Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Return Of The King

Welp ... it looks like we now know why Kevin Federline's toy Ferrari was sent back to the dealership recently ... against all hope, it seems that Britney never had his car repoed ... he was actually allowed to have his car tricked out and customized ... behold his new, tricked out ride:

He's got to be kidding, right? Well, you've got to give him credit for creativity ... can you think of a more creative way to squander your wife's money? [Source]


I don't normally do Project Runway recaps but Erik and I make a note to watch the show together and we enjoy providing our own critiques of the show. I have to admit, I am terrible at picking out who the judges like and don't like and generally agree with the outcome of their decisions. Last night's episode was no exception, Raymundo's design was, by far, the worst one of the bunch ... but I was surprised that Andrae's design got off so easy:

If Raymundo's design was the worst, Andrae's was a close second worse. The dress looked like a poopy diaper that was ready to pop. The fact that Andrae didn't cry also added to our displeasure. I think that Made In Brazil has got it right ... they are gonna keep Andrae for as long as they can because he makes for great TV. Santino drives me NUTS ... he is so arrogant and cocky ... I am very much looking forward to the day when he gets his due -- his melt down might eclipse Andrae's crybaby-ness by leaps and bounds. Dang ... what a fun show! Hello, you've got to admit, Nick's design is going to make for a very cool Barbie doll. With all the other shows on holiday hiatus Project Runway is the only show to make time for. [Source]

Former Friends Courteney Cox-Arquette (with hubby David Arquette) and Lisa Kudrow joined Charlize Theron, Elisha Cuthbert and others at the launch of Dior Christal at the Getty Center in Hollywood this week:

Courteney and Elisha look so serious ... or even a little pissed. Maybe they weren't impressed with the free swag. Is this event that serious ..? [Source]

Jude Law gets snaps for rockin' this girly-looking scarf with such a low cut shirt underneath:

I don't think that shirt is a blouse ... but there seems to be some sort of frill around the neckline. Kudos to Jude for boldly going where most straight men dare not tread. [Source]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt suspiciously spent the evening apart recently ... here is a picture of Angelina doing some shopping at a jewelry store:

I'm sure she is merely doing some Xmas shopping ... there is no reason to think she was looking for wedding bands or anything like that. [Source]

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt was off having dinner with a friend in LA:

Hmm ... they seem to be spending a lot of time apart these days ... I don't think we've seen them together since the "Sarasota Wedding" rumor flew wildly about last weekend. I wonder if they have something up their sleeves ... [Source]

That cheeky Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London has taken the Brad/Angelina/Jennifer saga to a new level ... it's clear that Madame Tussaud has a clear opinion on who the good and bad guys are:

LOL! Angelina is cast as the evil Queen stepmother to Jennifer's innocent heroine Snow White. And poor Brad is caught in the middle as the heroic Prince Charming -- gag! It's clear that Madame Tussaud is on Team Aniston but making Brad Pitt out to be the hero is a bit much. [Source]

Here is the picture of Lindsay Lohan hanging out with Kate Moss at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills earlier this week:

Hmm ... I wonder what Lindsay and Kate talked about over dinner. Hopefully they were being good girls. Um, what exactly is going on with Kate's whole ... look. Is that a jacket she's wearing ... is she wearing it backwards? Should she really be taking fashion cues from Kriss Kross? [Source]

Lindsay has been quite a bizzy little social bee ... she took her little sister Aliana to Disneyland for some Magic Kingdom fun and ran into Kelly Osbourne who managed to worm her way into all the pictures:

Don't you just hate a camera hog? Looks like the Lohans do too. L. Lo's friend Patrick don't look too happy in the backseat either. I'm not exactly sure what look Kelly O is going for with the orange hair but I seriously hope it was a terrible dye-job accident. Kelly should look into acquiring more hats until she gets that mess fixed. [Source]

Not content to hang with just one Osbourne, L. Lo ran into Jack Osbourne at the new hot spot Teddy's in LA:

Jack looks great ... nice jacket and even a tie ... at least this Osbourne got it right. [Source, Source]

But, our dear Lindsay needs her alone time as well ... here she is chillin' out all by herself:

Can we talk about the hat? I get that it's blistering cold in LA but the winter cap seems a bit much. I wonder if Kate Moss gave her some bad fashion advice after all. [Source]

Last thing ... let's recap all of these fashion accessories shall we?

I'm not totally sold on the winter cap but it is December and I suppose there is some leeway to play with there. The glasses look great ... the frames are pretty cool and they give her a look of sophistication. There is never an excuse to wear Mickey Mouse ears ... not even at Disneyland ... but hey, you can't win 'em all.

Hmmm ... so Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez are just friends, eh? She looks awfully guilty in these pictures ... like she got caught or something.

Sure the couple were just seen innocently shopping together ... how much trouble could they have gotten into at the Apple Store? I'm sure everything is just fine between Eva and Tony Parker. [Source]

Victoria Beckham is lookin' sleek and slim in her all-black outfit:

Gah, everything that she's wearing is skin tight ... where does she find clothes small enough to fit tightly on her? She has to be a size -4. I think it's all that tight clothing that gets Posh all riled up. [Source]

It's no secret that Jennifer Lopez loves her fur ...

... without a single pang of guilt. That's a lot of little critters that J. Lo is wearin'. [Source]

And finally, Haylie Duff has agreed to pose for Maxim magazine in order to show her sexy side:

Maxim strikes me as a gateway magazine ... here's hopin' that Haylie doesn't decide to wear less clothing for any other magazine. [Source]

The News:
So ... yesterday afternoon I caught a twilight showing of Peter Jackson's epic retelling of King Kong and much to my surprise, I wasn't completely blown away:

Having enjoyed the many, many hours of cinematic entertainment from Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy I think I was expecting some super, mega astounding movie in King Kong. When I heard the movie was 3+ hours long I figured it would be awesome and thrilling the entire time ... I think I was just expecting too much. Overall, I really liked the movie -- I felt it was very entertaining, great to look at and surprisingly poignant in all the right spots.

There were a couple things I didn't care for ... first, there were too many characters, I had a hard time keeping track of them but they quickly kept dying so it no longer became necessary to keep track. It takes an hour and half to get your first glimpse of King Kong, which reminded me of the Titanic syndrome (2 hours of ZZZZZZZZZZZZ and then the shipwreck fun begins), and then it takes a little while for him to become the star of the movie.

I loved the scary natives, they were realistic and creepy to me (especially the old woman). I loved the action scene where Kong was fighting with the dinosaurs -- there is a lot to pay attention to and I felt the FX were done very well. I could have done without all of the super freaky bug monsters ... I hate bugs and the thought of giant bugs coming after me terrifies me to no end ... but they were a good addition and jacked up the anxiety level for me.

I never understood the love story in the original version of King Kong, it's hard to imagine a woman feeling love for a big ape, but there is something in the way that Naomi Watts plays her part that made me feel it ... at the very least, she was extremely empathetic towards the beast. The frozen pond scene was completely unbelievable but very sweet nonetheless. The climax atop the Empire State Building is superb ... I think this is the part of the remake that surpasses the original.

The movie is long and could prolly lose an hour and still be a very tight film. But, if you're gonna do a remake of a movie that you love so much, as Jackson sought out to do, then I suppose you are allowed some creative freedom. Shoot, even the Thigh Master liked this movie ... and he usually hates everything! It's a fun film ... with a lot of WOWs and a lot of heart ... just make sure you have a lot of popcorn and soda on hand to make it thru.

Tonight, I have plans to catch Dave Koz in concert here at the Detroit Opera House. I've been a Dave Koz fan for years (ever since I played the saxophone in high school) so I am very much looking forward to the show. The problem is that it is snowing like crazy here in Detroit today (right now the snow is coming down in droves right outside my window). I hope things clear up by tonight ... I'd hate to miss the show.

And that is all ... Lates.