Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gwen's Little L.A.M.B.

Yup ... looks like the suspicion was correct (bumps never lie) ... US Weekly magazine is reporting that Gwen Stefani is, indeed, pregnant with her first child:

"We are delighted," Us Weekly quotes Rossdale's father, Douglas, as saying. Stefani's mother, Patti, also reportedly confirmed the pregnancy to the magazine.

While this will be Gwen's first child, it will be the second child for her husband Gavin Rossdale who discovered he was the father of a teenage girl in 2004. The baby is due in June ... much congrats to Gwen and Gavin!!!!

Much thanks to Tracy for the head's up.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Xmas

Yesterday night Las Vegas was all aglow with the stunning majesty of the 2005 Radio Music Awards ... mega-celebrities from all over the globe streamed into Sin City to be a part of this fabulous event ... where else can one see the likes of Ryan Cabrera, Danni (the latest Survivor), Debbie Deborah Gibson and Shane West all together in the same place?

Er ... yeah ... I think that when people heard that Bo Bice was no longer attending the awards show they decided that it wasn't worth showing up. Oh and does anyone else think that Danni looks a bit horrifying when she's got her mouth wide open like that? [Source]

It should surprise no one that Mariah Carey was honored again at this awards show ... she's been winning everything this year and prolly will right up until the Grammy Awards in February:

Snoop Dogg made a pretty damn fly Santa ... and Ricky Martin was ... well ... doing whatever it is that he does. [Source]

So we close the book on another stunning Radio Music Awards show ...

... and we can only hope that next year's guest list will be able to match this year's guest list. They better book the crazy Jesus-loving-Trading-Spouses lady now because she may be totally unavailable next year. [Source]

Paris Hilton has finally kicked her shopping mode into high gear ... after a quick stop at the grocery store (and after a quick perusal of the tabloid magazine Celebrity Living) Miss Hilton received an important message from above ...

She was tipped off by the Man Upstairs that there was a huge sale on Rodeo Drive ... [Source]

... so she got her ass in gear and bought up everything in sight:

Yeah, it's definitely beginning to look like Xmas. [Source]

Hilary Duff has also been in the Xmas shopping spirit ...

Hee hee ... she should get someone to help with all that picking ... er, the shopping that is. [Source]

But Hilary isn't the only Hollywood "It" Girl who was picking at things lately ... Lindsay Lohan was picking at things of her own:

Now, I ain't saying she's a gold digger ... [Source]

Look in the sky ...

... it's Uma Thurman shooting a scene for her new movie called Super Ex Girlfriend. In the movie, which also stars Luke Wilson, Uma plays a Superhero who gets dumped and then mayhem ensues ... altho, by the looks of her outfit she looks like a bit like a drum major who gets dumped and then gets strung up in a tree. [Source]

Hmm ... it looks like the latest celebrity trend is to pitch the pooch and pick up a kitty cat to cart around ... Nicole Richie recently acquired a cat and so has Mischa Barton:

I really don't think that it is a good idea to shove a cat into a purse and expect it to play along nicely. This sounds like a really bad idea. [Source]

Uh oh ... the Scientologists are at it again ... The Church of Scientology opened a new museum on Saturday night in Hollywood ... dubbed Psychiatry: The Industry of Death museum, the event brought out a few of Hollywood's famous Scientologists:

Scientology's favorite son, Tom Cruise, was not at the opening because he was too busy dragging Katie Holmes all over the East Coast to celebrate her birthday. It sounds like the museum opening was a lighthearted event full of mirth and merriment: Actress Anne Archer deliver[ed] the startling news that at least 100,000 electroshocks are administered annually. The CCHR press release further informs that "psychiatrists kill up to 10,000 people" annually with their use of electroshock, which works out to one in ten ... Actor Danny Masterson explain[ed] that anyone who disagrees with them on the subject is "completely misinformed." Um, what?! I was unaware that these Hollywood celebs earned medical degrees. Click HERE to visit the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) official website if you would like further information. [Source]

Hey, I wonder what is up with Ziyi Zhang?

Maybe she isn't a big Scientology fan? [Source]

Josh Holloway may have been lookin' sassy yesterday but he's lookin' all manly today:

I think he should enlist co-star Matthew Fox as his workout partner ... they could take turns spotting one another, toweling off one another ... showering with one another ... yeah ... just a thought on how Josh can become a real man's man ... [Source]

... speaking of men's men ... Elton John and his fiancée David Furnish threw a "hen/stag party" to celebrate their upcoming nuptials:

I'm not surprised that Ozzy Osbourne was there (duh, open bar), I'm not surprised that What Not To Wear's Trinny and Susannah were there (they strike me as fruit flies), I'm not at all surprised that Bryan Adams agreed to perform (he'd be dumb to say no to any paying gig these days) but what the hell was Kid Rock doing there?! This sort of thing (gay hen party) doesn't really seem to be his sort of thing ... did he let them dress him? That fancy fringe jacket looks terrrrrrible -- but I suppose it's a bit better than his usual attire. [Source, Source]

This just in, German officials have named Sharon Stone as the Queen of the World:

From here on out, citizens of planet Earth will be required to watch the movie Sliver on a daily basis and will be required to wear clothing made of bird feathers. So let it be written, so let it be done. [Source]

Amanda Bynes has teamed up with the Überhot Channing Tatum (good choice) for her new movie She's the Man ... which looks awfully similar to the 80's movie Just One of the Guys:

Well ... any excuse to have Channing Tatum shirtless in a movie is a good one I think. [thanks Molly]

Spin magazine names The Killers as their Band of the Year:

And while I *love* The Killers I have to admit that this seems so ... last year. [Source]

And finally ... it looks like it's gonna be pretty difficult to get around New York City for a little while:

Hang in there guys ... [Source]

Yay! My Xmas shopping is almost done ... I spent a lot of hours trolling the mall for gifts ... and I was very good -- I didn't pick up one thing for me at all (well, okay ... maybe one little thing). I have to run out and mail my packages this afternoon, pick up just a few more things and I should be all set.

Tonight VLB, Erik and I are seeing the All American Rejects at the State Theater. I am very excited to see the boys from Oklahoma ... they always put on a great show.

I'm out. Lates.

PS: A few people have emailed me about the E! show, The Big, Bad & Best: 2005, that I provided commentary for. I was told that I was cut out of the show ... and then the show aired and I learned that I was not cut out of the show after all. The special aired this weekend and will air again tomorrow night at 10PM on E! My little blurb is about 20 mins. into the show. Check it out.