Sunday, December 18, 2005

If You Can't Fix It ... You've Got To Stand It

Time magazine has chosen their People of the Year for 2005 ... they've decided to honor Bono from U2 and Bill & Melinda Gates as the People of the Year for their activist accomplishments this year:

Bono was chosen because he co-founded an organization called DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) whose goal is to fight poverty and HIV in the developing world. The DATA organization spawned the ONE Campaign to Make Poverty History. Bill and Melinda Gates were chosen because they "spent the year giving more money away faster than anyone ever has." It's nice to see that Time chose to honor people who worked for other people this year. I tend to agree with the people that Time chose, well at least I tend to agree with why they were chosen ... especially when you take into account that they were considering the likes of Darth Vader, Pope Benedict XVI and Condoleeza Rice. [Source]

You know ... I'm actually surprised that Kevin Federline didn't make Time magazine's short list for consideration ... he is truly a man who has worked tirelessly this year for other people ...

... oh wait, he barely worked all year long and when he did do "work" it was for himself. Well, he did manage to provide the world with the spawn of Britney Spears ... that has to count for something, right? [Source]

Here are some cute pictures of Angelina Jolie picking up Maddox from school earlier this week:

2 things ... I like the Spiderman lunchbox ... and the silver moon boots. So far, Maddox strikes me as a normal little kid ... which is cool. Whatever you may think about Angelina, she does appear to be a very good mom. But, I guess we'll have to see how things turn out ... that kid may have stories to sell as soon as he's able to talk. [Source]

Rachel McAdams took precautions to keep her nips all nice and covered up ... and she does look kinda okay in this dress at the Guggenheim Artist Ball:

Her dress does look like it was inspired by nonpareils candy but it ain't so bad. [Source]

Ugh! Alanis Morissette has gone blonde ... and I don't know that I approve ...

... you know, 'cuz she has to run every change in her career by me. And who authorized her to hang out with Tommy Lee? That girl ... [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are a bit late ... but they have finally jumped aboard the "posing with the Homeless" celebrity bandwagon ...

I think a better way to work this angle would be for Tom to position his homeless person inside a burning building where he can race inside and pull the person to safety ... and then convert them to Scientology. Wouldn't that be way more exciting and endearing? [Source]

The Prism Awards, which celebrate "outstanding accomplishments in the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, interactive, comic books, music, and video entertainment", were handed out last week ... but why in hell were Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander invited to this event?

It's always funny to see that these 2 always tend to show up at the same events ... like the organizers were upset that they couldn't get Britney Spears and Kevin Federline so they went with the next best thing. Hello, why don't Shar and Jason join forces, hook up and take on the world ... oh yeah, because that would be so incredibly sad. [Source]

Keira Knightley is a trooper ... here she is getting all sopping wet to do a photoshoot for WaterAid -- an organization dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people:

I am always amazed at the lengths that celebrities will go to for philanthropy's sake. Hello, she got wet people! Did Time magazine know about this? [Source]

And finally, here is the Hot Guy for the Week ... let's take a gander at Josh:

I find it way more effective when football players only wear half of their clothing ... I dunno, there is something about the look that works for me. [Source]

Yesterday was a very relaxing day ... I was able to catch up on some TV all day long before hanging out with VLB and Erik last night. They spent the entire day Xmas shopping but we were able to meet up for dinner at Bastone in Royal Oak. Then it was time to go see Brokeback Mountain:

I have talked so much about this movie already that I prolly don't need to write up another review ... but I did get more out of seeing the film one more time. Heath Ledger is really the best thing in this movie ... everytime I watch him in the role of Ennis Delmar I completely forget that he's Heath Ledger. As much as I love Jake, this movie really belongs to Heath. I am very hopeful that he will win the Golden Globe for his performance ... which will hopefully lead to an Academy Award nomination (and win?).

Erik and I are headed out to celebrate Sarah's mother's birthday today ... it should be a fun time whooping it up with Miss Nina!

That is all ... I'm out.