decorating with VLB. If we had had enough time ... we might have used that last picture for our Xmas cards.

Tonight a bunch of us are getting together to celebrate Ben's birthday at his place ... Sam is organizing a big sushi-making party for tonight ... it should be fun.

And that is all ... I'm out.