Sunday, December 25, 2005

HO X 3

It's Xmas ... and you shouldn't be on the Interweb playing around ... you should be enjoying the company of your family and friends or enjoying the presents that Santa Claus (or whoever) brought you this year. Unless, of course, you got a new computer for Xmas ... then it's understandable. If you were naughty this year and received no presents ... well, here are a few pictures that might cheer you up ...

... it wouldn't be Xmas at Pink is the new Blog if there wasn't an appearance by our fave girl Britney Spears:

... here she is in her innocent days, pre-Federline. Sure the pic is a little cheesey but this is the Britney that we all loved back in the day.

It also wouldn't be Xmas at Pink without a little sampling of the male hotness ... and what better way to celebrate the hotness than with Ryan Phillippe:

Um ... yeah ... this is the kind of Santa who brings the best kind of presents!

And finally, here are a couple of pictures sent in by Pink readers ...

Angela sends in the picture of the fabulous multi-sexual snowmen and gingerbread women orgy (her description) and Cody sends in the picture of the pink Xmas tree. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Have a great day, y'all ...



PS: Please no disparaging comments about my pants and suspenders ... haven't I suffered enough?